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I wouldn't know, unfortunately. This is a game from two years ago, so it's quite possible that the ren'py updates to make the program chromebook compatible are not yet present in this game. If that's the case I'm afraid that this game would be inaccessible for you. Sorry.

Hm, sorry. In that case I wouldn't know why you can't play the game. You did unpack the zip into a normal map and then execute the program to start, right? And you downloaded the one for your system, right? I wouldn't know if that would be pc or mac, but the pc one should work for most systems. If that didn't help, I too wouldn't know how to solve this problem. Do you experience the same problem with other ren'py games?

I see, can you describe what exactly went wrong? The download from itch, installing, opening it, starting the game after opening it? Did you get an error report of the engine?

Gratz! Hope you enjoyed the game and will find the other endings as well! 

Thank you so much for playing and liking the game!

Ah, sorry for replying so late. Checked itch literally a day before you replied and forgot the weekly check-up after...

You can reach me on or PM me on Discord as Mammon#8272.

Hi Artemis, glad to hear you liked the game so much that you kept trying until you found all the endings on your own. :D 

If you were referring to +18 content, I don't really do that and our sprite and CG artists probably would've refused the project if I had. And this project was part of the NaNoRenO jam, meaning the game was made within one month, so we never really had the timetable to create the assets required for such scenes regardless. So sorry, but none of that.

Once again, thank you so much for playing and liking the game!

Hi, thank you so much for liking it sooo much that you want to replay it! :D

If you want to reset the game, try skipping through the broken endings (press ctrl to skip, you can change skipping from seen to all in preferences) You don't need to see them all, just reach the last one in a similar way to how you reached the part  where you could chat with Sebastian. Once you reach that ending, the game should un break itself in a similar way to how it got 'broken' in the first place, allowing you to start anew.

If that doesn't help, feel free to post again and see if you can access the .rpy files. I'll tell you how to manually set the persistents back to the starting position.

If you found out that Vivienne isn't actually Vivienne, I assume that you did find the 'second story' which is essentially the first endings minus the illusion of Vivienne being cute and innocent. If not, start a new game once the main menu CG and music changes to find 3-4 endings or so. Have you seen the scene  where she hid in the closet etc.?

Anyway, thank you for playing the game and for liking it!

Such a delightfully fun and random game, I had to play it in three sittings because I don't smile too often but this game wouldn't let me not do it and it caused serious muscle soarness. 

This was so adorable and funny! I really liked the almost childish innocence of the game and its trusting characters but it not being too prude to not show any gore. And gore they show... This is the kind of mood that I see way too little done well in VNs. Also liked the art, I much prefer art like this with a sense of being uninhibited by the amount over art where they've got nice lookings sprites that can only pull three expressions and move around awkwardly. Really showed that you put a lot of effort into making and coding it in too.

Real nice game, and will be trying out its predecessor soon!

But then again, isn't a crate just a barrel in a rectangular shaped disguise?

Ha, I can see why this game is the highest rated on the NaNoRenO, the campy humour was quite amusing. In between the spoiled girl protagonist, the meta jokes and the surprising eye for detail here and there like actual shivering (did not expect that in a game using screenshots for art), I liked the over-the-top humor of this game.

I tried to play this, but unfortunately I couldn't open the game. It said that the font Diogenes couldn't be found, same for the other font. I had to change them both back to DejavuSans.tff (?) to open the game. Once I did, the story was quite funny and nice. The voice acting sure was a nice touch, but the story feels a bit short. I would've liked more, so I'm hoping this is only scratching the surface of a larger story.

Nice game. A bit crude and over the top in its humor at times but a good first solodev project.

An enjoyable game. I didn't like the story as much as I could've because of a bit too much typos and forgotten punctuation, the jarring lack of background music and two of the three endings not really sitting well with me. (You're honest with her and she kills you for lying? And dark Rose's personality wasn't developed enough for the comments on her otherwise 'cruel' persona being actually good because that sociopath wasn't actually defined as one yet.) but I enjoyed the good ending. And special props for the programming, now there I saw some effort and dedication in the little things that many games lack. Not just the lipflaps and text manipulation but all those movements etc. Nice job, programmer!

Nice game, and probably one of the better NaNoRenO's this year. Not as good as her previous game 'The Lady's choice' but still worth a try.

Hi, thank you so much for playing and reviewing. Calling her Vivienne didn't actually trigger second story, you could've called her anything and she would've ignored you and called herself Vivienne. The new stuff opens up after you saw the hidden end and start a new game. If you want to see the endings you missed, if you played through the second story and reached the last ending, or if you just open a save file from before finding the hidden ending, you can get back to the first story and pick the two options you haven't picked yet. (Look at senpai and watch tv)


If you go to the choice of whether to Hype with Sebastian or not, scroll back twice and you'll hit an invisible persistent that will resolve the issue. Otherwise, you can also start a new game to solve it. When arriving at the choice of whether to Hype or not, have the pink glasses turned ON, and turn them OFF after picking the choice.

After you've downloaded the .zip file, open it and try to find the executable. This is not yet the logo of the game but instead the standard ren'py logo of a redheaded girl with a yellow snake. When you click on it, the computer will ask you in which map to unpack the .zip file. Let it unzip and once it's done the .zip file can be thrown away. In the new open game folder, click the same option as before (which has now changed it's logo) to start the game. Depending on your computer, starting the game may take a while but it's smooth and lag-free sailing from there on out. Pretty much always will your computer first ask you if you're sure, because it cannot determine if the file is safe (it is).

This technique should work for starting all Ren'py games.

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Thanks for letplaying my game! Adding that Yuno Gasai special response is now worth it too! :D

P.S. There are 5 endings that are easy to find, one of which you've already seen. There are also four endings that are harder to find, because it will require you to find a way to break the pink glasses function (see preferences). See other comments or ask me if you can't figure it out.

Nice game, awesome art though the heavy emotions could use some expressions to go with them. Really digging the gods/science lore and the character dynamics thus far, quite curious how you'll approach the combat and mission mechanics though.

Thank you so much! (P.S. have you gotten all the hidden endings by starting a new game after seeing the True end?) Sebastian being a mandere? That's a fun idea! Not one I know how to do, but a funny idea nonetheless.

Thanks you for liking my game enough to stick around for the hidden endings. (That's right, there's more than one. ;) ) When you arrive at the True love end, put your pink glasses ON, choose the option of chatting with Seb because you'll indeed won't be allowed to advance any further, then take the pink glasses OFF again. It'll take you to the hidden story from there. The big X will be there to prevent you from changing the censorship after you reached the route split, but until then you can change it. The problem you might experience is that this X unfortunately doesn't reset between loading files. You can resolve this by starting a new game (and hold in Ctrl to auto-skip) or go to the question of whether to Hype with Sebastian and scroll back two texts.

Hopefully you'll find it this time. Another thing we unfortunately couldn't change properly is that the main menu will not change right away, the main menu theme will be different only if you were to start the program again or got one ending rather than right away. Do start a new game though for all the last content!

Thanks for the tip. There are quite a few programs that consider ren'py games a possible threat because these tend to be bare-bones in terms of certification. In 99% of the cases you may ignore this because it stems from the developers (myself included) not knowing where and how to change these certificates.

Thank you so much for liking it! About Sebastian, I'll leave that to your imagination. I'd say that the police would eventually rescue him, Yandere-chan is meticulous to a degree but it's only a matter of an unforeseen event before he'd manage to escape or alert anyone. But a story of Stockholm Syndrome love might also be what'd happen. Mr. McCreeper did exist, stalking the real Vivienne.

Yay, a letsplay! Thank you for making my game your 100subs video (suck on it, Dora). Very amusing, but I was soooo sad when you didn't pick the 'Approach Senpai' option after mentioning birdwatching because that's actually in that ending. :(

I wouldn't say best game of any kind, but thank you so much for thinking of it so highly!

When you arrive at the True love end, turn censor OFF, choose the option of chatting with Seb, turn back ON again. It'll take you to the hidden story from there. If you've already got that one, you've seen everything.

Don't worry, there aren't any. Jumpscares are cheap tricks that don't actually add anything of value.

Thank you so much :D (Yes, with 2 n's), but if it's a short message feel free to post it here. I'll see it ;)

Give and take two or three depending on your reading speed and if you find the hidden section easily.

There a more detailed Walkthrough on Lemmasoft here:

But the simplest explanation: When you arrive at the True love end, turn censor OFF, choose the option of chatting with Seb, turn back ON again. It'll take you to the hidden story from there.

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Oh, a letsplay! Yay! Thank you for reading it out loud, the trouble you had with phrasing here and there will help me improve my grammar for the reader's pleasure in projects to come.

So glad you liked it, and that you found the humor amusing!

What can I say, I'm very unoriginal with names. :) Although she does get her own name eventually, and if you don't like the name you can change it.

I'm glad you liked it, and the effort our programmer and GUI artist put in the options. Thank you for playing this all the way to the hidden end!

Very fun game, Aleisha's route put the kind of grin on my face that I don't want to have but just can't shake off because the two of them are just too adorable together. So much blush ///. Dalton a bit less because the flirting badboy is never really that much to my taste but his good end was still nice. I was kinda rooting for Dalton to be a regular human all along or a different kind of mythical creature (There's no such thing as vampires, silly. I'm a fairy, see?) just for the anticlimactic reaction that Cherise would've had on it.

So glad you liked it! Hope I'll meet your preferences again in my next project.