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mega warning for anyone who's reading this without fully finishing story mode, i'm going to kinda spoil the ending!! do not read until you know what happens!!

Hello!! It's me again haha, I had a quick question. Are the three main guys (Emmitt, Beau, Dallas) the only ones we have routes for? This might be a silly question and I don't want to make you feel any pressure like you HAVE to make more routes but I was just curious to see if in open ended mode Robin could have romances with the 'extra' characters.

Also, I finished Dallas' route a while ago and I cried so much. Whenever I play a game I really try to put myself in the main characters shoes to try to absorb the full story. For Dallas' route, I was a complete train wreck at the end, I was so happy that Dallas and Robin ended on good terms. Still mad he left though.

Which leads me to another question, are there multiple endings? Like, is there a such thing as a bad//good ending in the game? I read the walk-through and I know it just says automatic, but I just wondered if there was any way we could either keep the band together, or keep the character who's route we're playing from leaving.

SORRY I'M FULL OF QUESTIONS BUT I PROMISE THIS IS THE LAST ONE, is there any way in story mode that we can get every character to have max stats? For example, when playing through story mode I could not for the life of me get Emmitt to write any songs. I would set it onto writing and the only thing that would increase was his stress HAHA. For the other three, it was really easy to get them to start writing music. But I guess they all have their flaws since I could never get Beau to get a high score in music, and for some reason I never got Dallas or Robin to get a good stat in star quality.

All in all, I still stand with what I said around a week or two weeks ago. I love this game so so so much and I'm so happy I found it one day around three a.m. I originally wasn't going to look into it because the only thing that was out was the BETA and I didn't want to download it and get excited and have the developers give up on the game or something and then deal with being sad over an uncomplete game. But, I decided to bookmark it on my mac anyway because I felt like this game is something I wouldn't want to miss out on. AND OOOOOOH I AM SO HAPPY I BOOKMARKED THIS GAME. The second I read that story mode was complete, I was in. Gosh I know I sound like I have nothing better to do than play this game HAHA, I promise I do actual other things. Thank you again for making such a wonderful game and I'm sorry for all the questions! I hope whatever personal thing came up that made you delay the release date is going smooth now, take all the time you need to take a break! Don't stress yourself out too much. Have a great day! (or night depending on when you see this)