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I think I got them all. I thought I had only found 6 and kept retrying until I realized that getting the teddy bear back also counts as an ending... I felt dumb... :|

Really cool concept for a puzzle game and well executed, too! Not much to say that other people haven't already - editing forces would be nice and some polish on the art assets is needed. A well done jam entry!

I just played some again and yeah, I can hear the wind noise now. It's pretty silent so I probably just didn't hear it. Or my brain just tuned it out because I was focusing so much on not falling down lol. My bad.

A little lacking on the technical side of things, but otherwise the game is really charming! Love the music! While the movement is pretty clunky, there were times when the weird way the figures move made for some interesting platforming. Instead of the traditional platform game thinking of holding directional buttons for specific amount of time, I was forced to think in "steps". Some jumps would require different amounts of these "steps" depending on how many buddies you had with you. The movement might be unpolished, but I see some interesting ideas in this kind of way of moving.

Looks great and the music fits well too! I also really liked the little clouds appearing to the beat of the music in the background. Makes me wish there were more elements in the game that behaved that way.

You might have ran out of level ideas at the end, but the ones you had were really good! Also you might have overdone the screen effects a bit with the film grain and chromatic aberration especially. Overall surprisingly engaging and fun!

Really beautiful and charming game! Love the polish. I might not be smart, but this game made me feel like a genius for doing simple tasks.

I would have liked to hear some music or ambiance. There are particles flying around implying wind, but no sound for it, but the pixel art is really nice. It's also super fun! I find the characters not that difficult to control, but most of the difficulty of the game seems to come from having the patience to re-do sections whenever you fall too far. I had to give up quite the ways up the mountain after taking a nasty fall, but maybe I wouldn't have if I knew how close I was to the peak. Maybe some way to know how much there is to go would have been nice. It's definitely one of my favourites of the jam!

I can't believe I tried robbing a bank just to use a taxi lol. Real good for just under 2 days of work!

I wasn't expecting to see a collectathon game. It's very pretty, but I wish there were more sound effects in the game. Love the dust tornadoes, they add a lot to the ambiance, even if they don't pick you up. Maybe to lean more into the "connection" theme you could have made the player power up this outpost we crash near and make a literal connection to the spaceship to refuel it or recharge it, but that might be overscoping it... Beautiful game, though!

At times it was difficult to figure out which way the little drones were facing and the game could use some music or ambiance to fill the silence, but the puzzles themselves were pretty good and challenging. Well done!

Really interesting game and I really like the differences the difficulties provide - it's not just a shorter time limit.

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Point-and-click movement with a camera that also moves isn't a good fit for a game that requires fast and precise movement, but if I could find a good angle for the camera I could complete some levels without moving the camera at all. Also the downtime while aiming a cannon or traveling down power lines were useful for moving the camera. But when the camera doesn't get in the way, the game's really fun and I like the inclusion of an online leaderboard. Overall really good!

Pretty fun, I just wish I could see more of the playing field. Also I really like how you can play defensively to let enemies pile up and then swoop in for a huge multiplier to the score. It creates this risk vs reward playstyle that feels rewarding if the player can pull it off. Good work!

Too bad it's unfinished for the jam, but I do like the setting. It kind of reminds me of The Stanley Parables setting of an office worker exploring the building, but instead of comedy it's puzzle and mystery.

It took a second to understand, but damn it's fun! Loved the boss fights and the end of level 4 had a cool surprise. The only thing I didn't like was the music. It's good, I just don't think it fit well with the intense gameplay. But that's only a scratch on a really good game!

Love the lighting and how the time freeze power-up turns everything dark. I think the game could use some hit-stop when you get hit by your clone to make it feel more impactful. Simple but really fun!

I wish I could have retained camera control when pushing blocks, but for a game made in just 8h, this is pretty good!

It's really fun to dash around the level once you get some speed upgrades. I thought I was doing good, but got shotgunned by multiple asteroids in the last minute. Thanks for the volume warning  - I might have gone deaf at the end, but a volume slider would have been nicer I think. Still really fun though!

Yeah, you're right, they are kind of similar. :D

The physics are a little inconsistent, but become more fun to play with when the connection get longer. Overall pretty good!

Minimalism done well! Love the polish and the multiple endings are cool. At first I thought that no music was a bummer, but it actually helps with building atmosphere and makes the sound effects more impactful.

Takes a little bit to get going, but once there are enough clones running around and more enemies start to spawn that's when the game start to get fun. Some difficulty options or a way to start at later rounds would be great considering the slow start and the non-existence of checkpoints. I really liked the music and especially the sound effects when the round is about to end. It helps with not needing to check the round timer as often.

For just 12h this is really not bad! Seems like it would have potential as an idle game.

Love the looks and the theming is on point!

It took a little bit of time to realize that uncharged shot have way more range, but once I did the game became way more fun. At first I thought you had to curve the fireballs into the enemies, but neither the movement, nor the level design seemed made for that kind of playstyle. Once I adjusted it was fun to dodge enemies and my own projectiles and sometimes shoot them out of the air. I felt incentivised to not miss shots and not to overcharged them, but even when I did, it was fun to play defensively. I also really appreciate that the ranged enemies tail lights up as it charges up its shot.

Probably no steam release unless there's enough interest. Be sure to ask me if you need anything else :)