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That's actually pretty funny, can't believe I didn't notice it before. I think I know why this happens. The gas usage is function of speed, but when your drive backwards your speed is negative so it subtracts a negative value and ends up adding more gas. 

Thanks for pointing it out! If I ever work more on this, I'll be sure to fix that, haha. 

Honestly surprised by how good this was. The sound effects do a ton to create atmosphere and the recurrence of ideas like jumping out of the idea and getting phone calls is all really well handled. I also really like the timer mechanic. I don't think found all of the ending, but all of the one I did were pretty interesting.

 One small complaint is that sometimes the it isn't entirely clear what the options is a response to. For example there's the message "You go to your Dad's room since you remember that he had one hidden in his closet. Its getting harder to breath. Your phone rings again" and one of the options "Hello, little beauty!" and my first time through I wasn't sure if that was a response to the person on the phone or if the character had found gun outside of the block of text. 

Pretty good! I liked my time this game. I would lock z rotation for the player character. On the second level I hit a corner and the player got skewed so moving up was no longer perfectly straight but rather sort of to the side and that was frustrating to deal with. I like having to frantically switch direction when you miss your target. Maybe some moving blocks that kill you could be interesting. 

Thank you very much! I do appreciate it.

Thank you so much for responding! You encountered my biggest fear with the ending - it doesn't really work if the player isn't aware it is coming. That means if I develop this game further, I need to find a way to present that better so I don't have to stick a notice whenever someone plays the game. Or maybe the idea inherently doesn't work for some people, not sure. I think it feels too much like a bug, or something is broken. Maybe I should add a prompt in the game to turn the phone off and walk away from the relationship. 

Everything else you mentioned are all great ideas I would have loved to address but didn't have the time in the 48 hour time limit, especially just adding more story and depth overall. 

It's not sure how to do some of that. I like the idea of never breaking the text window. Especially inner dialogue. Do you do a "texting dream" sequence where the main character texts herself about her feelings? That could be interesting. 

No, you didn't go overboard at all! Thanks so much! I am not sure if I'm going to work on this anymore, but if I do I'm going to be sure to work off your comment. 

Hey, sorry about that! I was worry it would have that effect. I definitely think the implementation could be better. Could you please give me some more information about how exactly it made you feel? Did it feel jarring and confusing? Did you assume it was a bug? Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thought. 

Interesting! I ran into a few bugs, but I legitimately enjoyed what I played. I love one hit kill mechanics and you combined it well with bullet time. I would love to see this idea fleshed out more.  

Nice game! I found it from your post r/itchio. The game was quite fun and simple. I don't have much to say about the gameplay, but my major comment would be to allow players to restart the game my pressing space. It is annoying to play a keyboard game and then have to grab the mouse to restart.

Very nice. The idea isn't super original, but it is well executed here. The amount of visual polish is fantastic. I have two problems: 1) the music transition from the title screen to the game is jarring, 2) the restart button taking me back to the main menu rather than restarting the game is very annoying. These things are understandable for a jam game, but polish it up a bit, and I think you have a  great arcade style game.

I am not super happy with how the shotgun ended up, I meant to spent more timing perfecting the spread amount so that is was more consistent and you didn't occasionally fail a level because of the spread. I might have to mess around that idea for the physics, I just used the out of the box Unity physics, but I think it could be better if I did something like that. Thanks for your criticism!

I think it fits both themes pretty well. I get what you mean though, if someone played it without knowing the theme, I don't think they would guess Only One. I do think it fits the theme pretty well.

I thought about doing mouse aiming, but I decided not for two main reasons: 

1) It is harder to implement than 4 directional aiming. 

2) 4 direction aiming is more accurate and more repeatable. For a game about finding the most efficient route, being able to ensure that you always get the same results is important so do you don't have the problem of aiming slightly differently than last time and mess up the whole level. 

That's makes sense. Sorry, I'll adjust my rating for that. 

I agree with the other comment that doing more than just increasing the speed until it becomes basically impossible, more variety would be nice. A highscore is a must. You are basically making a rhythm game, but lacking a certain amount of polish and variety. Maybe cubes that require you hold down A or D. Maybe you expand the game to also use W and S. I think you have potential here. 

I enjoyed this game a lot! I enjoy the process of figuring out what I can do without and what helps the AI the most. It has some rough edge (the lack of a character attack animation was surprising since the rest of the character was so well animated), but I think you are onto to something. My biggest problem would be that I am not sure how this fits the theme "Only One". 

I really enjoyed this game. The theme is cute and well executed. The puzzle are enjoyable and your level design is great. My biggest complaint would be that you didn't really do much with the theme. There is a time limit, but it doesn't really change how I approach the game at all.

Nice game! It reminds me a lot of Super Crate Box, but instead of constantly getting new guns, you reuse the same guns. It's a lot of fun and to quote Mark Brown has a lot of "potench". I think you could use some more weapon variety. Having weapons with more pros and cons could lead to a lot of interesting decisions. I also really like the art. 

Nice game. I agree with other people that the player character has too inertia. The character is a pain to control especially when there are tons of bullets on the screen. Beyond that the gameplay was fun and enjoyable. 

Please work more on this game. This is the only game so far this game jam that I have gone back to play more of after I played it for the initial rating. I think you have some great mechanics here and a lot of potential. 

I think there's a really good game idea here, unfortunately I couldn't find it. The controls were difficult to manage and it felt like the car was either turning not at all or too much. The game was really cryptic as well. Did the guys with guns kill me because I accidentally hit them? I'm pretty sure I didn't. Was it because I didn't have a New Id? No, I had one. I think with some work you could have a really fun, interesting game here,  unfortunately I don't think it's there yet.  

Very nice. I enjoyed the game. The art and the music was great. I think you should mention that your score is relevant to how many flowers are. I agree with DSongi that it was hard to tell if I was actually pollinating. 

This is great. I love the game you made. A lot of fun. Your game feel is fantastic. 

Absolutely fantastic job! Creative and clever. My biggest complete is that you can't click to restart levels when it says press any key. 

Very good idea. I love the art and the gameplay. The fanatic running around to get in different towers is great. I think this game could use some more variety. This would be an awesome local coop game in the style of Overcooked

I like your game  a lot. It has some of the best art I've seen so far this game jam. The basic mechanic is interesting and leads to fun situations of timing actions right. Well done!

Good job. I think you executed the idea well, but I think it would be better if the bullet didn't automatically come back to you and you had to pull it back. I love the enemies that bounce the bullet back at you, that was really interesting. I think changing the controls to be relative to the direction the spaceship is pointing would help the game a ton. Nicely done!

Fun little game. The sprite work is fantastic. It took awhile to figure out how the game works, but once I did it was fun. Unfortunately, I have no idea how this games fits the theme only one and you game page didn't explain it at all. 

I like this a lot. Your idea is well executed and your levels are great. I encountered a bug when created a block near the red rectangle the red rectangle would disappear entirely but not be considered destroy. Overall, very good. 

I've played a bunch of games this jam in which you only have one bullet and this is easily my favorite so far simply because of the ability to pull the bullet back towards yourself. It is super satisfying to kill an enemy with the bullet returning to you. My biggest complaint would be that it is annoying to have to restart the entire game on failure. Either checkpoints or more procedural enemy spawning would help a lot.  

Very nicely done. I really enjoy the central mechanic of limiting the player to one button for moving and shooting. It leads to fun shooting and then moving in the opposite direction to avoid hitting the enemy. I think more enemy variety would be help spice up the game a lot - maybe some that play with the idea of only having one bullet in interesting ways. The game feels really good to play. Your sound effects and simple geometrical art style are great. It honestly feels like a modern take on an arcade game. 

Nice job. Your art assets and sound effects are great. You UI text is a bit of a mess and kind of blurry. I think you did a good job with the central mechanic, but I think there was more you could do to expand on the idea of only having one bullet. Overall, well done! 

I look forward to any update to this game. Keep it up. 

Awesome, thanks! Keep up the great work. I really love the art style, the concept, and the music. I was just confused about how a few things worked. I will definitely check out a post-jam version. One final question, what causes the game to end?  

I really love the concept of the game, but things aren't explained enough. What causes economic crisies? What causes rebellions? What does research do?  What about population? Could someone please explain how this game works beyond picking cards?