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I liked this a LOT!  I really like exploration and bizarre, surreal realms so this little game felt very neat.  Also any interpretation of Yukari being Maribel fits my headcanon.  :)

NEAT!  It's really good to see the newer cast given inclusion and some depth of character.  It was well written with regards to a story too.  Also the sprite art and simple music really were well done too!  Some good humor in the surroundings as well.

I saw you had two composers and I couldn't be sure who did it

A good quality and short 'souls-like'.  I would like to personally point out the version of 'Innocent Treasures' was really neat, can I ask who made it?

A surprise in writing.

It's worth playing.  A few minutes, a few laughs.

Everything was good, but the spritework in particular more so.

AWESOME WRITING!  Though the memes are a bit much.

Neat idea, very well-done, and I LOVED the comic drawn intro and ending!

Awesome!  The devs should consider taking the concept, adding more characters (with the huge cast and their varied personalities, abilities, and attributes it should be easy), and making a full game!

A short, fun story that makes good use of the various characters included.

Everything in this was well made and put together excellently.  I'm a very stoic person (not trying to brag) and this...made me cry.  That demonstrates your powerful storytelling.

I hope the people who made this do work in the future, they could easily be professionals.

Very well put together.  In particular it uses some important, but often unknown lore regarding the connection between these characters.  Then again Renko and Maribel are my favorite couple.

I would like to know how to get the various endings though.  I got the #3 Yuyuko Ending.

Glad to see possibly the most forgotten pairing shown.

Superb writing, choices, and endings!

Cute!  The writing was creatively made and quality.

A well-done puzzle game.  The graphics were really pretty.  I hope the artist does professional work with such quality.

I can't make it run.  I download it, extract the files, and there's nothing to execute.

INCREDIBLE!  Very well put together with terrific writing!  I'm very curious if the author is knowledgeable naturally or if they did a lot of research on the topics brought up in the story?

Excellent sound effects.

Beautiful art, hand drawn, and fitting for the game!  The ingredients to choose and dialogue was fun with the characters.

Quality gameplay!  The devs should consider making a full game like this!

EXCELLENT!  A unique puzzle game that's very well-designed.  The dev should consider making a full-version!

Well-done!  It even has customization and the gameplay is smooth.

WOW!  Pretty art, good gameplay, and some really well-written dialogue!

A WELL-DONE puzzle game!  Unique mechanic and plenty of challenge.  The dev should consider making a full-game of this type!

A squad of units composed of Touhou characters that auto-battle.  You just move their positions and activate their abilities.

A neat idea and well-done.

Pretty art, a neat environment, VOICE ACTING!  Gameplay is simple.  Could be expanded on.

Myon stars in a small SHMUP.

A fun RPGmaker game.  Neat art and writing!

A neat idea with some beautiful visual effects.

Neatly done gameplay!

Neatly done gameplay!

EXCELLENT!  Marisa defeating fairies for loot while wandering the forest is a fitting idea, but the Risk of Rain rogue-like gameplays fits really well!  If the devs expand he game in content and polish they should try making a full-game!

Good art and gameplay!  Special mention for having an easy mode for bad players like me.  Also funny, flailing, Patchouli.

Bunny burning for fuel!

A story told through typing actions out.  Works surprisingly well.

A tile uncovering game with Nue and Sanae.