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In the beginning when I started playing, I was super scared for an hour. Something about the game, and the stalker, and the fact that Yandere-chan idolized her stalker just put me on edge. Idk man maybe its because im also playing it super late at night with my window opened too hahaha. I got so creeped out that I had to turn on happy music so I could focus on the game and not get too scared lmfao. But! This game, other than creeping me out, was actually kinda fun! I don't think I've found all the endings (because i dont know what the tv or lonely ending are) but ive so far gotten the one where she sedates senpai, where she ends up with sebastian, where she kills all of senpais victims and takes care of his baby, and the hidden ending. I'm currently playing and i restarted the game and inputted my name as Vivienne. I didnt think it would change much, but to my surprise it opened up a new route! All in all, this game was a nice balance of suspense and humor. It made me laugh as much as it scared me, which was nice! I like the idea of this game because I haven't come across a game with this same theme (at least nothing this hardcore involving a  stalker) so this was a nice new thing for me! 

I also feel like I'm missing a big chunk of something because I always forget what yandere is and I get it mixed up with another japanese term i cant think of rn....

But! keep up the good work! i can see you guys producing even funnier content in the future, and who knows, maybe a sebastian spin off? or maybe a serious romance vn showcasing sebastian falling for vivienne? you know, minus yandere chan killing her and stuff! 

ok im just babbling at this point,  but seriously, keep up your good work and ill be anticipating whatever new projects you guys set out!! sending love xoxo sending love

also sorry if some of this doesnt make sense lmfao its one am and my tired mind doesnt know what is what rn

Hi, thank you so much for playing and reviewing. Calling her Vivienne didn't actually trigger second story, you could've called her anything and she would've ignored you and called herself Vivienne. The new stuff opens up after you saw the hidden end and start a new game. If you want to see the endings you missed, if you played through the second story and reached the last ending, or if you just open a save file from before finding the hidden ending, you can get back to the first story and pick the two options you haven't picked yet. (Look at senpai and watch tv)