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(square) is minimalist top-down shooter heavily inspired by the game THOTH. In (square), you control a circle that can launch a square whenever it is near. You can also recall it back to you.  However, if you touch the square, the circle dies. Levels are a delicate balance of bringing the square close enough to shoot but not so close that it kills you. 

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This sort of weird, but I made a game that launches on Steam in a few weeks that is heavily inspired by the recall mechanic in this game. It's called (square)

Galakrond, if you send me an email, I will send you a code for the game. 

Thank you for making this and inspiring me. 

That's really interesting. I haven't messed with Sprite Shapes yet, sounds like I should. Still so much left to learn! 

Nice game! The infinite road is really impressive. How did you implement it? 

It could use some more gameplay variation (speeds up over time, tricks in the air, or other things like that), but it is a really solid foundation for a fun endless runner.  

Cool game. I really like how the next parts of the level get adder over time. It's a really cool effect and lets you do interesting stuff with using an old section in a new level. Like crACEyy said, the mouse sensitivity is very high at the moment, making it difficult to play.

A lot of fun! Funny and original. My only complaint is I wish you could skip the intro when restarting. 

I think the same thing happened to me that happened to Anacria Nova. I got the battery and headed back and the got stuck. Pressing space or the arrow keys did nothing.  See picture. Other than that, nice game. Art and music were great. 

Thanks for your feedback! It's very helpful for me. I agree that some sort of indicator of which direction the ball is going would be great. The bouncing is off because I didn't spend time to write code that would actually reflect it, instead I just reverse the direction. 

That's something I always struggle with in game jams. I usually just stick the instructions in the description. That'll be one of the first things I work on when developing this further. Thanks for playing and your feedback!

Nice game! I was much better once I realized I took damage from hitting my own bullets. It led me to be much more careful and deliberate about my shots. On the second level, though, I took damage every time I clicked to fire. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but either way it was strange. 

I totally agree with josefnpat. The jump was super fast and the level don't require much thought other just holding down the movement keys. That being said, I can see a lot of potential for this turn into an amazing puzzle game if developed further. 

Great job! Easily one of my favorites from this jam. 

For some reason my anti virus isn't letting me install your game. I reports it as a trojan. Not sure why. 

It's a nice concept and the art is well done (especially the animation for destroying a building). Unfortunately there's not really much of a reason to engage with it at the moment. I went all the way left and all the way right, destroying everything but nothing happened. There were no enemies attacking me. I think if you developed this out, it could be very good.

Cool game. I like the how the menu introduced the controls, and dashes around enemies was a lot of fun. I think it would be better if I could hold down the mouse to move rather having to repeatedly click. The star background also makes a weird jump as part of its animation that isn't very smooth. 

I agree the bouncing is weird. It's not really bouncing off as much as it just moves back the way it came. If I work on this more, that'll be one of the first things I improve. Thanks for the feedback!

There's a whole lot to this game but it does what it wants very well. My favorite part was music. 

I like this concept. Others have been mentioning the restricted movement, I agree that it's a bit of pain, but I have a different solution. What if you made the entire game turn base? Rather than having the counter in seconds, it is in turns you have to move with that power. So maybe you get stuck with a bad power and have to figure out how to survive for a few turns or you get a good power and have to route out your path to use all the turns you have. 

Interesting. For me the core of the game is the fact your only means of offense is just as deadly to you as the enemies are. I do understand what you saying about recalling at high speed. Part of that is because speed is added when recalling so a) you don't just  get the square to follow you around the whole level and b) so to make it a bit more risky. Thanks for you comment, I really appreciate it. You've given me more to think about. 

Interesting! I enjoy the idea of a highly structured superhero organization with a PR department. Currently the story feels a bit disconnected, but that's because it's still the demo version. 

The concept here is fabulous. There's a lot you could do with it, and I would love to see more of it. Unfortunately, I found moving the player difficult and actively frustrating. I think it would work better with a lot less inertia. 

Good concept. There's a lot of potential here, and I am impressed by your procedural generation. Unfortunately it feels quite unfinished at the moment. Some sort of feedback when hitting enemies would help greatly. There's a number of text elements that are either cut off weirdly, running into other textboxes, or aren't all the same shade of white. 

Nice game! The spell cast is super fun to use. I think there's technically more than five colors because of different shades of white and red (especially on the text) visible at certain times, but I don't think that's a huge deal. 

Nice game. It's fun to try to catch the green ones and avoid the orange ones. One suggestion would be to make the green circles smaller so its harder to get a life (though, to be fair the drop rate for the them is already lower). Some sort of combo system for consecutive catches could add a lot to the game. 

Cool game! The pausing mechanic is super clever, and I've never seen anything like it. 

Just played your game. I like the idea. There's some real potential for interesting decisions switching different bodies with different skills. It's pretty short right now and doesn't feel fully realized, but it's a nice proof of concept you could definitely develop further. 

Interesting game. Reminds me of Death and Taxes. I think the ghost description are randomly made and it could use a bit more work. For example I had one who thought everyone was an idiot but was also described as selfless and always helping others. That doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Nice job!

Wow thanks! I am really glad you liked it. 

Thanks! That's weird. It should have worked. I assume you buried the triangle coffin and the took the urns down to the room? The only thing I can think of is a bug that occurs when you take an urn out of the room and take it back in. 

A solid entry. Being able to click to go to the next dialogue would be nice and the gameplay could be fleshed out a lot more, but its understand these aren't implemented because of the time limit. 

There's a problem with the files uploaded that keeps the game from running. The Data filed was renamed Adventure_Data. If you downloaded the game and are trying to get it to run, simply change the file name to Data and it should work. 

Very cool! I liked the spitting mechanic. My whole spaceship was full of spit by the end. 

I really like this premise. Your art is great and switching between characters is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I ran into a weird bug on the second level. I was able to walk through the fence at the bottom and then go and phase through the top fence to reach the chest. Upon reaching the chest, though, I couldn't leave with either character and got stuck there. 

Makes sense! I'll be sure to check out the game again when you add more levels.

I liked this. The sound effects were great and the animation on the cube was excellent. I like the main mechanic has a lot of promise, but unfortunately I don't think its is fully realized yet. Rather than making the level harder or more interesting, it just makes them take longer. 

I think there's a cool premise here and the writing is solid, but as it currently is, there just isn't a whole lot here so I am not sure what all to say. I went through the game a few times and tried all three different options. I got some more text and then it was over. I think if you expanded on this and either added some sort of game  that is changed by the character the player picks or just add more interactive fiction it would work really well. 

Nice little game about the cycle of life for animals breed to be slaughtered.  The walking animation is a a bit buggy with the chicken rapidly changing the direction its face even when I don't change buttons pressed, not a big deal though. 

I like the idea of the grim reaper as a car mechanic. It's a fun clash of legend and mundanity. The gameplay has potential, but as it stands right now  it feels lacking and not that interesting. There's definitely something here you could refine further.  Also, it would be much appreciated if you set up your UI objects to scale with the screen because it annoying to the score in the middle of the screen when playing in fullscreen. 

Hey, I can't play your game. It looks like you didn't upload all the needed files. Let me know if you fix this, I want to play it. 

I hope that's a good thing lol