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Lennard Scheibel

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Nice concept and great visuals!

Sorry to hear that. Could you elaborate what exactly is causing trouble?

Little vampire survivors type game, I love the storytelling 😄

Super creative idea with some of the best presentation I've seen in this jam. While it is a bit complicated in the beginning the gameplay is also very complex and allows for a lot of depth. Amazing work!

Really creative twist on the theme and with such beautiful presentation too!

The amount of polish is amazing here! I love the creative use of the movement system, great work!

Great work with the visuals! The gameplay is a bit monotone but well done for 48h!

The art style is amazing! The gameplay could use a bit variation but nice work nonetheless!

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Wow this is really fun! The modifiers fit right in with the gameplay which is surprisingly balanced. Needs some polishing (please leave the explosion sprite though haha) but amazing work for 48 hours!

I really enjoyed the graphics, nice work!

Congrats on submitting your game! Definitely no false advertising haha

Hitting an asteroid with a just right timed shot feels really satisfying. Nice work!

Thanks for the review!

The power-ups activate when your dice shows the value that was visible on the card :)

Funny game haha

Congrats on submitting your game, interesting concept!

Really cool idea and great execution! With a bit more variety I could totally see this on published next week

 I love how all the different shakers add up to the sound of a factory. Really nice execution and an original twist on the theme!

Really cool concept, works very well!

Thanks for the review!

Btw. the value of the dice you rolled determines the amount of bounces you get for your next shot and also whether or not your power-up activates ;)

The presentation is amazing! I love the artstyle and the gameplay is also fun. Great work!

Amazing presentation from the sound to the visuals! The dice manipulation mechanic is very clever and works pretty well. With a bit of tweaking I think this would even work really well as a board game. Great job!

Interesting concept! Was a bit buggy for me but that dino is too cute to give up on

Interesting twist on the theme and the lighting effects look amazing! I had enough fun with just spamming the spacebar and flying around the arena haha

I dig the 2d Minecraft aesthetic! If you decide to continue this game outside the jam, I think the game would actually be more fun with the rng dice element removed. Cool concept though! 

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Thanks for the review!

The physics use a simple circle but the force-fields may catch you off guard haha

The abilities activate whenever your dice shows the value that was shown on the card. The tutorial is really missing ya 😄

Hehe I teleported into a mountain every now and then but good world building!

Nice concept, could use a bit of polishing but I like the idea!

It's a simple game of luck. Nice job implementing a 2d dice!

This is such a creative twist on the theme and the amount of polish is unbelievable. Amazing stuff!

The gameplay felt a bit like just waiting for cool things to happen but that moment it starts to snowball: 👌

Yo that game looks awesome, the gameplay needs a bit of polishing but there's definitely potential!

I made it to 38. This is a really cool idea and I think this would even work very well as a board game. Nice work!

This might just be the best looking dice orienting game in this jam! 

Quite the world you've build there in 48h! Great job!

I love the intro sequences to the levels haha The camera controls could probably be improved a bit  but nice work for a 3d, 48h game!

Hehe fun little game, reminded me a lot of those old mobile games.

Nice work on the textures and bringing them to life!

Kindly, your fellow mini golf game 😄

Making the shots have AOE makes for some really satisfying moments. Great work!

The controls were surprisingly tight. Congrats on submitting your game!

Presentation is wonderful, I didn't even mind the movement, I just had to get used to using w to jump. Nice entry!