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I love it! It was amazing, I can't wait until the full game! :D

Alright thanks and i'll email you

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Questions
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I apologize for editing this so many times its just that many questions pop up in my head. Ok so my first question is there any way I could get cheat codes? My second question is how do I get Sterlings route? and my last question is Is Seth's route finished yet and if not when will it be released?

Is there any way I can, I'm really fond of him

Hey, I just started to play prank masters again as you said Romeos route would be fixed by Sunday but its not fixed if so which day will it be fixed? Sorry I don't mean to sound impatient i'm just excited to play his route.

Thank you! And yes I'm just trying to get Richards good ending but its really hard aha but I love this game I can't stop trying! Lol

Prank Masters community · Created a new topic Romeo's Route

Hey! Its me a again I finished Richards route and i started to play Romeos route, i don't know why but once i got to the point where Kat was showing Romeo the cards it suddenly went to  the starting screen without any bad ending or stuff like that. What should I do?

At first when I played the demo yesterday I didn't think it was any good so i stopped playing after like 5 minutes but i kept thinking about it so I started to play it again today. It was awesome! The artwork is just gorgeous and i love the story. I think in like an hour I will buy the full game! I apologize for judging this game so quickly, keep up the good work! :)

It said we can be female but I there isn't a option where I can say im female?