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Thank you for the kind words! 

The art direction was a long process but we're really happy with how it turned out!

These may be boss fights you're describing? They're supposed to be really hard. Next time you encounter one of those, do make a screenshot though, that's helpful in me figuring out who you're referring to so I can look at the decks to maybe tweak them a tad.

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I have three answers!

1. Yes, you will be able to play independently of the sale status. I'll also put in some updates on the game after that time. I'll still be working on it

2. Yes, that is the plan. But you know how it is with plans...

3. Yes, I'm trying to publish another update this month. Mostly balancing and stuff. 

I understand that feedback. However more cards would require me to a) design a bunch more balanced cards, b) buy more artwork for those cards and c) would completely break the levelling screen as it exists currently.

But I'll think on it!

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Hi there, really loving the style of the game. Wanted to post a few bits of feedback from my first 10ish hours of play. 

Thanks for the kind words. I am happy you've been enjoying the game enough to play for ~10 hours. :)

1) Leadership cards don't feel impactful enough. Many of them feel very weak or "filler". 

The balance on these is hard, since they are also available to the enemy. If they are too strong they reduce the effect of the followers, which are the key part of the game. Leader cards ramp up in power as you level up and as you get better equipment.

As said, I don't really want to make all the leader cards better across the board since I think the game has a decent balance there. However if you have any specific leader cards that you think are really useless, please let me know and I can see about adjusting those.

2) The wound system is interesting but I don't think it plays very well. 

Hm. Yeah. I keep thinking about the system. I'm thinking about removing the health penalty which means you don't have to remove them if you don't want to since they're not "worse", they're just in danger of being lost completely. Which is fine if you're willing to lose them. The idea behind it is to make the drain of resources as you travel felt in your cards. You need to take care of your people and if you sacrifice it you will eventually feel it.

3) Leveling up does not feel impactful enough.

There are 5 possible common cards for levels 1-3, 5 possible rares for 4-6, 5 legendaries for 7-9 and 3 possible mythic cards for level 10. So the first few levels you'll see the same cards. I plan to visualize that in the levelling screen so you know what stage you're at.

As for card criticism: If you have specific feedback on individual cards I'd love to take another look at them but in general I think I do like the balance. It's a fine line since making them all much stronger means enemies also have access to much stronger cards.

4) Not sure if this is a bug or intended but the card that gives +4/-2 will not kill units with two or less health. It just gives the attack buff. 

Yeah, that is a bug. However I have just tried it and it does not seem to trigger here. Some things were wrong with this a version or so ago so can you make sure you're up to date and see if it happens again?

Hey Will. Sorry for the late answer but I was travelling and out of the office.

That said: Thanks for your feedback! It means a lot to me that you've been enjoying the game enough to provide your thoughts. It's what I need to make the game better.

Now, I'm trying to figure out what parts of the RNG have changed in a negative way for you. The things you describe seem to have been there from the start but maybe I've made some changes that have triggered this, so any detail you can give is helpful.

As for the enemy decks: They are just generally too difficult and I'm planning to tone them done soon. Also I'm hoping to make deck-building easier with the next update: A bunch of followers were improved and moved around and you can now see what faction they belong to so you can more easily go for specific types of followers.

I'm surprised you run a 30 dude deck now. The chance of seeing shuffled-in followers increases on the longer matches and it synergizes with draw-convoy-card effects.

One thing you need to be aware when it comes to  copying followers: These copies don't have a name and thus don't accrue wounds.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I've adjusted some of those cards. Most notably Ebodied Echo, which is now a 3 cost with: "Copy target follower to your hand, twice. Reduce the cost of these cards by 2."

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Hm. I could see a qualitative list of descriptive positive tags that people can add to a game.

  • "Great artwork" 
  • "Compelling atmosphere"
  • "Fun mechanics" 

Something like that. Then people can add as many as they feel fit.

Maybe the system is a bit of make-your-own tag. Adjective + Game-element can be combined but there's only positive combinations? Dunno.

(I'm sure you have your own plans, just sth that came to mind real quick)

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is it possible to add anchors to the product page? Nowhere Prophet has a pretty long page with all the rewards and I'd like to be able to link people directly to the rewards, maybe even the individual rewards themselves. 


Also, can I ask what and how you want to redo the ratings system?

Just bumping this a tad.

And to reiterate: The idea is that you there's a link that leads to an itch page (if you're logged in) that shows the game and the review details (stars + comment) and not much else. This would allow me to send people there to get a better idea of how people receive the game.

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Hey Ommit! Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the rough experience there. 

Can you give me context on what event that happened in?

There's only a few places where the enemy starts with stuff on the board, but you're right. If they go first that's twice as mean. I'm thinking that pre-spawned units should be exhausted and maybe not refresh on the first turn. I'll note that down!

Happy to hear you enjoyed the article. It was a solid chunk of work and I'm glad it's being received well. 

As for your questions, I only have limited data. 

So far I can give you downloads per OS, which amounts to a ratio of about 10 : 1 : 1 for Windows : OS X : Linux. 

I don't have any real statistics on pölayed time. I should start adding some proper analytics to the game but there's always something more important to do...

Beta Experiment: STAT CHANGES

This is a RANDOM quick experiment in the beta branch.

Anything with cost 3 or more got their total stats lowered by 1. This generally means -1 attack, but for some (like the classic 4/4 raider) it means -1 Health (Raider now 4/3) .

Why? Because with the cost+1/cost+1 stat blocks things feel a bit stale as compared to more uneven stat blocks. This makes units a bit more varied and might make them more long-lived, allowing things like buff and heal cards to have a bit more value and positioning to become a bit stronger too. At least that's the thought.(edited)

Inkie predicts that it'll make the game harder. And he may be right.


Again, this is a random experiment - something I've been mulling over and want to try. It's also a pretty quickly executed change so I make no claims that all the stat blocks make sense now. But in any case, I'm curious to find out how it plays and what you think!

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In case you're not aware: There's a channel of unstable beta versions available for anyone who's interested. Fair warning though: The beta channel may feature snapshot builds that don't quite work, with weird changes, out of balance behavior, save-game corrupting changes and all that other fun stuff. HERE BE DRAGONS!

If you are interested in beta-testing? Send an e-mail from the address used in your account (so I can verify your purchase) to I'll then send you a key to access the beta version.

If you've got feedback on the current beta build, please put it here. 

Also the #beta-discussion channel on Discord is the best way to stay in the loop in regards to updates on the beta branch. Bigger changes / weird experiments will also be cross-posted here.

thank you! I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed the game. I'd really love to turn it into a full mobile game but I've got to finish Nowhere Prophet, my current project, first. 

Hey y'all,

so I'd like to get more people to rate my game Nowhere Prophet but that's hard to do. To that end I was wondering if it was possible to get a direct link that opens the game's page with the "rate this game" lightbox open? I've tried finding something on that topic but did not.

I'd love to share that to people via social media and maybe even put a link into the game itself.



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some of the ideas collected from chat:

  • Add a random follower to your deck at the start of combat
  • Increased post-combat rewards
  • Reduced cost to forget leader cards
  • Fortification nodes have random factions
  • Equipment has more, or fewer cards
  • Reduced travelling cost

And some more

  • Uncover more of the map as you travel
  • Better chance for rare+ followers when recruiting (of specific faction)
  • Better chance for rare+ Items as rewards
  • Can  gain mythic followers from recruiting locations
  • Shops have more food on offer
  • Change maximum convoy hand size
  • Gain +1 XP after each battle
  • Gain batteries for destroying obstacles
  • Turning over an additional card when levelling yourleader
  • Turning over an additional card when visiting teachers
  • More food items in shops
  • Selecting from an additional card when recruiting
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Hey you, yes you! I am looking for some cool ideas!

I'm currently thinking hard about ways I can improve the Loadouts since that's the focus for April. Classes are already pretty cool but I feel like the Convoys are still lacking a bit, but I already have an idea. The working title is "Convoy Perks"!

Imagine that each Convoy has a total of 3 perks available. After playing with the convoy for a while you can unlock these, one after another (probably the same conditions for each Convoy). 

Once unlocked, each perk adds something to the convoy, when you start the game with it. At the core the idea is that these perks are travel-related changes that affect the way you play the game but maybe more? Depends on the ideas.

Now before I go about putting this feature in it needs a sufficient variety of cool perks that I can put into the different convoys. And for that I need your help! Join the fun and share your cool ideas! (Sidenote: A reduced version with just one perk per convoy is an option)

Some unlock condition ideas:

  • Reach 10 milestones with convoy X
  • Complete the game on Hard with convoy X
  • Win 200 fights with Convoy X

Some perk effect ideas: 

  •  Gain 20% more batteries when selling valuables
  • Heal 1 additional wound when resting
  • Heal 2 additional leader damage when resting
  • Add legendary card X to the starting deck
  • Gain 10 Believer at the start of the game
  • Reduce cost for Luxury items in shops by 15%
  • Gain more food from reward nodes

(Note: all the numbers are just rough first guesses)

So, what do you think? Any interesting perk ideas?

a small but important note:

The current build has a small bug at the start of the game. When the tutorial begins you can press the "open map" button while the tutorial popup is still open. If you do that the game freezes, so to avoid that, first close the tutorial popup by clicking on it until it is closed. Then click on the large "open your map" button and you're home free!

Actually managed to get it to work! Thanks.

awesome. That's exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks. 

And yeah, I'm sure it was me just not using the Unity thing properly since it works in the browser. This is less an API and more of an end user issue :D

Also, just to expand: My queries work when I paste them into my browser, I was probably having some unity specific issue. No idea what.

Regardless, I'm still unclear if the version check is possible at all. You mention the "/latest" endpoint but I can not find it in the documentation?

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wait, there's a latest endpoint? Did I miss that in the API documentation? 

(Just to be sure, I was looking at this:

What I did was set this up in unity zto try to get the game info to see if I could check for the channel version there. I could get the games for my account (parameterless) but not the purchases since that requires a parameter

I have no experience with GET requests so i was trying to add the parameter with ?name=value but that did not go through. Not sure why though. My current guess is that there needs to be some escaping done on the string?

I'm pretty sure it's because I don't know what i'm doing :)

So I'd love to add a version check to my game: That is an API call that allows me to check the version number in a channel and compare that to the version in the current build. Then I can alert people that don't use the app to update the game.

I've been looking at the API and had some troubles with the GET query parameters plus it seems there's no version information available.

Anyone ever solved this?

I still have to find time for some proper plays to test the balance. These are all pretty much my initial gut feeling. Plus the enemies don't make use of them yet, so that's gotta change too.

If you had some time to play around with the new followers, I'd love to get some feedback!

Yeah, I get that. The game was graceful enough with my failure but I was unhappy with it all be cause I know this is a delicate situation going in and suddenly I take an action that feels drastic, that I did not want to take.

I really enjoyed the use of the hand as gesture together with the conversation itself. However I think a tutorial on that would have been helpful. I rushed in for a grab by accident (just moving the mouse and expecting a cursor)

Really well made! Good job!

Yeah, I do agree. I'm just glad we got the temp sound replaced. That was just a person going "NOOOoooooo!"

So Nowhere Prophet use to have a help system that was context-based for each screen. But that was hardly used and only provided limited use. Now I've been working on a different system: An archive for players to read up on the rules.

I've started putting the text to paper to get an overview over the content and how to best structure it, before I put it into the game.

If anyone is interested, there's a google doc with all the text here:

Any feedback and insight is appreciated, especially on topics you think I should still cover. I've already added hints on the map nodes to the help.

Thanks for checking this out. Please let me know what you think of the game and how it made you feel!

Well, I've put some thought into it and the current plan is:

  • The leader can always forget a card, up to a minimum deck size.
  •  Forgetting a card costs batteries. 
  • Forgetting a card permanently removes that card.

Yeah, that sounds like a bug. Let me look into the code... Yeah, it's bugged. Sorry about that. Will be fixed in the next version of the game!

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Good question! I think Discord is most active in discussion and the quickest way to get in touch with me. The forum's more of a knowledge base, I guess. The subreddit is pretty quiet. Facebooks's somewhere in between and twitter is a good way to stay in touch with the development, if you a) want more updates than the newsletter or b) dislike newsletters.

As a small note, I've removed follower-count dependent food costs.

Thanks for checking in! I've already mentioned this in the discord, but just for reference in case anyone has a similar problem just now:

We've made some backend changes to our domain setup and that unfortunately broke some parts of our e-mail setup. I've recreated the things to the best of my ability and should be back up. If you're having problems feel free to reach out to me at