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Thank you so much! We're on track to have it finished by August or possibly even sooner :]

August 2018 is the release frame we're shooting for!

It's no trouble!

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Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed the humor :>. Here's a walkthrough for Nate's demo events~

-Tell Shiloh that you're busy

-Go to the hallway when on the map screen

-Tell Nate you were looking for him

-Say 'We're leaving!' to Waldo (telling Nate he's right will give you an ending)

-Wait for the timer to run out when JB considers giving up (choosing to go chill will give you an ending)

-The final choice is whether or not you'll accept Bae's earrings. Accepting them will give you an ending, rejecting them will get a 'to be continued' scene

I hope that helps!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy their exaggerated versions after knowing how they are in the original. I hope you'll enjoy the finished game as well~

I'm glad you think so! He's a bit of an acquired taste for some people, aha.

Aaw, I'm really happy to hear that the game didn't disappoint. We were hoping the choices would require some thought, but it's hard to know for sure how tricky/obvious something is when you already have the answer, haha. Good to know that worked out with you. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment!

Thanks for sharing those here! 

Haha, I'm glad you seem to be having a good time. And yeah, things only get crazier the further they go on.

Haha, thank you! JB has certainly been very lucky. But I guess she's not the only one who's gotten impatient recently.

Aaw, thank you so much! It's really nice to hear you enjoyed the game and appreciated that we went for something pretty unusual ^^.

Lucas' route is likely going to be added early summer of this year or possibly even sooner!

Thank you! Haha, we're glad you had fun with the crazy version of those jerks. We'll do out best to get the full version out soon!

'Oso' is just a goofy slang word similar to 'cool' or 'awesome' :).

I'm sorry for the confusion! I'm glad that explanation helped.

Thank you! It's so nice to hear that you're looking forward to it ^^.

Thank you :D!

Unfortunately, that's a feature exclusive to the paid version of the game. I'm sorry about that. The reason you can still visit the store is just to allow players the option of viewing the Adrian friendship events.

Yep, you can go out on dates with different guys in one playthrough. For these boys going on one date doesn't mean they're in a committed relationship with the MC. If you want a truly exclusive relationship you have to gain up affection points and then ask.  When you have an actual boyfriend then you can only go out with him.

Haha, thank you very much! I'm so happy you and your friend enjoy those jerky boys. We do want to have merchandise at some point. We should really get around to working on that soon. Thanks for letting us know you'd be interested in it! And I hope you have fun with Everett's route <3

Youtubers are very welcome to make Let's Plays! I'm glad you're looking forward to it ^^.

Thank you! I'm really happy you enjoyed it :D. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to decide on a specific release time frame yet. We're aiming to have it out this year, though. And we also intend to keep updating the demo with more content every now and then!

Thank you! I believe that shouldn't be too hard to fix. We'll look into that today. We really appreciate you sharing the error code with us.

The free version has 16 dates per boy, the full version has 20 dates per boy. Sometimes a guy just won't go to a location more than once and some spots they won't visit at all. That's why not all the date spots have the same amount. 

The three heart bar is the final affection bar there is. If you've maxed that out than the guy likes you as much as he possibly can. 

I hope that clears things up!

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the demo and that the timed choices weren't a bother. And, yeah, there's definitely a lot of info on the guide that you'll have the opportunity to learn.

Because the voice acting comes in starts and stops it can be a little weird since there's not the normal progression from one emotion to another, it's just suddenly there. Like with the 'Damn' example, Bemelle isn't meant to have any kind of noticeably emotional response. His strong emotions from earlier scenes have passed and he's mostly just mildly disappointed. Hopefully since the finished game will have every line voiced things will flow better.

Thank you very much! I hope you have a nice time with it :]

Thanks for the head's up. Because of the description it was still easy to figure out what I needed to do, but I appreciate you going out of your way to let me know about the update :D.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^^! 

I'm sorry about that issue with the save screen. Unfortunately we can't replicate the error. The quick menu save button works for us when we click it. If possible, could you copy the error and send it to us?

Thank you! I'm super glad to hear that. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh wow, thank you so much for that! It really helps ^^. I'll definitely be able to get them now.

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your let's play :D. I'm so glad you had a good time with it!

Oh wow, thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment! It's so nice to see that someone enjoyed our game :D.

Yep, you're right. Lucas will be added if we reach 1,000 sales and we're steadily approaching that goal.

I hope you have fun with Kam and any of the other guys you romance ^^!

Haha, thank you :>

I was wondering if there was a CG guide, like the achievement list. I'm missing two of Vincent's (the bottom one on the left row and the and the third one on the right row) and it'd be nice to have a complete set :>

I've had a wonderful time playing DFU and I'm certainly looking forward to whenever the next part will be coming out!

Haha, glad you like them! Here's a link-


It's also on Steam. You have to download the free version on Steam and then you can buy the paid expansion.


Thank you!

Ah, I'm sorry about that! That sounds like something is missing, so I'd suggesting deleting  the full game file off your computer and downloading it again. Also, are you on Windows, Mac, or Linux? It might have to do with which operating system you're using.

I hope it starts working for you soon!

Thank you! I hope you have some fun with it c:

Ah, that's not good. I haven't heard of that before happening. I don't have a Mac myself so I'll have to see if I can find someone else to help test for a solution to that kind of problem. We'll also, hopefully, be updating the demo pretty soon and maybe build will end up working for you. I'm sorry about this!

I'm sorry it's not working. How are you trying to open it? And what specifically happens when you try (is there nothing, a blank screen etc)? One option is to try downloading it again 'cause maybe something went wrong the first time.

Thank you! I'm sorry you don't like Krishin. I'm not sure which part of his body you mean, though. His upper body only has shadow lines and his horsey lower half just has an abstract pattern in the fur.