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Yeah, that does sound strange. Perhaps try selecting 'Watch' instead of letting the timer run out. With Lu, letting the time run out on that choice can go two ways; taking you to the same result as the Watch choice or taking you to a totally different result. Maybe partially romancing him caused confusion. I'm sorry for the trouble!

Haha, thank you very much for making a let's play! I'm glad you're getting a kick out it.

Haha, no problem!

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Aaw, thank you so much! That's all super sweet and just wonderful to hear. I'll make this comment quick for now so you don't have to wait for a walkthrough, haha. Lu is by far the hardest to save, but there is a way to do it as long as you get on the right story branch and don't ever stop until it's truly over.

To get on the needed storyline for Lu you'll naturally have to romance him. Stay with him as much as possible and always say the things that make him feel better. You have to let Margret or Bemelle die, but you can't let both of them die. Then when you're on the shore at the start of the second night, the romance tip says you 'can' help the guide, but you don't 'have' to like it says in the Margret tips. Instead of helping or not helping, you can do nothing by letting the time run out. That will open up a different storyline. There are new ways for Lu to die, but one way to finally save his skin. Good luck! If you need more advice, just let me know :D.

Thank you so much ^^! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

Yeah, when XOD was released there wasn't an easy way to include a Steam key with the purchase. I'm sorry about that.

Congrats on getting everything ^^!

Thank you so much for making a let's play of the game ^^! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in your playthrough next.

Thank you for saying so many nice things <3! I'm really happy that the game lived up to expectations. Lu is a precious bby. Good luck finding the last two CGs! If you need any advice on where you might find them, feel free to ask :>.

Haha, and glad you also like XOD. It's nice to do different types of stories.

Oh, cool! Thank you very much for giving it a go. I'm glad it left an impression :D. There is that issue with demo saves potentially not working in the full version, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience if you have to start from the beginning and skip back to where you were.

That's great! Haha, I'm glad those characters were able to grow on you. And it's really nice that you like the MC ^^. I appreciate all the kind words and hope you'll enjoy Margret's route!


This was one of my very first VNs. It's really nice to see it up for download on here!

Thank you! It's really nice to hear that.

I admit, I don't know. The skipping option is a standard feature of the engine we use, Ren'Py. It wasn't something we added, so I don't know exactly how it works. Maybe try deleting those not-properly-working saves (hovering the slot and hitting the delete key) and creating new ones?

Also, sometimes there are repetitious scenes that seem like something you've already gotten and should be able to skip through, but they are slightly different and so can't be skipped. There's nothing that can be done about that one, I'm afraid.

Good luck and I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you very much ^^! I'm so glad you feel that way about it. Lu's path is certainly a difficult one, haha. It's great you were able to find the end of it!

Thank you very much :D! Haha, I'm sorry the guide's route is somewhat... unfortunate. I'm glad you enjoyed the game, though.

Thank you so much <3!

Thank you very much for all the kind words! It's always neat when a character ends up surprising you. I'm happy the characters you weren't so keen on were able to endear themselves to you in the end. It's also nice to hear that you enjoyed those bonus events, haha.

I hope you'll like the projects we put out in the future as well!

It's hard to say. No ending in the game is 100% happy. What separates an ending that sucks from an ending that's good, at least for the circumstances, depends on the person. He does have more than one conclusion that's centered around him, though. Some of the results have been considered pretty okay to the people who have gotten them. And there's also one that pretty much everyone agrees is terrible, haha.

Oh yay, I'm glad you were able to see most of the content!

Woo! Congrats. And thank you so much for all the kind words. I'm really happy you enjoyed the game ^^.

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Haha, if you want to go for that stick in the mud, you're welcome to try. He does have a route.

That's great! I hope you'll enjoy it.

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I'm sorry ;;. I'll have to give at least a little spoiler. That is how it's meant to go. You've gotta keep trucking past that horrible event and keep trying to get everyone to the other side. It isn't over until it's truly over.

And be sure to bring Margret along, instead of Bemelle.

I hope that works out for you!

And here's the specifics, instead of just some hints;

-Lu needs to have three affection points by the start of Night 2. That means saying he has worth after sticking with him during Night 1 then spending time with just him during Day and choosing both options that show concern/kindness towards Lu

-Margret needs to be alive on Night 2

-When deciding to throw the lantern or just watch, you have to remain undecided until the time runs out

-Finally, when the guide has left Margret and Kikka to wait, you have to go check on him

Haha, I'm sorry ;v;. LoV can be a harsh game. But no character dies with 100% surety, so there is something that can be done~

On our end, we put the file up to be downloaded and it is set to be freely available. Whether or not the download succeeds isn't up to us, I'm afraid. It depends on itself, internet access, whether there's something on a computer that may block files from being downloaded, etc. All we can suggest is trying again later or looking into what those other problems might be. I'm very sorry we can't be of help!

If your save slots are causing you trouble, I'd recommend deleting all of them rather than saving over them. Hover over the slot with your cursor and hit the delete key on your keyboard. That's the safest way to avoid possible issues.

The guide is a little bit tricky to avoid spoilers, haha. It says you can 'consider helping the guide'.  Not that you 'must help the guide', like it says in Margret's section. So, yes, when it comes to Lu, there's something else that can be done~

If you need more of a hint, let me know! Good luck having everything work out :]

Haha, I'm so glad to hear that! I was worried if the game might not have a good balance of being approachable to new players, while having fun nods for those who knew the original. Thank you very much for the very kind comment. We'll be sure to keep working on this game and get it out there!

Great! I'm glad that helped.

Aaw, thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the crazy versions of these boys, haha. We'll do our best to get the game finished and released as soon as we can!

At a certain point you can't get closer to someone as just a casual dating partner, you have to ask the guy to be your official boyfriend. It's possible you're at max affection for a non-committed relationship and that's why it's not going higher. Try calling Everett up on the weekend and looking for a button of two people in the bottom right corner of the date selecting screen. If that's there, click it to get the option of having Everett as your boyfriend. Let me know if that works out for you!

Oh, thank you very much <3! We'll keep working hard to get it done. Hopefully you'll enjoy the finished project.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really happy you enjoyed the experience and liked the voices :D. The full version will be out before the end of this month. I hope you'll enjoy the entire story once it's available.

Only some screenshots on the game's page have been updated. I can't seem to find a way to change content, even in very small ways, without an automatic update happening. I hope there's a way to avoid that and I'm just missing it.

No problem!

Thank you for giving the game a try! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's right in the middle of summer where our company is located and we have Voice Acting auditions open for Lucas right now. Once we've decided on a VA, his route will be added to the game :>. You can see the auditions here~

I will :D

Haha, thank you. I'm happy you like her voice! I'm afraid I haven't played Fable 2. I'd like to at some point , though. It sounds interesting.

I ended up having a little time and released a version that has full voice acting :>. There's no new content outside of that, though. It stops at the same place as the original demo.

I hope you'll enjoy it when it's ready in a month or so!