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Haha, thank you. I'm happy you like her voice! I'm afraid I haven't played Fable 2. I'd like to at some point , though. It sounds interesting.

I ended up having a little time and released a version that has full voice acting :>. There's no new content outside of that, though. It stops at the same place as the original demo.

I hope you'll enjoy it when it's ready in a month or so!

Haha, I'm afraid not. We wanted to release a demo that's fully voiced, but have just been super busy.  Maybe we'll still do that this month, though with the full release being so close it might be better to just keep focused on finishing the game. Thanks for checking in c:

I'm glad that worked out for you! Thanks for trying the demo. It's really nice to hear that you enjoyed it ^^. The full game likely won't be finished all that soon. Our company works on multiple projects at a time and right now Floret Bond is on the back burner while we focus on finishing Lake of Voices and an expansion to an already released game XOXO Droplets. We'll do our best to get back to FB when we have the chance!

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Aaw, thank you so much for all of that ;v;! It made our day. The guide is very experienced, so he won't be bested easily. It's all the nicer people who are more likely to die. Life's just unfair that way.

I hope you have a nice day as well :D

Thank you so much for the kind words ^^! It's very encouraging to hear someone feels the game was thought-provoking. I hope you'll enjoy the full game it releases this August.

Haha, I suppose in some ways they're two of a kind.

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I don't think there's anything we can do, then. The demo download is a plain zip file, it doesn't have the ability to stop itself from being saved to a computer. That going through or not is up to the hosting site and, in some cases, how the downloader's internet access is. I'm really sorry. I hope whatever is wrong gets resolved soon!

Cool. I'd enjoy seeing someone's reaction to it!

Aaw, thank you so much for all the kind words! It's really nice to hear someone enjoyed our project that much ^^. 

The planned release date is going to be sometime between August 20th and 31st 2018. We'll likely be able to set a specific date next month.  

Haha, that's fair. It should be out in just a couple months. I hope you'll enjoy the finished game!

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Thank you for wanting to give it a try! I'm not sure what part of the process you're referring to. If you have the file saved on your computer already and it's not properly unzipping or something we can look into what's going on if you give us more details on the type of computer you have. Though, we can't control whether download attempts from this site actually work or not. If the issue is that the file isn't being saved on your computer to begin with than the problem is with Itch.io or maybe the internet provider.  In that case, all I can suggest is trying again later and hopefully it'll have been resolved. I'm really sorry about this!

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. We used an engine called Ren'Py to create XOXO Droplets. You can learn all about it on the Lemma Soft forums. Good luck with your game ^^.


Thank you :D! I'm happy you like our MC~

Aaw, thank you so much ;v;! It's so nice to hear you had just a good time with the game and its silly cast of characters. I hope our future projects will live up to this one.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the original XOD game ^^. XOXO Blood Droplets is scheduled to come out at the end of this year or early next year. The price will be around 7-8 USD.

There are two routes, Pran and Nate, plus an option to not be interested in any of the choose-able options. There are 8 bad endings and 3 'to be counted' conclusions. If you click the Extras button on the main menu there's an Ending list, which will keep track of all the endings you've gotten in the demo. Good luck!

Thank you! I hope you'll like it C:

Thanks for letting us know you found an error! We'll look into getting that fixed.

Oh, and the comment was double posted by accident so we'll delete the other one.

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I appreciate you giving the demo a try! I'm afraid there's a bit of a disconnect here. Floret Bond is purely a relationship based slice-of-life experience. The setting may be fantastical and the situation is curious, but that is only to add to the development of the character's connections. We tried to be pretty straight forward about that at the top of the page. Socially awkward folks bumbling through conversations while growing a deeper bond with each other is specifically what the game is meant to be played for. If that's too simple for your personal tastes that's perfectly understandable. But the amount of story substance isn't a mistake and FB's intentions will always remain the same. Even if you kept playing you wouldn't have been giving what you were looking for. "Intrigue" was never meant to be a word people used to describe our plot-light, relaxed paced, fluff fest of a game, haha. Still, I'm sorry Floret Bond isn't what you wanted even though you had really hoped it would be something you enjoyed.

Perhaps you might want to try "My Magical Divorce Bureau!" . That is also a game full of fantasy creature couples in odd, unexplained situations, but there's much more focus on getting to the bottom of what really happened rather than just the characters' budding relationships. Though, that VN is still more comedy-based than mystery based.

Thank you so much! I'm happy Bemelle grew on you, haha. There are no endings where everyone lives, I'm afraid. Lake of Voices is pretty bleak that way. The lowest death count is 1 person, though most endings have 2 or more deaths.

We're working on getting it out in a few months. I hope it will be worth the wait!

Thank you very much for trying the XOD and sharing your experience! I'm glad you enjoyed it~

Thank you so much! I'm happy you like how it's coming along so far. Lake of Voices will be an entirely free-to-play game upon release. It's very flattering that you'd be willing to purchase it, though.

Thank you for sharing that with us. I'm sorry you ran into it. We'll get it fixed!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and I hope you'll enjoy your other playthroughs :D. We'll do our best to make our future games just as enjoyable.

Thank you for playing the demo and sharing your experience! I'm glad you're looking forward to it :D

Alright. We'll try to see if we can figure out why it disappeared for you :>

Thank you. Do you know what was happening in-game when the sprite disappeared or if any error screens have popped up?

I'm sorry, I don't know. It's possible she'll just come back eventually, but I don't know exactly why the icon has disappeared for you so I can't say anything for sure. If you have any details about when it happened/what type of computer you have we can look into it!

Thank you! It's really nice to hear that you enjoyed it and like the artwork ^^. We're hoping to have the full game out in August. 

Thank you very much! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it C:

Aaw, thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the experience. We're aiming to have the full game out by August! I hope that won't be too long of a wait, aha.

Thank you! I'm happy you like, most, of the characters and how the game works, haha. Unfortunately, those difficult boys wouldn't have liked the MC if she wasn't a pain so it had to be done. 

Thank you for giving it a go! You're playthrough was fun and I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you so much! We're on track to have it finished by August or possibly even sooner :]

August 2018 is the release frame we're shooting for!

It's no trouble!

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Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed the humor :>. Here's a walkthrough for Nate's demo events~

-Tell Shiloh that you're busy

-Go to the hallway when on the map screen

-Tell Nate you were looking for him

-Say 'We're leaving!' to Waldo (telling Nate he's right will give you an ending)

-Wait for the timer to run out when JB considers giving up (choosing to go chill will give you an ending)

-The final choice is whether or not you'll accept Bae's earrings. Accepting them will give you an ending, rejecting them will get a 'to be continued' scene

I hope that helps!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy their exaggerated versions after knowing how they are in the original. I hope you'll enjoy the finished game as well~