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There's a tutorial in the game you read that has all the details about how dynamics work! But being envious of means they wish they had things the MC does or they think the MC's life is better. Being jealous over means they are defensive over their relationship with the MC and feel uncomfortable when the MC gives a lot of positive attention to others.

Yeah, the full game will be out in late 2025. But we'll add more to the demo about six months or so from the prior update, which was in May. There's no set release date for that, though.

Because she is bigger, and she's very pretty!

I haven't chosen birthday for them yet, aha. 

Old saves may not work with the new version because there are various changes to the code, so it is best not to try using them in the updated build. I'm sorry for that.

Baxter's story can only unlock if you don't load a save that's already in Step 3. You need to play Step 3 from the very start. So either starting a new file or loading a save that's in Step 2 and then going into Step 3.

No problem!

Can you see a button on the right side of the Moment select screen for Step 3? Clicking that will show Baxter's five Moments. If the DLC is properly installed, the Moments will be playable. If not, they'll be locked. If they are locked, maybe try updating the base game with a new version and adding the DLC to that. Or make sure the rpa file is in the right folder.

I'm sorry it is struggling to run. You could try clearing more space on the device or turning off the animations on the setting page to make it easier to load!

Jealousy will never happen because of the choices you make, it's turned off by default so no one accidentally ends up with it. If you want jealousy, you'll need to click on the dynamic screen settings at the start of Step 2. You can change the dynamic manually to whatever you want for both yourself and the leads that way.

Did you choose to keep in touch with him while you were apart during Step 3? And did you do the Moments on the second page? There's a button on the right side of the Step 2 Moment select screen that lets you switch to five Derek Moments.

I'm sorry about the text size. If you want the VN version of the textbox, you can click "simple textbox" on the settings page. And the character creator can show you the names of colors if you turn on color assistance from the settings page. 

Yeah, the bonus moments are separate builds from the main game. You don't add them to your main our life folder.

I'm glad you like it! The Patreon is for bonus content, it can't be used like a storefront that sells DLC keys for other sites like Itch, GOG, or Steam. Backing there gets you sneak peeks to our upcoming game and can give you extra Our Life: Beginnings & Always Moments that aren't available anywhere besides Patreon.

Thanks for letting us know! I'm not sure why that happened either, but we'll check it out.

This game is focused on growing up with a little boy. If you'd like to romance a girl, you can follow the development of the next game in the Our Life series-

I'm sorry for that. You might need more space or to change the settings of your device/firewall to allow the game to be launched since it is a third party app.

You can change the dynamic they have with you and alter small accessories/their hairstyle. But you can't change the full outfit like you could with Cove.

It's the same as before! There's five free Moments and five more you can unlock by getting a paid DLC in Steps 1-3. Step 4 is an epilogue and doesn't have separate Moments.

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That's not in the demo, I'm afraid. Sometimes the stuff we share on socials are just sneak peeks of the full game.

You can't in the demo content. But there will be chances in the full game!

In that case they should be fine. But you don't need the folder, just the rpa. I'm not sure why a folder would appear for some of them but you can ignore that part.

No, I'm afraid I haven't heard of that.

No, I don't want to do birthday Moments again and again every Step, but it'd be odd if it didn't come up some years. So none of them will have birthdays during the months of the game.

It's not. The only scenes of Step 2 that I've written are in the demo. Nothing else of it exists right now, aha.

You don't need to extract them. We simplified the DLC process, so you just put the rpa files into the folder. But if you have older versions that were zips, you should update the base game and those DLC to be the latest versions. The new DLCs can't work with old builds. Removing the old versions won't delete your save files!

I'm glad you enjoyed Shiloh! We wouldn't be able remake it with new additions like that. The boys were made to work with who the protagonist is. They're not designed to wind up with a wide range of personality types, aha.

Thank you! I've heard what the name sounds like in the past but I don't speak any Chinese myself, so I can sometimes mishear different tones. I appreciate the more accurate reference.

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You pronounce it like this-

Thank you!

Your saves won't be deleted, but the demo has been updated so old save files might not work anyway. I'm sorry for that.

The other comment is right. There won't be any DLCs for new date-able options. The game is just gonna be so long already without that. There's no time to do even more, aha.

You'll need to delete the old version and download it again if you're using Android! There's no way to make it so the game updates itself on that system.

Thank you for the understanding and the kind words! I'm happy you're enjoying the OL series :D

Yeah, the game won't have anything truly explicit and any physical intimacy that happens is controlled by the player. Nobody is unhappy if you don't want to make out or hold hands.

I'm sorry for that! You can try this to see if it fixes the loading problem:

Pressing Shift + G and change the renderer. Changing it to ANGLE renderer.

There's no NSFW content in this game. It's a story that's appropriate for teenagers to play and enjoy as well as adults.

You can choose to be vegan in Steps 2 and going forward, but the MC is a little too young in Step 1 for us to have made that something they're fully aware of. MC doesn't have vegans in their family, so they need more time to figure it out for themselves. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!

You have to call Qiu pretty first when you see him on the fort!

I'm sorry, it is only in English.

It's because the feature is already kind of confusing for players and adding more specifics on how it works and what doesn't work is too much. Since you can't be jealous over a neighbor, you can't use the jealousy feature at all. That's the most simple and easy to understand option for the system.