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That's fair, haha.

Thanks! I'm really glad you are :D

Aha, I'm sorry for the trickery of that. We're doing our best to get it all wrapped up so it can come out right at the start of August!

I'm sorry for the confusion! The current file is just a demo. There's only one Step 2 event that's able to be played right now. The others won't be available until the project releases in November, or unless someone is beta testing the game. I hope that's understandable. And I'm glad you like the game ^^.

I'm sorry for the confusion! In the public demo the Step 2 events mostly aren't there, it's only in the beta that they're unlocked. The only one you can play in the free demo is Wave, all the others are unclickable.

Aw, thanks! We're so glad you love the game ^^. We'll keep doing our best with it.

Thank you! It's great to hear you enjoyed it. And I can relate, haha. The MC and Cove are very lucky to have each other.

I'm sorry it's hard for you to play! I'm afraid we aren't able to release a translated version ourselves right now. I hope there will be a way for the game to be playable for more people in the future.

Thank you very much <3

Thank you! I'm happy you've liked our other games too c:. And no problem, we're happy to include a variety of options for the MC.

Haha, thank you so much <3.

I'm so glad you had a good time ^^.

1. The colors have a loose meaning, usually indicating tone, but it's not super strict and there's no points specifically associated with each color. So you won't always get the same results if you always pick the same color.

2. Shiloh in OL is indeed the same person from XOXO Droplets! And so in Jeremy in Step 2. We like having cameos, haha.

Thank you for the kind words <3

Thank you for wanting to try the game! To play it on PC you'll need to download the PC file and have some kind of file unzipper, like Winzip or 7zip. Then you just left or right click the downloaded file, depending on how things are set up for your unzipper, and have it unzipped. That'll get you a folder of stuff. Inside the folder will be an icon which you can click to start the demo.

For more direct help, try searching "how to unzip a file on [whichever type of PC you're using]" and then you'll be able to find more specific guides/videos. I hope that helps!

Thank you so much for the kind words ;v;! We're happy you enjoyed it that much.

We're gonna try to have a July update, but we may not have things ready to go until early August ^^

Thank you c:

Yeah, thank you for the report!

Thank you so much for the kind comment <3 <3

I'm glad that one problem is resolved! Though I'm sorry another popped up. We'll check the flags that determine which guy you get for certain scenes.

Thank you <3! I'm so happy you love the project. We'll do our best with the rest of the development.

Thank you very much :D! I hope you'll enjoy the new updates.

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The public demo is really long and the game will be free when it comes out in a few  months :]. The Patreon stuff isn't crucial to the experience, nobody has to pay through there or other means if they don't want to.

I really hope it works! But let me know if it doesn't.

Thanks! And sorry for that. It's a really big game, aha.

Oh, cool! I'm glad it turned out alright. We'll still look to see if we can avoid that happening in the future.

I'm sorry for the trouble! Can you let me know what operating system you're using so I can check that version for errors? Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android.

Then info from what happened before could've been stored through Steam and so it could've kept the problem. If our programmer has any ideas of what could've caused it in the first place, we'll try to update the game with a fix!

Is the Steam you're using entirely new? Or is it the same Steam account as before? If not, that could keep you stuck with the problem. Unfortunately, there's not really enough info on how this could've happened for us to know what might have to be changed, mainly because there aren't more reports of it. This is a very persistent problem for you, but not a persistent problem for the game generally. That's why trying to reset the game's info on your end might have an impact. I'm really sorry you have to be struggling with it, there's just few options for us to help with it with the way things are.

Unfortunately, the problem may have been tied to persistent data then. To get it start working you might have to use the "erase all data" option in the extra menu, uninstall, and then reinstall to fully refresh things. I'm sorry for the trouble.

Aw, thank you :D.

Haha, that'd be very sweet.

I'm sorry for that! I can't remember if you're on the Windows, Linux, or the Mac version. Can you let me know? And did you start a new file or did you load a save? Also, maybe trying the game through Steam would work out better than this download did.

Yeah, we wanted to make sure there was enough time to properly test/add more alterations where needed. We're working away to make the most of the extra weeks!

Thank you ^^

It's fantastic the demo feels worth replaying. And I can guarantee there will be plenty of chances to kiss and protect Cove in finished the version c;

Thank you! It's really wonderful to get such a great review. We appreciate you taking the time to leave it <3. We'll do our best to make the full version worth the support.

Glad you think so :D

Hello! I do remember the previous comment. It was really nice and I'm happy to hear you still love the game <3.

The DLCs will cost between $3USD-$5USD, depending on the type of DLC it is. The first three that are coming out in November will all be 4, so it'll be $12USD to get them in total. And we'll also probably have a little discount off the price at some point, too.

Thank you! That's really nice of you to say and it's cool the game will come out near your birthday ^^

For "dreadlocks" it's a welcomed term for some people in some contexts, the "dread" doesn't always have negative connotations. So in a game for lots of different people, whether or not to include something that's not liked by some  but has importance to others is a hard choice. We'll definitely keep listening to players and if it does end up causing more harm than good we'll change the name to "locs" or something else! It is kind of you to be considerate of that c:

Aw, thank you ^^!!

I'm so happy you had such a good time with the demo and Cove. Hopefully the finished game will be even better for you.

Thank you! Glad you like it. We'll do our best to get it done ^^.

Thank you very much!! I'm so happy you had such a nice time with it in the initial playthrough and replays <3