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I like how if you wanna maximize gold you have to build long paths, but to maximize skulls it's better to build short paths. Pretty interesting!

This must be one of the best games of the jam!
There's nothing I didn't like about it, even the underwater section wasn't that bad.
I don't understand the secret messages, but I did notice that the last messages contents change sometimes.
Even if there was no secret ending, the game would still be great!

I really enjoyed that! I wish there was more levels to play but that's unfair to ask for a gamejam game i think.
Nice job!

A little buggy, but still fun!
The controls were difficult to grasp but once I started thinking like I was driving a car instead of piloting a spaceship it made a little more sense.
I also wish there was something to aid aiming like a laser sight. Maybe that could be an upgrade?

I'm always impressed when gamejam games have level editors.
The last level was pretty difficult, but satisfying to beat.
Cool game!

Yup, I wanted to make the backgrounds more detailed, but just ran out of time - I'm no artist lol..
I didn't think of the controls that much. It would've been a good idea to stick to a single input device.

Real fun for how simple it is. Loved the effects but the film grain was a little too strong.
Reminded me of some of the old flash games.
I liked it!

The game crashed around halfway through, but I managed to beat it after restarting it once. The whole time I was playing my GPU usage was at ~99%.
Besides that I liked the controls and the feel of the ship, but I wish the gravity-changing obstacles were a bigger part of the game or if there were some other obstacles on the main path.
And of course the game sounds and looks amazing!

That's some tight feeling controls. I liked it!
I also like how the timer goes transparent when the player is behind it.
There were a couple of times when I thought I could land on boxes but they were just background decorations and some background pillars looked like impassable walls to me.
Still a good game though!

Well.. You're supposed to move left at first haha..
Then you pick up the checkpoint and keep moving right from that point onward.
You're right - I should have made it more clear.

I probably should've made the game a little shorter. 

Thanks for your feedback :)

I really like the minimalistic look.
I would have liked a little more space after checkpoints - when you come back to a checkpoint sometimes you need to act almost immediately to avoid crashing again. Besides that, I loved it!

I thought some people might feel that. That's why there is an option to swap rotation directions.
Glad you liked it and thanks for playing :)

Seeing other people play is always great for gathering feedback.
Thank you for making a video about the game! :)

Thanks for playing :)
As with anything procedural, there's always some luck involved, but the puzzle generator has a fair amount of settings to tweak - the main ones being grid size and the average amount of connections a puzzle should have.
Most puzzles have different parameters, but the generator is consistent enough with those parameters to create similarly difficult puzzles each time.

I looked into the code in more detail and I realized I didn't make turning framerate-independant. Well.. I tried, but I didn't do it properly. I used a mix of Time.deltaTime and Time.fixedDeltaTime in Update(), when I should have only used deltaTime. That's why the turning was incredibly slow on anything less than 60fps. Even 60fps was slow since I tweaked the settings when using 144fps...
It's a pretty dumb mistake, but I already fixed it and will update the game when the voting period ends.

For some reason the web build is different from windows build. It might be the low framerate on the web build that makes looking around way too slow. Looking around on the windows build is way faster. I must have made a mistake in the code when making the effect...

It really seems that the movement is really divisive - some people like it and some hate it, I'm not sure what to make of it. I probably could have made it more responsive without losing out on the underwater feel.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

There is a setting in the options menu to swap mouse buttons, but I'm noticing a trend that noone looks at the options menu... I probably could fix that by having a little pop-up when doing the first puzzle that tells you about the available options.

Also I wasn't sure which way should be the default rotation, so I just went with what was intuitive for me even though I do remember that similar puzzles in Warframe had it the other way. That never really made sense to me.

I'm glad you liked the game! :)

The intended path after the restoring the power is to follower the little drone. I added lights to it to make it seem important, but looking back I think that wasn't enough. I should have added some sound effects to it, or make it leave a trail as it was going to the next section of the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Only after uploading the game did I see the similarities to the Witness. I hadn't played it much, but I guess it still left an impression on me.

Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
A targeting reticle is actually an option in the game in both: the main menu and the pause menu. As for the movement, I realized that the web build and the standalone build were behaving differently and I should have made the rotation faster anyway, but I only caught that when there was no more time to change anything.
Also, yes there is an actual ending. You're supposed to follow the black objects left on the ground. I had the game play-tested by some friends and finding the way to go never seemed like an issue, but with sample size of 2 I should have been more diligent.

Thanks for the detailed review!

The game seems to want to be a stealth game, but the energy ticks down fast enough to make me want to rush a lot which devolves the game to running as fast as you can from a horde of robots looking for the exit. Speaking of the exit, it's difficult to notice from the top-down perspective. Adding a small light would help locating it a lot.

The AI itself seemed impressive, though and the level of polish is great, too!

The red infected npcs sometimes got hidden under the green npcs, making them hard to see.
The game also could use some background noise to break the silence, but I still liked the gameplay of it. Cool game!

Enemy density and spawns feel a little too inconsistent, but it's great otherwise.
Simple, but fun - I like it! 

Not bad at all! I just wish there were some checkpoints. 

A little disappointed by the lack of polish, but it's obvious that the tech under the hood was the focus and it's really impressive!

I thought of using the WFC for my game but couldn't make sense of it, so good job on understanding it!

You're not the only one... :D

I was afraid the game might not run well for everyone. I thought including a standalone windows version might help people with that issue, but I probably shouldnt rely on just that.

Beautiful looking game! At first it was difficult to know if there are enemies just out of view, but the little arrows next to the player really help.

The upgrade choices were a little confusing. At the start I thought there were only 3 choices, each giving 2 upgrades since the menus showed 3 scrolls. Pretty fun game otherwise!

The game doesn't run very well, takes up a lot of space and the loading times are pretty bad, but the game itself is a pretty good puzzle game. The only two complaints about the game itself is that the character moves a little slow and I wish that there was some sort of marker to show you where your fireball will go.

Really fun and simple! At first I thought catching the jumping villagers was gonna be hard, but the platform speed and villagers falling speed are tuned really well!
The installer made me a little paranoid, though.

The camera feels really stiff, but I love how the game looks and that you get to choose if you wanna use the powerups defensively or offensively.

I made the first two fireballs in that specific attack give way more meter, but not be able to be sent back... I guess I should have made them look different or just scrapped the idea. I wanted to reward the player for parrying all three in a row, but executed that poorly. And I didn't even think about saving the skip tutorial option... Whoops... I'll remember that for next time!

This is pretty cool and especially so for a first game!
The roughest part is definitely the music, but the graphics are alright.
I like the way you heal yourself in the game. I don't think I've seen anything like it anywhere else. Nice work!

It's good, but drags on for a little bit. I feel like either the rescue timer should be a little shorter or you could give the player some side objectives like protect some important cargo from the fire.
Pretty good anyway!

The premise is just ridiculous.. I love it!

I wasn't expecting there to be that many mini-games, new ones just kept showing up! What's more impressive is that all of them seemed to be of very consistent quality.
The transitions between mini-games seemed a little long, but other than that very well done!

I really like the minimalist look and the puzzles are well put together! There's isn't even much to criticize in my opinion. Everything that's there is good and not much is missing. Maybe music but that's it.