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Sorry for the confusion! If you've got the two heart bar filled that means you're at max for a normal relationship. The only way to progress further than that is to ask Everett to be your official boyfriend. Just call him up on Saturday and there will be a new button in the bottom right corner on the date select screen. Hit that to get the option of him being your boyfriend. Or don't get him as your boyfriend and spend time with other people, whatever you prefer :].

I'm so glad you like the game!

Haha, out-stubborning the guy isn't as fun as the normal method, but the event you get as a result is quite special. Here's the method we recommend for seeing the confessions~

• Turn all events off using the events setting page
• Use cheats to get Reputation, Affection, and Swift Taffy
• Set the taffy to Weekly Equip
• Sleep away the months
• Once you hit July 18th, Year 2 make a save file
• Choose a guy and move forward to see his events
• Reload the file and choose a different guy
• Repeat until you’ve gotten all the confessions you’re interested in seeing 

Haha, I'm afraid not. He's very popular though, so maybe someday in some other game or in a DLC there could be a way to romance him. I'm so glad you like it :D!

Oh, wow, thank you for leaving such a long write up of your thoughts! It was really fun to read, haha. I'm so glad you enjoyed the game overall and I hope you like the remaining routes ^v^!

Yes, there is! There are results for the main guys (6), side boyfriends (2), clique boyfriends (6), one for when you have no preference, and one when it's a tie/no one guy has a lot of points and instead you have a small amount of points with many different guys.


Aaw, thank you so much!! It's super nice to hear you liked the game C:.

To get a Clique to Max you gotta become good friends with the individual members, that'll get you big bonuses in Reputation (or just use a cheat, ahah).

Haha, yeah, Pran is very much an 'actions speak louder than words' kind of guy. He might as well be the poster child for it :'D.  Jeremy and the MC are literally the only people he'd ever go anywhere with so, regardless of what he says during the time with him, it's definitely a big deal. I hope you have fun with the rest of the guys!

Thanks for letting us know about that. We'll look into it!

That's great to hear! I hope you'll enjoy it :D

I'm really happy to hear you like the game :D. There are some date spots a guy just won't go to (like Everett refuses to go to the museum, for example) and then there are some that are locked unless you have the full version (like Everett's dates at the zoo).  I hope that clears things up.

Hehe, glad you like him. You've gotta be pretty special, or crazy, to manage a group like that.

Thank you for the comment! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game enough to wanna get the full version :D.  Everett was quite unpopular before the game was out. It's nice to see him winning some people over now. And hopefully Jeremy will live up to expectations. He's definitely the fan favorite of those who have the paid version, aha.

Thank you :D. I really hope you enjoy the game. And that'd be so nice to see ;v;. I hope you'll share the fanart if you're able to get around to it c:.

Thank you! I really appreciate such a nice offer. We'll have to see if the game is received well before we can consider putting more time into getting it out there, but I'll definitely keep it in mind :D.

Aaw, thank you so much <3! I'm so happy you like our obnoxious characters. And I'm sorry about the Jeremy thing :'D.

I'm not sure if we'd ever be able to translate it to another language. We don't have experience with that currently or any connections to those who could do it. But never say never. Maybe someday it could be possible.

Yep! Right here is the full version on Itch.io~


Thank you for the interest :D

Thanks for letting us know about the pajamas!

If you're playing the free version Shiloh's swimming date is unavailable. That's a DLC exclusive event (the work uniform also can't be unlocked in the free version). If you have the paid version you'll need to unlock the beach date spot, have Shiloh as your official boyfriend, and be in Spring/Summer to have the option of watching his swimsuit date.

Hopefully that helps! Thanks for giving the game a go.

Yeah! I wasn't sure I could give it a sale at first. But I was able to and it's up now~

Thank you so much <3! I really hope you'll enjoy it ;v;

Thank you ^v^!

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Haha, no worries! XOD is free with optional DLC (20$).  The 1,000$ is just there so that only testers with a key I gave them are able to download the full version early. On the 31st the price will be removed and everyone will get to play the game :D.

We're sorry for the confusion.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the process of figuring out what was going on with each of the pairs C:.

And, yeah, Nerium definitely tends to become smitten in a matter of moments, haha.

Thank you! I'm not sure how, but you skipped the end of the demo. There's no more event content after January 30th, which is why you're getting errors. We'll double check the stopping point for the demo.

Excuse me,  would you mind telling us what day/month in-game this problem happens on? We'll need to know that to solve the error :>. 

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're enjoying the gameplay and like the character designs ^v^. We're sorry you're having trouble. We're going to update the demo in just a day or two and we'll make sure that error is gone in the that update. 

Thank you so much for giving the demo a go ^v^. Lucas' route is gonna be added as a free update to the paid version as a thank you after/if the game sells 1,000 copies. So, unfortunately, for Lucas a person will have to have the commercial "complete" version of the game and lots of other people are gonna have to get it too.  We are gonna have contests and giveaways for copies of the paid version on our social media pages later, if you're interested :].  

I'm glad to hear you really like one of the guys in the free version. We definitely wanted the free version to be as appealing and worthwhile as possible, without making it so good that no one bought the paid version, of course, aha.

And I appreciate you letting me know about your glitch issues! We're still looking into those ':)

Thanks again for the comment. It's always super nice to see that someone has enjoyed the game!

Haha, no problem. I'm so happy it worked out and you enjoyed it ;v;!

Thanks for giving it a try!

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Okay.  I think it should be fixed if you delete the game off your computer and download it again :]. Oh and you'll have to delete your saves. You can delete saves by hovering the cursor over a save slot and hitting the 'delete' key on your keyboard.

Yeah, we might be adding that in.

Thanks for trying the demo! Haha, I'm glad you like the MC's design and the two lady characters :). Those girls don't get a lot of attention so it's nice to see someone is a fan of them, aha. And it's interesting to hear what characters you think would make a nice couple :3.

Can you tell us when you downloaded the demo? We very recently uploaded a new build to fix that error. If you delete the version you have and download it again that problem shouldn't be there anymore.

Thank you so much!

The game will have both a free and commercial version :D. The free version will have 3 boyfriend options, all the core gameplay features, and a script that's about 125,000 words. The commercial version will have 275,000 words or more, the extra bells and whistles gameplay features, 8 boyfriend options (which will be upgraded to 9 if we sell enough copies), and it'll cost 20$. The guys you can romance in the free version are gonna be Nate, Shiloh, and Everett ;). I hope you'll give the completed game a go when it's done!

There's isn't an update feature for the demo. It'll have to be redownloaded. I'm sorry about that.

Oh, that's very strange. I updated the demo download files with a tweak that will hopefully make the phone work for everyone. Thanks for letting us know about the issue :].

Thank you so much! It really makes our day to see someone that likes the MC :>. And we really appreciate the support ;v;. I hope you enjoy the rest of the demo!

No worries. I just feel bad that it happened and there's probably not anything we can do to fix it. I sent you an email with the key :).

Thanks! Somehow the line that defined his stand-in name before he introduces himself disappeared in this build.

Thank you so much for the detailed overview! We really appreciate it. The party event is actually a brand new addition that originally wasn't a part of the demo. The demo has had this freezing issue from the beginning, though. If the party does trigger it, it's' not the only thing that does. Maybe certain dates do.

I would like to see the Lucas error log, if you don't mind.  Thanks again :>

I'm sorry about that! The game certainly isn't malware, so I'd have no idea where to even start to fix something like that. If you have a Steam account and an email I can give you a Steam key for the game. Maybe that won't be effected by Bitdefender.

Thanks! We'll keep looking into what the problem could be.

Aw, yay, that's so nice to hear!

Thanks for letting us know.  We've been trying different ways to try fixing that but I guess it hasn't worked yet. If there are any details you could share (like what types of events you've gotten, when you downloaded the demo, what type of computer you have, that kinda thing), that'd really help us out!

I'm glad you still like the game :).

We updated the file again to try fixing it!