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Is it in english?

Thats great! I will keep my eye out for when it is finished!

I have played your other games and have been very pleased with both. I truly can not wait until this game is finished so that I have the chance to play it through and review it! Keep up the great work!

~  Lucky Muddypaw

Great game! Very sweet and romantic. It also had plenty of suspense and mystery, which are good qualities to have in this kind of story. Not too sappy, the romance builds nicely. The ending was great (good ending), it did a wonderful job in tying up the story and bringing it to a satisfying end. We see the characters reunited, and ends with a romantic moment. Settings were drawn great! Effort was definitely put into this. The character drawings themselves could use a little work n my opinion, but they were still great and conveyed plenty of emotion. Narration was smooth and the story was not monotonous. 

One thing that I was saddened by was that there were no CGs. I think that one for the end would have been great. 

Other than that though, I truly enjoyed the game and it was very well designed.

~ Lucky Muddypaw

Are the routes completed? If so which ones? (asking before I play as to whether or not to play it now or wait)

I truly loved it! The story was great and touching. I understand your reasons for the character's names and I respect that. This is a great work of art and you should be proud! Its yours so don't change it for anyone else!

Indeed, I see both as great games that have only the most minor critique because they excel in every aspect!

can only be described as amazing! I am very critical of most visual novel games, but this one is truly one of the best I have ever come across. I played it about a year ago, and this game is what got me more interested in similar games. 

If you are unsure about playing it or not, do it! if you are worried about a bad end then simply look up a walkthrough, or save before your choose. If a colored gem appears, that means you chose the correct answer in terms of getting a good end. I truly love this game and compare it to other games I play in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses because this game covered everything!

Only thing I would want to change is the ability to change the last name of the main character, but that isn't a big deal since the first name can be changed (that is always important in these games).

Not one to give out perfect scores because I believe that we are all human and mistakes are inevitable. However I genuinely do not find any aspects of this game that I am not amazed by. The graphics, sounds, art, detail are great. The story is full of emotion and has the perfect balance. While I did not enjoy all routes, they are not bad, simply not my taste. I can tell the difference between a poor story and one I simply am not interested in. There is something for everyone. It is clear and not confusing which i love. Lastly, it is free. Most games that give you a full story that you can simply read cost money but this is, in my opinion, what should be goal that other creators strive for.

Great work to the creators, and if you make more games like this in the future, I would be honored to play it.

then turn the sound off

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I was hesitant to play this at first, but I actually loved it! It is cute but not so cute that you want to barf! It also doesn't make you go through heartache to get the good end so I loved it! Just right amount of romance :)

The only thing I would change is adding an epilogue for the good ends. I would love to see Emma going out with her boyfriend when they return to normal life, to see what that experience would be like. :)