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No, I'm sorry. For the black screen it might simply be because the game is struggling to run. If you shut off the blinking animations and don't run other things in the background it may work better. But the pop up error isn't something that can be fixed quickly because it will require remaking/uploading the entire build.

I'm sorry for that! You can try this-

Pressing Shift + G and change the renderer. Changing it to ANGLE renderer.

Then I'm afraid the game might not work on your device. It would be best to contact Itch for a refund. I'm sorry.

Can you see if the game runs without the DLCs? If it does, the issue might be that the game has just become too hard for your device to run with additional content added.

Yeah, I can see if Itch will let us do a permanent bundle. So far I've only had sales that had to end at a certain time.

We use Ren'py!

Thanks for the report!

Then how the DLCs are being downloaded might be causing the problem. What order are you doing them in?

Thanks for the report! We'll try to see what the problem is.


Oh, that pop up is a generic response when it doesn't work. There's no real specific bug it's talking about. It could mean the game can't install because it needs more space, or the game won't install because a virus scanner has decided it's not safe or your settings don't let you install stuff not from the official app store.

No problem :D

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the issue could be based on the info you mentioned. All I can recommend is trying to delete your files and go through the install process for the game + DLC again. It's possible something just went wrong when adding the game and trying again will sort it out.

That kind of error generally means the game is struggling to run. You could try turning off the animations to make it easier to load, have fewer things running in the background like other applications, or just closing the game and trying again a little later. Sometimes it's a weird fluke and will go a away the next time you play. You could also see if hitting the ignore button will bypass the error screen without issues.


support at

The first three Steps will release together and the Step 4 epilogue will come out later. That's how it worked for the first OL!

I might release some additional stories for free, but it'll never be the fully planned collection. We just didn't have time to do it all.

I'm really glad you enjoyed Baxter! But I'm afraid we're no longer making new DLCs for the game. It's considered complete.

No worries ^^

Not yet! The next demo update is coming in early October.

You don't need to extract it! You just put the rpa file into the Our Life game folder as is.

Free with optional paid DLCs!

You might need more space to run it, or your virus scanner/firewall might be blocking it from running since it's not from the official app store!

I'm sorry, you could try checking if a virus scanner has decided it's suspicious because it's not an apple approved app. That can randomly happen with new builds and can stop it from running right.

Yes. Buying the DLCs on one platform can only get you the content on that platform. Steam doesn't allow that kind of key trading.

Thank you very much :D. OL2 will take until 2025. It's a big story, aha.

Yes! It ends after you meet the boy's club. This is only a demo where you get to meet the characters.

I'm glad it worked out!

It'll be late September or early October!

I'm sorry, Steam doesn't support key trading and we can't make it a policy to go around their back and do it ourselves. If you'd like to get the Android version you'd have to buy the DLCs directly from

That's great :D

All you have to do to get Baxter's version of Step 4 is play all five of his Moments in Step 3. Some people accidentally do Cove's version of Hang rather than Baxter's, but there's no wrong thing to say that will lock you out of the route. So when you play the Moment "Hang" just make sure Baxter is included in the beach outing.

I'm so glad the game was able to help you feel reassured! That's wonderful. And Shiloh and Jeremy are cameo characters from our older series, XOXO Droplets. Nate is also one of the friend/love interests from that game.

Did you update the base game? If you update the main game, you have to be sure you add back the DLC files you own or they won't be there. If there's an error that's making them not work, can you tell me what the error says?

You don't need to buy them again! You can take the DLC files from your Steam Our Life folder and put them right into the Mac version of the Itch Our Life game folder. It'll still work to unlock the DLC events.

Yeah, it could be an error that occurred by the way you got it. If it still happens even if you downloaded it directly from the page, let me know!

I appreciate that you'd want to support! We might let people back through Backerkit, if that would work. We also have a Patreon, but it won't have the same kinds of rewards as the Kickstarter.

Thank you! And I'm sorry for that. You could try this:

Pressing Shift + G and change the renderer. Changing it to ANGLE renderer.

I'm glad that worked out! And I've linked the GB Patch discord on the page now.