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just finished this game and its really late where i am but i promise i will write a full review sometime but i need to get these comments out *SPOILERS*

1. the way im in love with nightowl like actually omg thats my baby

2. i usually dont really enjoy VA in VN's- but this one was so good omg. like nightowl actually made me blush LMFAO VDJVKSVBS

3. this game was so funny i think its bc i literally chat the way they do in chat w my own friends. when i was younger i used to play internet games (like habbo lol) and the convos in this game literally felt like the ones i used to have online when i was younger. (im not old like salo tho im only 20 lol) 

4. i was telling myself to leave a review and beg for more blooming panic content but after completing nakedtoasters route i now see whats happening LETS GOOOOOOOO XYX ROUTE UNLOCKED i bet hes gonna b so sexy...

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Hi!! I'm currently in the middle of playing the demo and I'm really liking it so far! All the detail in this game is so cool, with the thought of the cliques and the phone and using alicia/missy to check status and stuff, i applaud you guys for thinking these things up! I'm no where near close to done, but my curiosity got the best of me. Will Lucas be an option as a boyfriend in the final product? Mostly, will he be availible in the free version? I'm sorry, I'm milking the demo as much as I can because I love Pran but sadly as a broke teenager I don't have the money to buy a commercial version :/ I feel super bad but I'm still looking forward to the finished product!!! and i'm silently cheering you guys on!! 

Shiloh is a complete sweetheart btw thank you for letting him be one of the guys in the free version bc i adore him!!<3

Also, for some reason I can never go to the luck changing girl (sorry i forgot her name and bc i cant access her ive never relearned her name) i downloaded this game on the 19th of july, i have a mac, and i tried accessing her luck shop sometime before and she just had her opening talk and said it's five dollars and the scene closed. i tried again just now, after i called pran to go on a date, and then it loaded but the scene loaded weird? like after she said "ok thats five dollars!!" the screen changed and said it was sunday and the text was like "hi pran!" but the screen was still in her shop, and it still let me pay to try my luck.

sorry i dont want it to seem lke im complaining i just noticed everyone else talking about bugs or weird moments and i wanted to be able to contribute about things ive witnessed too. nonetheless i really enjoy this game and i cant wait till its done!!! kis

ps, ive only recently found this but i get the same eror code as everyone else when i hit round march 6th/7th!

I CANT WAIT UNTIL THIS IS FINISHED. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON IT. I believe in you and I will wait however long it takes! Dumpster boy has stolen my heart I need to meet the boss.

sorry this was so long oh goodness

Hi! I agree with the commenter below me; it was totally worth playing the game over and over for three hours to unlock all five endings. I will admit, I've had this game downlaoded for sometime but for some reason I never played it. BOOOOY, was I missing out! I think the idea is cute, the whole mixing a video game within their lives and mixing mystery with romance! In the beginning I found it hard because I thought I wouldn't be able to complete my project with Shiro (sorry babe) and also find enough information for Alistar, but I was worried for nothing! It was simple!

Shiro's Route- Shiro was the first route I completed, and it was actually all by accident! I usually don't go for the shy guys in otome games, I'm not sure why but they just never interest me. But Shiro was different. He was sweet, but also had a side to him that made me emo enough to keep working on my project. At first I was trying my hardest for Derek, but I guess with me buying the Greek book and working on my project majority of the time I ended up matching Shiro's stats! My first play through I wanted to make sure Rui was super smart, so I put a ton of effort into her intelligence meter. Then I just balanced social and networking out. Along with that, I was super worried that I would fail my project with Shiro, so I bought the Greek book and also worked on my project often. Even though my heart was set on Derek, I ended up ending with Shiro!

Speaking of that mess, I was SO SHOOK when I found out who Alistar was! I had the biggest feeling it was Derek,,,,,,because I realized Travis had to be Oda and I felt that Shiro was too nice to be that sassy online; but I still chose Shiro when I was asked who I believed it was. I was so shaken when he yelled that it wasn't him and tried to stick up for Rui in front of Derek. Good times.  Shiro was a sweet character and was probably my favorite. Love you forever Fiona!!!

Derek's Route- okay, this route pissed me off. i spent an hour trying to complete it and it's all because i never gave a thought towards my stats! i bought the dress on my own, and also ate at the gym and mall all the time but i never ended up with derek. i was honestly at witts end and started to read the comments. i didnt even realize that there was a walkthrough until i read one of the comments and i am so so so thankful that i found the walkthrough! i probably would still be stuck in that never ending loop i was in! derek's route when played right was interesting. the whole time in my mind i kept yelling "ok??? well im ur gf so u need to start acting right." i was super frustrated with all the bad endings when he, as alistar, wouldnt give back the blessed stone. but it all paid off when i got his good + bonus ending! it was so cute. i enjoyed his cg's the most, and i also found him the most attractive. (unless we're counting travis w/o his glasses bc tbh that took my heart) most of all, the shadiest! but its okay. hes still cute.

Travis' Route- this may have been the easiest route i got. at this point, i was tired (its almost 1am and i played this whole game in three hours) and was living off of the walkthrough. thank goodness i did because i would not have known what to buy for travis to like me! i found his story line to be the saddest, but it made me respect his character the most. i loved the banter he and rui shared right from the very beginning, and B E L I E V E me i was SO shaken when he pinned rui to the wall and went psycho when he encouraged her to report alistar. his love for video games and his protectiveness over rui made me swoooon, especially when he called her princess during the bonus ending ahhhh. i love it. another big thing that shocked me was when he revealed he was a mod! i knew deep down that he was oda, but i NEVER expected him to be a mod! it really cleared everything up.

thank you for creating this game! it was very light hearted but also had me emotional over the sadder parts, (travis' mother, shiro's parents), and swooning over the romantic parts (yes derek, give me another back hug.). overall i believe this is a solid game and i encourage everyone to give it a try. the story line is hilarious, and the music is spot on! good luck on your future projects, ill be waiting for them! xoxo

i am SCREAMING i was expecting you to say no! now i have a bunch of hope. thank you so much for the quick response, i appreciate it because sometimes people dont respond and im left wondering!

hi! i downloaded this game last night and i honestly didnt think i would be into it as much as i am. i thought it would be a whatever type of game, but this game literally had me on the edge of my seat. i felt like every second had me screaming in shock! i enjoyed the characters, especially the banter between arantis and everyone else. i also enjoyed how devoted xander was to aria even though he knew that there was a giant chance she wouldnt come back to him.


ps. i just played arantis' route (ive only played his and accidentally played xanders! when i mean accientally i mean i was trying to play arantis' route in the first place but i guess i did it wrong and i accidentally ended with xander, which was also a win situation so its okay!) and i was just wondering; is there any way to have a good ending (aka end up with arantis) without sacrificing aria or xander? i know thats asking a lot, especially because technically theyre the only two people who came along that can actually save everyone, but it breaks my heart sacrificing either of them. i was just wondering because i know in xanders route they both sacrifice themselves and come out alive, but i also am aware that its because they were both in love.  but in arantis' route, aria is no longer in love with xander as he is with her.  sorry if i sound really complicated or something! i was just curious and i know it never hurts to ask!

i wanted to write a review of the game when i finished all routes but i really wanted to know the answer to my question first lololol thank you and once again im sorry bc i kinda feel like this is a pointless comment (other then the top part!)

keep up the good work! i also read somewhere that english wasnt your first language, and i think that you did a pretty darn good job making this game. im looking forward to your next games!!

hello i just wanted to say that i simply ADORE this game and i promise i will write  a full review once i finish it [i have one more route left] but i just wanted to share with everyone how amazing it is to play the game in the order that the creators listed above. trust me, i played it that way and the suspense never fails. the story only gets better as you get closer to finishing the game. 



Hi!! I'm currently playing and I'm in the middle of trying to romance Creed (fingers crossed its working!) and I was so frustrated because he kept denying my date request but i just read the little faq thing hahahaha. keep up the good work! the idea and art for this game is amazing, especially the music and voice acting! im living for this game and i cant wait until its fully done/updated!! kis xo

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In the beginning when I started playing, I was super scared for an hour. Something about the game, and the stalker, and the fact that Yandere-chan idolized her stalker just put me on edge. Idk man maybe its because im also playing it super late at night with my window opened too hahaha. I got so creeped out that I had to turn on happy music so I could focus on the game and not get too scared lmfao. But! This game, other than creeping me out, was actually kinda fun! I don't think I've found all the endings (because i dont know what the tv or lonely ending are) but ive so far gotten the one where she sedates senpai, where she ends up with sebastian, where she kills all of senpais victims and takes care of his baby, and the hidden ending. I'm currently playing and i restarted the game and inputted my name as Vivienne. I didnt think it would change much, but to my surprise it opened up a new route! All in all, this game was a nice balance of suspense and humor. It made me laugh as much as it scared me, which was nice! I like the idea of this game because I haven't come across a game with this same theme (at least nothing this hardcore involving a  stalker) so this was a nice new thing for me! 

I also feel like I'm missing a big chunk of something because I always forget what yandere is and I get it mixed up with another japanese term i cant think of rn....

But! keep up the good work! i can see you guys producing even funnier content in the future, and who knows, maybe a sebastian spin off? or maybe a serious romance vn showcasing sebastian falling for vivienne? you know, minus yandere chan killing her and stuff! 

ok im just babbling at this point,  but seriously, keep up your good work and ill be anticipating whatever new projects you guys set out!! sending love xoxo sending love

also sorry if some of this doesnt make sense lmfao its one am and my tired mind doesnt know what is what rn


man im so sad that the game is coming out in april bc ill be off break ): but im so excited to play!!! good job finalizing guys!!!! get some rest!!

Hi! I played the demo last year, maybe around october or november (im trying to remember because i played it during a time i was on break from school, but i feel like that was too long ago???? i do remember it was last year though because i was so excited for the final release and i thought i wouldnt be able to make it to 2017 without this release) and it was amazing. The concept of the game itself is so creative, i dont know if you guys had any inspiration from different games or something but this truly is an amazing idea for a game and i cannot EXPLAIN HOW EXCITED I AM TO PLAY IT. i promise ill write a full review once the game is out but i wanted to leave a comment right now. i, sadly, would refresh this page daily hoping the full game would be out. i completely missed the tumblr link until yesterday, and its so satisfying to see that the game is almost done!! you guys have come a long way, and judging by the amazing demo, i bet the game is gonna be astonishing. today was my last day of school, and im on spring break for the next two weeks. on top of that, my birthday is next tuesday. im PRAYING this gets released soon so i can waste my break by locking myself in my room and playing each route. thats how excited i am. keep up the good work and thank thank thank you for making this game free so broke teens like me can experience your beautiful work!!


hi i just replayed it and realized i probably didnt get the best endings the first time around looooool

Hi! I played your Halloween game [which was amazing yes god vonn is my one and only] and after I finished I noticed you were working on this and I was so excited! I didn't get a chance to play it until today, and I just finished Jake's route [or maybe the first part of it? it ended on Fleur being kidnapped] It was so cute seeing Jake try to prove Lumina's stereotype of him wrong! The whole game was such an interesting concept and I applaud you guys for pulling it off. I was honestly shook when the police broke into the house and found Vincent, and especially surprised when they reported Fleur missing. I read the note at the end that there'll be a surprise once I get all the good endings and I'm really looking forward to it. I hope theres more involving Jake & Lumi making it official official yakno? bc i feel like that ending like hinted they liked each other but they didnt officially kiss kiss i love you, but I hope that that is in store! and also more involving poor Fleur! Anyways, great work on this game!! the art was cute and the music fit perfectly. 10/10 would play again. Keep up the good work!

Gosh I don't know why, but Akio's route was the hardest for me! I had to search up the walkthrough haahaha. I overall enjoyed the game and Erai was probably my favorite. It was short, but bittersweet, rip Hoshi's mom. The whole time I was playing I had weird deja vu! A while back I played a game called "don't take it personally, babe". It was one of the first visual novels I ever played and I can't even remember where I downloaded it from. But the art in this game was so eerily identical to like two or three of the characters in don't take it personally babe, I was freaking out hahaha. But overall, I enjoyed the game. Keep up the good work!

hello! it's currently midnight and i just finished playing your game for the very first time! i ended up with Vonn's good end, and honestly, I was an emotional mess! At first i really wanted to be Vonn's friend [naturally, just because he was mean] and somehow I stumbled on his route and ended up together. The way his character developed really surprised me throughout the game. He went from an asshole to a soft smol kid who loves to write. 10/10 character development if you ask me. I enjoyed how much he really cared for the main character, even if it was lowkey most of the time. Throughout the game i was so ready for a jumpscare or something, especially when the main character would hear voices. AAAH I'm just so shook from this whole game! Like how the pieces slowly came together [ex; vonn mentioning he hates drunkards = later we find out he's the reason his brothers are dead, main character hearing voices = later we find out its her friends/family because shes in a coma]. I'm so happy I played his little game and I hope you guys make more like this in the future! I just have a question. when Vonn joins the main character after she wakes up, what exactly happened lol? Sorry if this is super obvious and I just missed something, but like.. is he alive now? what happened to vern and viktor? ANYWAYS! Thank you for making this game, truly a ten out of ten, also made me cry because I thought vonn just sent the main character back to the real world and they wouldn't end up together [like some romeo juliet type of stuff ya kno?] but im so thankful they ended up together lol i hate sad endings. im too fragile.

thank you again. the art was cute, the story was refreshing and new, the music scared me [in a good way!! pianos can be scary sometimes] etc etc. keep up the good work and good luck with any future projects!! dont give up kis kis sendin positive vibes ur way

sorry this is so all over the place lol i havent reviewed a game in like three months and i really enjoyed this game so im a lil excited lololol


From the looks and comments from everyone else, this game seems amazing! But, before I download this and get excited I just want to know how much the end product would cost? I don't want to fall in love with something I'll never get to play. Good luck finishing the game, it looks great!! :")

i second this question

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Gosh, I just finished the demo and I'm so excited to play the real game! I love how diverse the characters are and I think their nicknames are so cute! At first, I thought Glasses would be a weird perv-y character [yikes sorry] but he's actually the funniest character in my opinion, with his love of Magic Girl Mimimimi!! Also, I love how mysterious the Prince was. The fact that he buys so much food from the store everyday reminded me of* [i typed me or myself before lmfao what] myself, because I often go shopping and then forget stuff and end up going to the store daily haha. But, I really want to play his story and get to know who he is and why he's so rich????? BUT, my favorite character has got to be the grouch himself. After reading why he's trying so hard to become the owner of Super Konbini Mart it made me want to be right by his side to help him out.

Also, I love the art and the drawings! I hate to say it but one of the major things I look at is art style in games, and this one is definitely the real deal.

Goodness I can't wait till the full version is out! [hopefully its free bc im just a smol teenager with no money haha ):] Keep up the hard work!!

oh my gosh I think I was John for way too long. I really liked this game though, and it's simple controls :")

As someone who adores animals, especially dogs. This game is what I live for. Thank you for making it. I only played it for like two minutes because then my mac died, but believe me those were one of the best two minutes of my life. This game is so calming and oh gosh I love petting dogs irl and now I can just do it in the comfort of my own room lmaooo. 10/10 would play again.

Oh man don't apologize haha I know things with dogs happen like this all the time, I just wasn't expecting it in this game bc the dog looked so happy LMAO. I had a feeling it would be something like this though )": But I'll make sure to check the game out again next update, maybe I'll have my feelings together by then.

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spoilers pls read at your own risk thank u

oh my gosh developer you would not BELIEVE the stress I went through to download this game. I would download it and then when I opened the application, my mac would automatically close it and keep it from opening and it was the most stressful thing I've ever tried to download. But, I do not regret my choice of downloading this game!! The first thing that caught my eye about this game was the beautiful art style. Whoever did the art, I really applaud you!! I thought this game would be around $5-$10 just based on the art. But, thank goodness it wasn't because then I was able to enjoy playing it!! And when I say enjoy, I mean enjoy. Let me not get ahead of myself because I've only played Snow's path, (which I found pleasant) and I'm super excited to play Zel & Mer's path! I don't know why but I was so shocked when I realized that Nicholl didn't have a path; but don't worry I got over it quickly after meeting Prince Snow HAHA. (Also, I forgot to mention this earlier but I'm too lazy to proof read and shove this somewhere to make it all flow but, I found the whole concept of this game interesting! The whole 'Princess Charming' and having Prince Snow be Snow White, Prince Mer as Ariel and Prince Zel as Rapunzel was all such a creative way to make a game. It's refreshing to see a new aspect of a visual novel? dating sim? I don't know what to call this LMAO.)

Speaking of Snow, I thought his path was so cute! I really loved the idea of like, a rogue (I'm probably using that word wrong) prince. When I first read his story, in my mind I was like " wow sorry king and queen bc im goin for the banished prince gtg! ". I found his story so interesting, especially the curse part where he couldn't kiss anyone or they would die. He had so many rumors flying around him yet the village didn't treat him differently and I enjoyed that. It was so cute seeing how he acted around the small village children! The only part in his route that I was sad about was that I wanted to go head to head with his step-mom because ooooooh if I was Charming, we really would've fought LMAO.

Anywho, I read the comment before mine and I read that this isn't even the full version??????? "I can't wait to see what you have in store for the full version!" I'm not trying to say anything about that commenter but IS THIS REALLY NOT THE FULL VERSION? I THOUGHT IT WAS. I am so pumped if this really is just a snippet of what you guys have for this game. Thank you for making this project (especially making it free bc yakno ya girl is broke). The art is beautiful, the music was so calming, the story I have played so far was amazing & I can't wait to finish the rest!

Gosh, I loved this game so much! I don't really do games set in a historical era, (like victorian?? idk what to call this omg im sorry) but the second i read scandal in the title i knew i had to download. i'm a sucker for some drama!!! i love how you made options for the protagonist such as either, she can be super sassy or super chill. i played guy blake's route and every cg scene made me SQUEAL I KID YOU NOT. i'm so happy i found this game! keep up all your good work developers!!

spoilers; pls read at your own risk, thanks

as someone who loves dogs and animals in general, this game ruined my heart. deep inside i keep telling myself that i just got bad endings and i keep replaying it but it just keeps getting worse. im not saying this game is bad or anything bc 10/10 would play again, the art is so cute! but watching (or reading lol) the poor dog get abused by mike makes me ):

mega warning for anyone who's reading this without fully finishing story mode, i'm going to kinda spoil the ending!! do not read until you know what happens!!

Hello!! It's me again haha, I had a quick question. Are the three main guys (Emmitt, Beau, Dallas) the only ones we have routes for? This might be a silly question and I don't want to make you feel any pressure like you HAVE to make more routes but I was just curious to see if in open ended mode Robin could have romances with the 'extra' characters.

Also, I finished Dallas' route a while ago and I cried so much. Whenever I play a game I really try to put myself in the main characters shoes to try to absorb the full story. For Dallas' route, I was a complete train wreck at the end, I was so happy that Dallas and Robin ended on good terms. Still mad he left though.

Which leads me to another question, are there multiple endings? Like, is there a such thing as a bad//good ending in the game? I read the walk-through and I know it just says automatic, but I just wondered if there was any way we could either keep the band together, or keep the character who's route we're playing from leaving.

SORRY I'M FULL OF QUESTIONS BUT I PROMISE THIS IS THE LAST ONE, is there any way in story mode that we can get every character to have max stats? For example, when playing through story mode I could not for the life of me get Emmitt to write any songs. I would set it onto writing and the only thing that would increase was his stress HAHA. For the other three, it was really easy to get them to start writing music. But I guess they all have their flaws since I could never get Beau to get a high score in music, and for some reason I never got Dallas or Robin to get a good stat in star quality.

All in all, I still stand with what I said around a week or two weeks ago. I love this game so so so much and I'm so happy I found it one day around three a.m. I originally wasn't going to look into it because the only thing that was out was the BETA and I didn't want to download it and get excited and have the developers give up on the game or something and then deal with being sad over an uncomplete game. But, I decided to bookmark it on my mac anyway because I felt like this game is something I wouldn't want to miss out on. AND OOOOOOH I AM SO HAPPY I BOOKMARKED THIS GAME. The second I read that story mode was complete, I was in. Gosh I know I sound like I have nothing better to do than play this game HAHA, I promise I do actual other things. Thank you again for making such a wonderful game and I'm sorry for all the questions! I hope whatever personal thing came up that made you delay the release date is going smooth now, take all the time you need to take a break! Don't stress yourself out too much. Have a great day! (or night depending on when you see this)

RockRobin community · Created a new topic AAAAAAAAAAHHH

so, hello. let me start this off with, i have no idea how to use this site hahahaha i just made this account to tell you how much i ADORE this game! I first was pumped for this game because of the art. I enjoy my fair share of visual novels (preferably dating sims), and I was so excited because I loved the art AND it was one of my favorite kind of games! I was so sad because for some reason my computer wouldn't allow me to download the BETA version of the game, so I was going to wait till it was released (I was kinda sorta counting the days down). But by some miracle, the download button worked this morning! I was freaking out and downloaded it asap! Sadly, I couldn't play until night time, but that did NOT stop me! As a little teenager, it's really hard to convince my parents to allow me to do stuff on my own. For example, they don't want me to have a job while I'm in high school, and I'm okay with that BUT I often miss out on games that have a price on them. Which brings me to my next point, God BLESS you guys for making this game free! I cannot express how happy I was to see that this whole thing is free of charge. There is so much packed into this game, and the version I have downloaded isn't even complete! I am currently playing Dallas' route and don't worry, I won't spoil it, but I'm just so obsessed! And also, I love the cute little things in the game. For example, the fan forums are so funny! I love reading them in between weeks. Another thing I enjoyed was all the different designs you can put on your album/cd! They were so creative and props to whoever designed all the little pictures because I just can't get enough! It is currently three am, and i have somewere to be in two hours. This game has been the only thing I've done for the past five or so hours and I can honestly say I don't regret anything. As I may have mentioned before, I have a thing for dating sims, but what caught me about this game is that I find myself more excited to play the band managing part than to play throughout the characters routes. I'm not saying that their story's are boring, but you quickly get addicted to being the manager of your own band! I cant wait to see what else you guys have prepared for the final release of this gaem! I read that there are personnal things that are going on so you had to postpone the release date but thats okay, take as much time as you need! Gosh, I'm sorry if this is so hectic and all over the place but I just felt the need to share my love for this game, and I'm not even half way done yet! Thank you to all the developers for not giving up on this project because it's an amazing experience, and I'm sorry if that's over the top but I just enjoyed it so much! Alright, I'm off to go book some gigs and make money!