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Loved this game! All of the love interests were so interesting. I wish Chandler was a love interest though, I found him to be so cute! I look forward to any future games by you.

Loving the game! Is there going to be a walkthrough soon? I have played all routes and I've only gotten the bad endings lmao.

This will forever be a favorite of mine but goes to show how games being made featuring real people is a risk lol but separating the real people from the game them, I love the characters a lot :).

I was replaying this today and I loved it! I always come back to play this game like every six months for some reason. I was curious though when I played Reksa's route. Tamara mentioned him possibly being younger than us, how old are we and the love interests if i may ask?

Okay, Thanks!

Ok, Thank you! 

I love this game! But I can't get past when the assassins are at the castle, any tips?

So I now I said in my previous post that was my last question but more keep on coming into my head xD Does Felicia have a crush on Tom or is she like one of those people who flirt with a lot of guys? Is there a reason why Samuel keeps his glasses on all the time? Is Doug suppose to be a senior? I noticed how all the Juniors were 16 but he was 17.I think on the lemmasoft forums you said it was horror correct me if i'm wrong aha but if there is horror, you don't mean the kind like where someone gets murdered or something like that right? Is it just like comedy horror? 

Ok thanks for answering my questions! :D

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Ah ok, also i didn't notice it in my first gameplay in the game the guy with the instrument that covers his face, is he in important character to the story and you'll reveal his face in one of the routes? One more question, will poptarts real name be revealed? 

Hey! i replayed the game and picked different choices because i couldn't stop thinking about the game but I noticed Peters interest in the MC, does he have like some sort of crush on her even though he is already dating someone? 

Ah ok, well good luck on the game! :)

It was a great game! I'm very fond of Peter. :)  When will the full version come out?

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so  im confused, who do we play as? Are we Ash or Fatima? 

I love it! It was amazing, I can't wait until the full game! :D

Alright thanks and i'll email you

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I apologize for editing this so many times its just that many questions pop up in my head. Ok so my first question is there any way I could get cheat codes? My second question is how do I get Sterlings route? and my last question is Is Seth's route finished yet and if not when will it be released?

Is there any way I can, I'm really fond of him

Hey, I just started to play prank masters again as you said Romeos route would be fixed by Sunday but its not fixed if so which day will it be fixed? Sorry I don't mean to sound impatient i'm just excited to play his route.

Thank you! And yes I'm just trying to get Richards good ending but its really hard aha but I love this game I can't stop trying! Lol

Hey! Its me a again I finished Richards route and i started to play Romeos route, i don't know why but once i got to the point where Kat was showing Romeo the cards it suddenly went to  the starting screen without any bad ending or stuff like that. What should I do?

At first when I played the demo yesterday I didn't think it was any good so i stopped playing after like 5 minutes but i kept thinking about it so I started to play it again today. It was awesome! The artwork is just gorgeous and i love the story. I think in like an hour I will buy the full game! I apologize for judging this game so quickly, keep up the good work! :)

It said we can be female but I there isn't a option where I can say im female?