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Hi!! I'm currently in the middle of playing the demo and I'm really liking it so far! All the detail in this game is so cool, with the thought of the cliques and the phone and using alicia/missy to check status and stuff, i applaud you guys for thinking these things up! I'm no where near close to done, but my curiosity got the best of me. Will Lucas be an option as a boyfriend in the final product? Mostly, will he be availible in the free version? I'm sorry, I'm milking the demo as much as I can because I love Pran but sadly as a broke teenager I don't have the money to buy a commercial version :/ I feel super bad but I'm still looking forward to the finished product!!! and i'm silently cheering you guys on!! 

Shiloh is a complete sweetheart btw thank you for letting him be one of the guys in the free version bc i adore him!!<3

Also, for some reason I can never go to the luck changing girl (sorry i forgot her name and bc i cant access her ive never relearned her name) i downloaded this game on the 19th of july, i have a mac, and i tried accessing her luck shop sometime before and she just had her opening talk and said it's five dollars and the scene closed. i tried again just now, after i called pran to go on a date, and then it loaded but the scene loaded weird? like after she said "ok thats five dollars!!" the screen changed and said it was sunday and the text was like "hi pran!" but the screen was still in her shop, and it still let me pay to try my luck.

sorry i dont want it to seem lke im complaining i just noticed everyone else talking about bugs or weird moments and i wanted to be able to contribute about things ive witnessed too. nonetheless i really enjoy this game and i cant wait till its done!!! kis

ps, ive only recently found this but i get the same eror code as everyone else when i hit round march 6th/7th!

Thank you so much for giving the demo a go ^v^. Lucas' route is gonna be added as a free update to the paid version as a thank you after/if the game sells 1,000 copies. So, unfortunately, for Lucas a person will have to have the commercial "complete" version of the game and lots of other people are gonna have to get it too.  We are gonna have contests and giveaways for copies of the paid version on our social media pages later, if you're interested :].  

I'm glad to hear you really like one of the guys in the free version. We definitely wanted the free version to be as appealing and worthwhile as possible, without making it so good that no one bought the paid version, of course, aha.

And I appreciate you letting me know about your glitch issues! We're still looking into those ':)

Thanks again for the comment. It's always super nice to see that someone has enjoyed the game!