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That is true. But Hermit is a very hard convoy to play in the first place :) It's such a specialized setup that it's pretty impossible to balance for that. But what I think could solve the problem is, when the "vitalizing systems" had a fixed number of activations. So with hermit you just need more time (a lot more maybe) but you can eventually break through. Say 2-3 triggers if they are the first boss in a run.

Thanks for reporting in!

so there is an overview. In the loadout selection screen click the "select convoy" button. It will show an overview. People do have trouble finding it so maybe it should say "show all". 

And in the main menu collection you can already filter by rarity

It'd be great if the seed for that was quickly copy&pasteable :D

Awesome! This sounds like great things are in the future! Good luck with development!

Thanks! :D

Thanks! Should be fixed now :D

COMP/CON community · Created a new topic Built with what?

Just out of curiosity: What did you build COMP/CON with?

Hm. Very strange.

I replied already on the devlog comment, but just to be sure:

Sorry for the delayed reply - I was travelling and just got back late last night.

In any case: That helps! I'll make sure to find out this week and put up a hotfix so you can turn on your internet again :) Reach out via support mail which starts with support@ and ends with :)

Also, if you have some time, please send your save game over so I can give it a look. My mac runs the game normally and I have no such issues, so maybe the log file would help.

Lastly: If you do get in touch I can send you test builds that may fix the issue. Since I can't reproduce it locally it's hard to say what triggers it. A random question: Do you have STEAM on your system? I am asking because the point where it freezes could be some issue with the game erroneously trying to communicate with STEAM. I've started work on the STEAM integration a while back and maybe that causes it?

Lastly: If you do get in touch I can send you test builds that may fix the issue. Since I can't reproduce it locally it's hard to say what triggers it. A random question: Do you have STEAM on your system?

Also, if you have some time, please send your save game over so I can give it a look. My mac runs the game normally and I have no such issues, so maybe the log file would help.

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Sorry for the delayed reply - I was travelling and just got back late last night.

In any case: That helps! I'll make sure to find out this week and put up a hotfix so you can turn on your internet again :) Also the end of the mail is :)

hey! I am travelling right now but will be back by Wednesday. I have a mac and will see if it starts on my end. This is the first report of this I am getting so any details you can send me would be helpful. 

For example: how do you start the game (itch app or the download directly)? When does the rainbow ring appear specifically (before the resolution popup? Before the unity logo? Sharkbombs logo? Main menu?)? Anything might help narrow it down. 

Also feel free to aend an email to the bug report email adress - that makes following up a bit quicker. I think it's support@ 

Hotfix is out! Thanks again for reporting this!

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Hey Markaleth. Thanks for the feedback (and the bug report). A little note of correction: It's just me developing this thing, so bear with me :)

You guys need to find a way to make all the effects of a card visible when it's on the field. It's a staple of any  and all card games on the market. 

What "effects" are you talking/thinking of? There are a lot of conditional triggers that are impossible to visualize discretely for each one... Some keywords (stealth, barrier) have their own visualization, but many only have an icon - which is hidden once the unit has multiple active icon-only keywords.

A screen with discarded cards (dead or otherwise sacrificed)

Hm. I can imagine something like that as an option when you click on your deck. It could show you all discarded cards... Just have to figure out how to best display things without creating a lot of bloat. I had already gotten a suggestion in regards to the deck display so I'm thinking about it... This may be a post-launch feature though :)

Also, if you want to chat about your thoughts, feel free to join the Discord server.

Ah found it. It's a bug when loading combat data. I had fixed it but not in the release branch. My bad. I'll put out a hotfix soon!

thanks for the report! I'll check it out first thing on Monday!

Hm. I have no experience with chromebooks - I thought it was a feature that they don't download anything but only have things in the cloud?

nice work! Looks super neat!

Oh you mean a downloadable exe? I'm not quite sure I understand because you ask if we can make it downloadable and then say you can't play games that you need to download - that has me confused. Can you explain?

Great little piece! I really enjoyed it!

Small update: I've gotten some reports of errors in the new version. If you encounter anything, please send a screenshot or the log my way!

Sorta yes, and sorta no. While I agree that not everything needs to be super-easy, at the same time I feel the enemy difficulty should be sort of even.  Not that one faction is super hard, while the other one is super easy.

Well, enemy decks can be tweaked - card draw can't :D

Well, that's RNG for you...

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Well, if you meet a few people arguing around a metal murti, you can try to see if you can help them? :D

Granted, the faithful and the tower are the only non-progress unlocks and may be a tad hard to find. But I love them for it.

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if you use the app (it's like steam's lean cousin) it auto updates. If you don't, simply download the game again and replace your existing game. Saves should still work flawlessly. 

Does that help? :)

Thank you! I hope it prepares people for the world, gives them an idea of what awaits them.

Well, I'd say it's pretty close to final but I'm still doing some balancing changes and may tweak some features here and there. I'm pretty sure none of the central pillars will be knocked over but I'm still fiddling with a few of the surrounding features.

I guess it sort of comes down to what kind of things you'll become attached to. We're not completely out of the woods here - got to make use of the pre-final-launch time as much as I can to make the game as good as I can. :)

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Just to answer this for anyone else:

To add hope, you need comfort items (purple background). These you can find in shops, in fights or in events. Do use them you need to camp somewhere, inspect your convoy and then click on the item of choice. From there you can hit the SHARE button. This way you share the item with your people, improving your hope.

That said: Yeah, I think the sharing-items-with-convoy thing isn't working perfectly. The fact that you had trouble with it is clear evidence. I think it either needs a tutorial that explains how to do this OR it needs to be removed and hope items are auto-shared, just like food is. I didn't want that because 

  • a) hope items can be sold for a lot of batteries so you have this choice between share and sell and 
  • b) manually sharing items makes you more actively care for the convoy - through actual player actions

But to be honest, I'm not sure these worked out as planned. Any additional thoughts on this would be helpful :D

Yeah, just put in a condition on the buff that it needs to be triggered by the enemy.

Yeah, there are a few ways they could proc it themselves. I might put a condition in that it can only be fired by the player, not by the enemy themselves.

And yeah, I'm not planning on killing your progress. If something changes in the data structure you maybe lose an unlock or something, but generally I want to respect your invested time.

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He Kilikiki! Thanks for you feedback and taking the time to write up your thoughts. I'm happy to hear you've been having enough fun to play for 50h or so, and sad to hear that you're being so frustrated by the boss. Let's see if we can fix this.

Do you have a recording of the fight or can you describe in more detail what makes it so tough for? Is it the bosses ability that escalates? Or is it just the fact that the boss can proc it himself? If so, how specifically did they proc it? I'm trying to get a better feel for the issue before I make any changes. Also, if you're in the Discord, do come by and we can chat about this, maybe see if I can get a better handle on the issue. Overbalancing and nerfing the boss isn't something I want to do either, so the more info you have, the better!

Good luck everyone! :D

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Oh! Thanks for the detailed post!

On the event, you're sort of right. The Harvester is in fact a brand new event I sneakily added in the last update. It should probably not drop on the first map though. If you spot any more, please do point them out and I'll look into it. See if it makes sense to push them back a tad.

Convenient Cover is pretty good. It used to be pretty shitty but you're right, I may have to nerf that one a tad. Gonna put it to 1-cost, see how it feels. I don't want to go overboard with nerfs.

Also a note: Cards can never be BLESSED and WOUNDED. It's either or. If a wounded card gets blessed, then it heals its wound. If a blessed card is wounded, it just becomes wounded, losing its blessing in the process.

Bosses: They are supposed to be tough. That one specifically though you can spawn with units on your board as well. It depends on your choices within the location

And as for the scores: In fact that's by design. Your score was set to 0 if you died, and you'd only get a score if you completed the game. But the fact that it reads like an error to you, and it's probably a lot more demotivating than I'd want it to be, made me look at the scoring algorithm again and update it a tad. Now with the next update you'll get a score, even if you don't reach the end. Though if you do complete the game, you'll get a big fat score boost.

(Also I meant to replace that TEMP SCORE with some proper text but forgot, so that'll be fixed too)

Instant game changes through your post! So a special thank you for helping me make the game better! 

Wow! Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, the idea of the hermit is that it has only one card. It's not super functional. I still plan to add a single custom card and add some other changes to make it more viable but it's not high-priority right now.

At the end there sometimes are places to heal but they are relatively rare, that's true. This is on purpose, so you want to be well prepared before you go in. That said, I can't say if it works the way I want it to - make the Crypt a dangerous place you want to prepare for.

Some skills are very good, yes. But they come at a price of the followers being weaker than others. At least it should be balanced, I can't guarantee it is.

As for the terrain: Yes, there will be times when the battlefield is cramped. Do note though, that you CAN attack your own obstacles with the followers on your site that are in attacking positions. In these cases it's very valuable to make more room to fight.

Challenge mode doesn't work? I'll look into it. It worked for me but maybe something's broken. That said, can you send me a screenshot of your final stats? That'd be helpful to see if my scoring algorithm does what it should do.

Thank you for the kind words! 

The art direction was a long process but we're really happy with how it turned out!

These may be boss fights you're describing? They're supposed to be really hard. Next time you encounter one of those, do make a screenshot though, that's helpful in me figuring out who you're referring to so I can look at the decks to maybe tweak them a tad.

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I have three answers!

1. Yes, you will be able to play independently of the sale status. I'll also put in some updates on the game after that time. I'll still be working on it

2. Yes, that is the plan. But you know how it is with plans...

3. Yes, I'm trying to publish another update this month. Mostly balancing and stuff. 

I understand that feedback. However more cards would require me to a) design a bunch more balanced cards, b) buy more artwork for those cards and c) would completely break the levelling screen as it exists currently.

But I'll think on it!