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spoilers; pls read at your own risk, thanks

as someone who loves dogs and animals in general, this game ruined my heart. deep inside i keep telling myself that i just got bad endings and i keep replaying it but it just keeps getting worse. im not saying this game is bad or anything bc 10/10 would play again, the art is so cute! but watching (or reading lol) the poor dog get abused by mike makes me ):

Yeah, that's kind of the idea behind it. But thinking about it, we may need to add a content warning, but that would maybe spoil the experience? I'll put a careful one in the description text for now. With the next update, I'll put a soft warning in the game itself.

Thanks for playing and glad you like the game! Sorry about being so mean to you.


Oh man don't apologize haha I know things with dogs happen like this all the time, I just wasn't expecting it in this game bc the dog looked so happy LMAO. I had a feeling it would be something like this though )": But I'll make sure to check the game out again next update, maybe I'll have my feelings together by then.