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I will be looking forward to it, and congrats on finishing your project!

Any plans for a walkthrough being posted for us social illiterates?

thanks!  Have a great day!

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Can you point out which ending are considered the 'good endings' please?

Like if I could just get the numbers for the considered 'best ending' for each character that would be great! I am trying to fill out character info on vndb and best routes always give the most and the more important information (also i just like the best endings and suck at guessing lol)

Stoked to see the final version! I will mark this for later :)

Looks great! I will definitly keep my eye out for the full release!

but how do you know what choices affect what characters????

thats ok if it isnt word for word :) Thank you for taking your time to respond

OOOOOF You are in worse shape than me lol!

I hope this wasn't abandoned

if it isn't too much trouble. I tend to somehow always miss good endings in these games lol 

walkthrough??? pretty please?

Hello allow me to welcome you to the life of completion only consumption. I will now bestow apon you the life line tool of vn searching. You will soon find out that the life you have choosen is destined for hours of scrolling looking for completed works, free and paid. Good luck on your adventure commrade.

But seriously if you need any recomendations I can save you some time and give you some if you want lol.

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is there a walkthrough?


is there a walkthrough?

Great story, the story was more straight forward, so playing through once onlt took about 3 hours. CG's are looking good, but I would encourage the artist to keep practicing if this is something they want to persue for a career. (Still a lot better than some of my own stuff lol) One recomendation I would have is the addition of the abillity to change the name of the MC. If not I can understand, but my reason for saying this is because the game shows the creaters have a lot of potential, and if this is something longterm it will be a good feature to have in these kind of projects. All in all, great work and gripping story! I wish all those who were a part of making this are proud of their work :)

Great!! The art is gorgeous so I have little doubt I will love it :)


very interesting story and art is well done. I do have one point I would like to address though, so SPOILER WARNING for ending!

The ending was a little rushed. Not the ending as a whole, but the fact that the story skips over those six minuets she won and how she saved everyone is never actually adressed. The accident is explained completley, and we are told we have earned 6 minuets, but then it cuts directly to the epolougue. This could have worked if in said epolouge the resolution was adressed via diolauge or a flash back, but this did not happen. It very much feels like reading a book and the page before the last is missing. All in all, great work, and since it seems that devs might be adding another route, I sincerly hope this is also added when they post the updated version of the game. I really enjoyed this game and would love if I could see it reach it's full potential :)

I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED TO PLAY THIS YAY! Just wondering, is there a walkthough by any chance? (I have the worst luck with otome games and ALWAYS get bad endings without guides T-T)

ok thanks!

so after installing the holloween pack, my character's sprites stopped loading, so anytime one would pop up it would give error message and all I could do is x out of the game

simple cute DnD game 

I am sorry to hear that, good luck :)

Was better than I was expecting. obviously isn't anything god tier, that would cost a lot of money to make. But the art was very stunning, and the characters were well defined.

I kind of figured that might be the case, in all honesty the only reason I bothered mentioning it is incase someone else got confused by it :)

Can relate, I had no prior knowledge of these people, so I used that knowledge to tell myself the ones in game were simply characters, but ya, I'm with you on not liking fiction using real people.

Great game, Very much enjoyed it. I didn't like that I wasn't informed that dialogue choices effected the tournament, but once I figured that out I had no issues with the game.

Just got to say, loved the harry potter reference lol (turn to page 394

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Ok so i have followed the walkthrough exactly, but when it gets to the part where he asks you if you still like him, I don't get the option to say present tense, I can either reply no or not sure. I really want to see that exchange so is there something I'm doing wrong? (edit i am doing the full version)


I played the original when it came out, and just played the complete version. I liked the additions, made it more amazing than it already was! Don't think I would want to change a thing.

I want a mini Alice that can sit on my nightstand and yell insults at me with his circus music in the background 

Great read, choices were easy which is a plus. great short story!

It does a lot, thanks! 

Awesome! I personally love Waltz (sucker for the childhood troupe) I also played Taisho x Alice very recently actually, although I had mixed feelings about the Gretel route. Personally my favorite was Cinderella, which shocked me bc I thought I wasn't going to like him at all, but he turned out to be such a fun character. I also loved Alice's dialogue in Cinderella's route the most (the door scene was brilliant). Who was your favorite?

Is there going to be a walkthrough? I can never get good endings without them (i think i might be cursed)

Im definitely going to have to check it out then!