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Martin Nerurkar

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Created a new topic Current tutorial bug

a small but important note:

The current build has a small bug at the start of the game. When the tutorial begins you can press the "open map" button while the tutorial popup is still open. If you do that the game freezes, so to avoid that, first close the tutorial popup by clicking on it until it is closed. Then click on the large "open your map" button and you're home free!

Actually managed to get it to work! Thanks.

awesome. That's exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks. 

And yeah, I'm sure it was me just not using the Unity thing properly since it works in the browser. This is less an API and more of an end user issue :D

Also, just to expand: My queries work when I paste them into my browser, I was probably having some unity specific issue. No idea what.

Regardless, I'm still unclear if the version check is possible at all. You mention the "/latest" endpoint but I can not find it in the documentation?

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wait, there's a latest endpoint? Did I miss that in the API documentation? 

(Just to be sure, I was looking at this: https://itch.io/docs/api/serverside)

What I did was set this up in unity zto try to get the game info to see if I could check for the channel version there. I could get the games for my account (parameterless) but not the purchases since that requires a parameter

I have no experience with GET requests so i was trying to add the parameter with ?name=value but that did not go through. Not sure why though. My current guess is that there needs to be some escaping done on the string?

I'm pretty sure it's because I don't know what i'm doing :)

So I'd love to add a version check to my game: That is an API call that allows me to check the version number in a channel and compare that to the version in the current build. Then I can alert people that don't use the itch.io app to update the game.

I've been looking at the API and had some troubles with the GET query parameters plus it seems there's no version information available.

Anyone ever solved this?

I still have to find time for some proper plays to test the balance. These are all pretty much my initial gut feeling. Plus the enemies don't make use of them yet, so that's gotta change too.

If you had some time to play around with the new followers, I'd love to get some feedback!

Yeah, I get that. The game was graceful enough with my failure but I was unhappy with it all be cause I know this is a delicate situation going in and suddenly I take an action that feels drastic, that I did not want to take.

I really enjoyed the use of the hand as gesture together with the conversation itself. However I think a tutorial on that would have been helpful. I rushed in for a grab by accident (just moving the mouse and expecting a cursor)

Really well made! Good job!

Yeah, I do agree. I'm just glad we got the temp sound replaced. That was just a person going "NOOOoooooo!"

Created a new topic New Help System

So Nowhere Prophet use to have a help system that was context-based for each screen. But that was hardly used and only provided limited use. Now I've been working on a different system: An archive for players to read up on the rules.

I've started putting the text to paper to get an overview over the content and how to best structure it, before I put it into the game.

If anyone is interested, there's a google doc with all the text here:


Any feedback and insight is appreciated, especially on topics you think I should still cover. I've already added hints on the map nodes to the help.

Thanks for checking this out. Please let me know what you think of the game and how it made you feel!

Well, I've put some thought into it and the current plan is:

  • The leader can always forget a card, up to a minimum deck size.
  •  Forgetting a card costs batteries. 
  • Forgetting a card permanently removes that card.

Yeah, that sounds like a bug. Let me look into the code... Yeah, it's bugged. Sorry about that. Will be fixed in the next version of the game!

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Good question! I think Discord is most active in discussion and the quickest way to get in touch with me. The forum's more of a knowledge base, I guess. The subreddit is pretty quiet. Facebooks's somewhere in between and twitter is a good way to stay in touch with the development, if you a) want more updates than the newsletter or b) dislike newsletters.

As a small note, I've removed follower-count dependent food costs.

Thanks for checking in! I've already mentioned this in the discord, but just for reference in case anyone has a similar problem just now:

We've made some backend changes to our domain setup and that unfortunately broke some parts of our e-mail setup. I've recreated the things to the best of my ability and rewards@nowhereprophet.com should be back up. If you're having problems feel free to reach out to me at mnerurkar@sharkbombs.com.

Hm. I tested out your save game with the current build but did not get any issues. Probably because I made an update to the save game recently and that should have fixed it. 

I tried it with the build from a few days ago and had that issue with your save game so things look to be fixed. 

Yeah, if the game is successful I'm hoping to spend some time working on a larger content update. 

I also thought about a contest like you suggested but to be honest there's not enough community activity for this sort of thing yet. It would make sense once the game is properly out and has found some fans, that a contest like that could be run for the first larger update.

Hey Daza,

thanks for your questions. 

1# I hope a lot. There will be starting convoys and starting classes to unlock, cards to find etc. etc.

#2 I'm afraid that's not going to be doable. I'm a solo developer and adding any sort of editing or mod support is just beyond the scope of what I can handle without going crazy. I'm already dancing on the edge ;)

I hope these help. Let me know if you need to know anything else!

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Thanks for the note .I'll try and see if I can reproduce this and find the issue. I have a macbook so I can try to see if hibernating and then force quitting triggers it. In case it's more specific: Do you remember what you were doing ingame as you force quit? 

This looks like a broken save game that looks like it can start the game but can't. I may have to see if I can catch that while loading and throw you to the error screen instead of this broken screen. 

Edit: Oh also, if you haven't yet started a new game - if you can send the save game, that might help me narrow it down!

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On one hand it makes a lot of sense, on the other hand it's crap considering you don't have a lot of control over your collection and you'll end up frustrated if you have to feed some boring ass common followers you never want to use.

If you could get rid of followers that would probably be less of an issue but I'm not sure I want the player to. It's so very counter to the theme of the game.

Remember, Inkie, you're not the default user - far from it ;)

(Edited 1 time)

Yeah, I get where you're coming from. In fact Janosch is right: There's a slight increase in cost for more followers, which is sort of weighing against having more people in your convoy, while narratively you would want to have as many followers as possible.

I still plan to revisit the entire food/hope economy and rebalance it. I might just take out the increased travel costs then. 

The ability to sacrifice/spend/lose specific followers you suggested is cool and theoretically possible but it's a huge feature at this point so it's just not going to happen. I'm trying to focus on polishing what I have instead of adding more. There's already more than enough to do.

However I've got something like that built for the event system though: it sometimes picks specific followers that you can then "gamble" on options. However that's on a very small scale and not really able to solve this problem.

I'll think on it.

Created a new topic Combat Scenarios

So, as you can read up here on the Nowhere Prophet Blog, I've improved the connection of events and combats. There's a bunch of new options available now:

  • Decide which team starts the combat
  • Make the enemy team start with some wounded units
  • Define the grid-size
  • Spawn specific obstacles on the grid
  • Pre-Spawn units on the grid
  • Add buffs to either leader

Now the next challenge is to come up with some interesting scenarios based on these options.

Here are a few examples:

  • If the enemy ambushes you, they start first
  • You can trigger a rockslide on the enemy forces, meaning some of them are wounded when combat begins
  • You are pushed into a tight area and some of your lanes are completely blocked with obstacles
  • You are assaulting an enemy stronghold and your grid only has traps/hazards placed by the enemy
  • You are defending a key item (unique obstacle) that, if destroyed auto-loses the combat for your side
  • You are trying to grab a key item (unique cache) that, if destroyed by a follower auto-wins the combat for your side
  • You end up in a fight during a sandstorm and both leaders start with a buff that deals damage to them each turn.

And I'm sure there's more where that came from you, so what can you come up with?

Yeah, Tribal Striker not triggering is definitely a bug. I'll have to see if I can replicate that. A log file - or being able to clearly replicate it - is generally a good way to a fix. One suggestion: Did you not kill a follower? I don't think it triggers on obstacles or constructs, only on followers, and the card text may not reflect that. That is obviously a bug.

Also yes, the attack situation: You're not the first person to suggest this but it is a major change. I am pretty happy with the way it plays right now but was planning on trying that out to see if how that feels. But right now there's more important things to deal with first.

Posted in Dev Update 002

happy to hear that! Let me know how you feel about those changes!

Created a new topic Dev Update 002

An overview over the first few weeks of Early Access and a look at the upcoming patches this year.

please do! I'm looking forward to it. 

Also: Exhausted means the unit can not act, Refreshed is the opposite of that.

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Correct, as long as there's no unit in front of them you should be able to attack.

I'll double check that progress-tutorial issue. That should not happen - or rather the Tutorial SHOULD happen.

EDIT: Yeah, that's in fact a bug. It deletes the progress file but doesn't clear the progress in memory, and then saves that again when starting a new game. A workaround is to delete progress and then quit the game. Starting it again there will be no stuff in memory and you can start a brand new game. Sorry about that. Will be fixed in the next patch/update.

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you for your feedback. These may be things I need to make more clear. I am thinking about a help screen that explains the keywords and everything. That's a bigger feature to get right though. 

You can however redo the tutorial by going to the options and deleting all your progress. That will restart it.

And positioning: only the units that are first in their row can attack/be attacked

Oh, I forgot to reply: I've gone over the feedback and here's my thoughts:


Yes, they are a bit too low in the beta. I've adjusted them upwards some and may do that even more. In general the resource economy needs a definite balancing pass. I'm planning to do that for the next patch. Resources and equipment.


All beta-enemies having 20-30 hp was in fact a bug. That should be fixed now.


There's definitely some room for improvement on the AI. It's not a priority at the moment though. And you're right, the AI used to start with 4 momentum, which it no longer does.


Yeah, that can be a real bummer. I do like some harsh punishment now and then but there may be a bit too many events like that in there, especially those travel-disasters that you have little to no control over. That's just unnecessarily harsh.

yeah, that one's on the list for the next update!

Posted in Feedback

Hey Helix! Thanks for the extended feedback.

And Inxi, thanks for your replies.

Inxi is pretty much spot on: Some of the things you've mentioned will be addressed in the next patch (15th Nov is the current tentative release date). That will also include completely overhauled enemy decks with fewer direct damage cards in there.

Other things I want to look at in the future are:

  • Removing cards from the leader deck (most likely in a permanent "unlearn" fashion)
  • Rebalancing the entire economy (food, batteries, hope)
  • Change the way followers are lost in events. Currently there's a few events where you just flat out lose X followers. I want to generally changes those more into "some dudes take wounds" and balance the follower selection on "you lost X dudes" to pick non-rare, non-legendary non-in-your-deck dudes first. There will - most likely - be no "select which followers" because that's going to be a huge feature with lots of UI. I have some cool ideas here (such as sometimes sending in the good dudes for a better chance of success frex) but I would much rather concentrate on aspects of the game that are more important.
  • And lots of other little things

And that's it. If you've got more questions, let me know! Again thank's for the feedback, thanks for playing and thanks for buying the game. I'm happy to hear you appreciate it. I've been working on this for a long time and it's really nice to hear that people enjoy the game, and to see that they enjoy it enough to take the time to write down their ideas and concerns.

This thing is going to be awesome by the time it gets out of First Access! I hope you stick around for the journey :D

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> Consumables

Yeah, I want to celebrate that sharing some more, give it some narrative weight, but I don't yet know how to best do that.

> Help / ?

This is not working as intended, even when an older version featured overlays for many of the screens. I think a simple help screen with some text explanations might be more useful, but that doesn't need it's own icon and could be accessible via the pause menu. And that's another feature / lots of content...

> Wounds

Current Beta: Units can suffer one wound. While they are wounded they spawn with -1 Health. If they die while wounded, then you lose them forever. PERMADEATH!

Replied to ColeWunderlich in Regen

Yeah, but that makes things a lot more complicated and needs a remaining-regen count displayed somewhere. That makes an already unusual ability even weird, so that's a no-no.

Another idea I had was that once a follower regens, they are auto-stunned. Which means you can keep them in a stun-lock or just attack them without fear of retaliation until the enemy is out of momentum.

Yeah, right now I'm pretty particular to the "after a certain point adding a card means removing a card" solution. Maybe that's every second level, or maybe it's a fixed card number (which I'm not too fond of though). I'll think on it. 

Or maybe as you level up you get "learn" and "forget" points (maybe not at the same rate). And you can then spend those points to learn a card (costs batteries) or forget a card (costs batteries too) as you want. but that makes the interface more complicated...