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I'm really sorry about that! Can you email us what the error says, if any info pops up? Or can you give me more details on what type of crashing it is (does the game freeze, does it go black, does the window just close)? I'm not sure what the problem could be right now.

Contact Email: at

Haha, thank you very much! Yeah, Dour is a miserable pill. If only his situation was different. Then he could've allowed himself to actually feel something for a change.

Aw. thank you so much! I'm glad you like both versions. We did have a musician create the tracks specifically for this game and plan to make the soundtrack available eventually. It'll be some time after October, though. Right now there's a way to get the XOD soundtrack for free. It doesn't have the extra spooky tracks, but does have additional seasonal tracks that aren't in XOBD.

Thank you very much! Haha, yeah, the game is meant to be a bit of a pain/downer. I'm glad you enjoyed it for what it was!

Aw, thank you so much for the kind comment!  We definitely wanted to make each  of the pairings worth the time. I'm glad it worked out and was fun.

I'm glad you're interested :D. Good luck!

Aw, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you for giving it a try :>

Thank you c:. I'm glad the download was easy for you and I hope you'll enjoy the demo!

I'm sorry. That's a weird thing that happens with sometimes. Unfortunately there's no other way to download the demo right now. I can suggest; resetting your interest connection, using a different browser to download it, waiting until tomorrow, and/or installing the App and downloading the demo through there ( I hope one of those works for you!

Thank you! I'm really glad you like the first one and enjoy this one too c:.

1. It'll come out in October 2019~

2. More art will be added and some will be improved, though the style itself won't change. We wanted to go for a different look from the original this time around.

We haven't put it out yet, but we do plan on it! Feel free to follow us on or one of our other pages ( We'll make an announce when it's available and also when there are giveaways. We're currently planning on a little giveaway where everyone who participates can get the soundtrack. I'm happy you enjoy them so much ^^.

Thank you ^^! I'm glad it's fun for you. And agreed, Jeremy is a good one.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you had a good time :D

I hope it won't be too miserable of an experience, haha. Thank you for giving it a try!

Good luck! There are endings where the MC dies trying to help others, but either someone else has already died or it's so early in the story that it's pretty much inevitable that more people are going to die as the journey goes on, .  The MC of this game is pretty important to have around. With her gone there isn't much hope for the others. The guide and just one other person, or possibly only the guide, will make it to the end. Though the MC won't be around to see it. I'm sorry it's such a downer, aha. Being that MC is a rough job.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it. We don't have plans for an artbook right now, but we might change our minds once we're closer to the release :D

Thank you! I'm happy to hear the game is still fun for those who haven't played the other version. Haha, she certainly can get sick of their insane shenanigans. They're such troublemakers.

I'm glad you thought so!

Thank you!

Thank you so much ^^! Haha, I'm sorry about Lu though. Things are pretty unfortunate all the time for the lad.

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I hope you'll enjoy the full routes. Haha, yeah, Lynn is not especially masculine.

Aw! Thank you so much. It's really nice to hear that you enjoyed the demo ^^!

Haha, yeah, the new demo can cause some confusion if you played the original one. Starting a new file will probably help some! As a hint, Prologue Ending 6 happens without any of the main boy, so perhaps try not going along with them. Ending 7 is actually a mistake, aha. I didn't know there was a Prologue Ending 7 listed, but it shouldn't be there. I'm sorry about the confusion for that.

Thank you! We are hoping to have games with more female LIs in the future :].

I hope that helps some!

I'm really sorry it's bothersome to that degree. The backgrounds we have aren't made to fit the entire length of the screen. It wouldn't be possible to remove the page on the right side and put all the text on the bottom. The VN's assets were designed for the picture book structure it has. Setting the text speed to full in options will skip most of the text and mouth animations. Maybe that would help ?

Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy to hear it worked well for your stream :D.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear you had fun with it. We'll do our best to get it done before the end of the year :>

Aha, well, maybe? His route has two endings; one where you choose to listen to him right before reaching the shore and one where you decide it's better to not do that. Then there is a totally different route that has a choice option which gives a special guide-centric epilogue . Whether or not any of that is considered 'good' definitely depends on the player.  I'm sorry he's such a difficult one.

Oh, okay, cool. Glad things seem to be working. If it turns out to be something other than a corrupted save, just let me know!

Thank you for the kind words! I'm really sorry you're having trouble. Does the game freeze with nothing happening, or does it have a 'this program is not responding' message, or does some other type of  information appear? For now I can recommend maybe starting a brand new file or redownloading the game or both. I can give a more custom suggestion with additional details. Feel free to email us at our support email, if that'd be easier.

Thank you for giving it a try even though it's not really your thing!

Thank you! I'm happy you liked it :>. We're working on replacing the sketch CGs with actual finished ones right now. The script is coming along though we had to replace one of the writers. We're still hoping to get the game out this year.

Haha, thank you so much! I'm really glad you love the spotted snake ^^.

I'm glad you like the designs!

Aaw, thank you so much! It's great to hear you enjoy it that much and I'm glad you like the sneaky, freckle boy :>.

Thank you so much ;v;. I'm really glad you feel that way about it!

Thank you so much for giving it a try and for the kind words! I'm really glad it ended up being enjoyable ^^. 

No problem! Thank you. I hope you'll like it :>

It's alright! XOBD isn't exactly a timeless story. If you don't know our company it's understandable that it might seem like it must exist for a specific niche. But, in the end, it's for our personal amusement in a way that's meant to not follow through with the hopes of people who follow us. Not only is it a wide margin off from what people had been looking for from this series, we released another game called Lake of Voices which a horror-tragedy where every death is miserable/heartbreaking. A lot of fans of that were asking for a new horror game from us, while others were waiting for that original XOXO Droplets sequel. And XOXO Blood Droplets is what happened; a game where everyone's favorite XOD characters are insane and where dying is entertainment instead of emotional. Tonal whiplash and the unexpected is what we're about, haha. Thanks again for playing the demo. Not everyone is into the same stuff, but we wouldn't get anywhere without people at least giving our games a try. Perhaps Lake of Voices would be more enjoyable for you. The artstyle is much more detailed and the characters are far more down-to-earth.