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Beautiful art, hand drawn, and fitting for the game!  The ingredients to choose and dialogue was fun with the characters.

Quality gameplay!  The devs should consider making a full game like this!

EXCELLENT!  A unique puzzle game that's very well-designed.  The dev should consider making a full-version!

Well-done!  It even has customization and the gameplay is smooth.

WOW!  Pretty art, good gameplay, and some really well-written dialogue!

A WELL-DONE puzzle game!  Unique mechanic and plenty of challenge.  The dev should consider making a full-game of this type!

A squad of units composed of Touhou characters that auto-battle.  You just move their positions and activate their abilities.

A neat idea and well-done.

Pretty art, a neat environment, VOICE ACTING!  Gameplay is simple.  Could be expanded on.

Myon stars in a small SHMUP.

A fun RPGmaker game.  Neat art and writing!

A neat idea with some beautiful visual effects.

Neatly done gameplay!

Neatly done gameplay!

EXCELLENT!  Marisa defeating fairies for loot while wandering the forest is a fitting idea, but the Risk of Rain rogue-like gameplays fits really well!  If the devs expand he game in content and polish they should try making a full-game!

Good art and gameplay!  Special mention for having an easy mode for bad players like me.  Also funny, flailing, Patchouli.

Bunny burning for fuel!

A story told through typing actions out.  Works surprisingly well.

A tile uncovering game with Nue and Sanae.

Hong Meiling fights a SHMUP with martial arts!

A SHMUP starring everyone's favorite kappa and engineer!

A fun platformer with nice art!

A tightly-made platformer.  I couldn't complete it due to my skills, but I can tell people who have the skills would love it.

Realistic flight controls make for a nice challenge.

The developers definitely understand platforming well.  Very challenging.

A good Breakout themed entry.

Fun dialogue!  The game play is interesting.

Quite well-made.  A lot of content.

Fun mini-games.  Grinding burgers is a surprise.

Very good music and art.

A neat setting, fun story, but the gameplay is impressive!  I've never seen combined shot types like that.

A unique gameplay idea that's well-done and with a funny premise.  Also Meiling's theme rearranged into a lullaby/space theme is neat!

AWESOME art and very good gameplay!

A good contra-clone.

Everyone's favorite doll gets her own platform adventure.  Well-done.

The rhythm here is fun!


The gameplay and writing fit together hilariously and creatively.

Very good writing!

Excellent art in detail and animation!  The gameplay is good.  Author could make a 'Zelda-like' if they wanted.