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ok thanks!

so after installing the holloween pack, my character's sprites stopped loading, so anytime one would pop up it would give error message and all I could do is x out of the game

simple cute DnD game 

I am sorry to hear that, good luck :)

Was better than I was expecting. obviously isn't anything god tier, that would cost a lot of money to make. But the art was very stunning, and the characters were well defined.

I kind of figured that might be the case, in all honesty the only reason I bothered mentioning it is incase someone else got confused by it :)

Can relate, I had no prior knowledge of these people, so I used that knowledge to tell myself the ones in game were simply characters, but ya, I'm with you on not liking fiction using real people.

Great game, Very much enjoyed it. I didn't like that I wasn't informed that dialogue choices effected the tournament, but once I figured that out I had no issues with the game.

Just got to say, loved the harry potter reference lol (turn to page 394

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Ok so i have followed the walkthrough exactly, but when it gets to the part where he asks you if you still like him, I don't get the option to say present tense, I can either reply no or not sure. I really want to see that exchange so is there something I'm doing wrong? (edit i am doing the full version)


I played the original when it came out, and just played the complete version. I liked the additions, made it more amazing than it already was! Don't think I would want to change a thing.

I want a mini Alice that can sit on my nightstand and yell insults at me with his circus music in the background 

Great read, choices were easy which is a plus. great short story!

It does a lot, thanks! 

Awesome! I personally love Waltz (sucker for the childhood troupe) I also played Taisho x Alice very recently actually, although I had mixed feelings about the Gretel route. Personally my favorite was Cinderella, which shocked me bc I thought I wasn't going to like him at all, but he turned out to be such a fun character. I also loved Alice's dialogue in Cinderella's route the most (the door scene was brilliant). Who was your favorite?

Is there going to be a walkthrough? I can never get good endings without them (i think i might be cursed)

Im definitely going to have to check it out then!

really great game, gave me a run for my money though. I kept getting the bad ending for a long time T-T

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I got a redaxed version, basically same story diffirent sprites. Art was still beautiful though. Very fun to replay routes with same characters but diffirent looks.

Adorable and a great read! No complaints here.

I cant wait for the release, it looks very promising!

Same! I love the fairy tale themed games. Btw I would highly recommend Cinderella Phenomenon if you haven't played it yet. The diffirent characters are all under a diffirent 'curse' that is inspired by a fairy tail, and the MC partners with one of 5 guys to help each other break their respective curses. 

I have to say it, Kazuki is an angel. #1 best boi. Wish it was longer, Amazing characters as well.

Ok so I am going to put down which subject is for which character, (as it doesn't say anywhere here or in game)

Biology - Kazuki (pink haired boy) (my precious cinnamon roll!)

English - De Quincey (blue haired girl)

French - Lyon (white haired guy)

Chemistry - Nanami (brown haired girl with the hat)

Math - Robin (black haired boy)

Physics - Hattie (other girl with (light) brown hair and no hat)

Its ok, for me the biggest drawback was being confused if they were talking or thinking. Art is decent, and its a good story.

Very good game, however I would have liked to see the diffirent characters interact more with each other instead of only with the MC. I liked the "correct choice marker" like the one in Cinderella Phenomenon. 

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I think blue is svel but not sure about the other, is it reine?

which color heart coordinates with which character?

As others have mentioned there are a handful of writing errors in the dialogue. Other than that, however, it is a great and well crafted game with a lovely story. Had some great humor as well. Not many choices, but the story is told very well and was a delightful read!

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Just finished, loved it! I was worried about a walkthrough but it wasn't necessary. If anything the hardest part was picking who would be on the island with you. Very good story and lots of character depth. Art is beautifully done, both the sprites and the CGs  Highly recommend.

Very Wholesome, I loved it! Wouldn't change a thing

Is there a walkthrough?

BTW art is stunning!

thats a little harsh don't you think? 

really wish you had a history or rollback. Miss-clicks can make you have to start all over again

Very nice! Loved Ren's second ending

same with me

Its an old game, thats why it isn't as popular. go back about five years and this game held the crown of best in the industry

Also Waltz is best boi in my opinion