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Hi! I agree with the commenter below me; it was totally worth playing the game over and over for three hours to unlock all five endings. I will admit, I've had this game downlaoded for sometime but for some reason I never played it. BOOOOY, was I missing out! I think the idea is cute, the whole mixing a video game within their lives and mixing mystery with romance! In the beginning I found it hard because I thought I wouldn't be able to complete my project with Shiro (sorry babe) and also find enough information for Alistar, but I was worried for nothing! It was simple!

Shiro's Route- Shiro was the first route I completed, and it was actually all by accident! I usually don't go for the shy guys in otome games, I'm not sure why but they just never interest me. But Shiro was different. He was sweet, but also had a side to him that made me emo enough to keep working on my project. At first I was trying my hardest for Derek, but I guess with me buying the Greek book and working on my project majority of the time I ended up matching Shiro's stats! My first play through I wanted to make sure Rui was super smart, so I put a ton of effort into her intelligence meter. Then I just balanced social and networking out. Along with that, I was super worried that I would fail my project with Shiro, so I bought the Greek book and also worked on my project often. Even though my heart was set on Derek, I ended up ending with Shiro!

Speaking of that mess, I was SO SHOOK when I found out who Alistar was! I had the biggest feeling it was Derek,,,,,,because I realized Travis had to be Oda and I felt that Shiro was too nice to be that sassy online; but I still chose Shiro when I was asked who I believed it was. I was so shaken when he yelled that it wasn't him and tried to stick up for Rui in front of Derek. Good times.  Shiro was a sweet character and was probably my favorite. Love you forever Fiona!!!

Derek's Route- okay, this route pissed me off. i spent an hour trying to complete it and it's all because i never gave a thought towards my stats! i bought the dress on my own, and also ate at the gym and mall all the time but i never ended up with derek. i was honestly at witts end and started to read the comments. i didnt even realize that there was a walkthrough until i read one of the comments and i am so so so thankful that i found the walkthrough! i probably would still be stuck in that never ending loop i was in! derek's route when played right was interesting. the whole time in my mind i kept yelling "ok??? well im ur gf so u need to start acting right." i was super frustrated with all the bad endings when he, as alistar, wouldnt give back the blessed stone. but it all paid off when i got his good + bonus ending! it was so cute. i enjoyed his cg's the most, and i also found him the most attractive. (unless we're counting travis w/o his glasses bc tbh that took my heart) most of all, the shadiest! but its okay. hes still cute.

Travis' Route- this may have been the easiest route i got. at this point, i was tired (its almost 1am and i played this whole game in three hours) and was living off of the walkthrough. thank goodness i did because i would not have known what to buy for travis to like me! i found his story line to be the saddest, but it made me respect his character the most. i loved the banter he and rui shared right from the very beginning, and B E L I E V E me i was SO shaken when he pinned rui to the wall and went psycho when he encouraged her to report alistar. his love for video games and his protectiveness over rui made me swoooon, especially when he called her princess during the bonus ending ahhhh. i love it. another big thing that shocked me was when he revealed he was a mod! i knew deep down that he was oda, but i NEVER expected him to be a mod! it really cleared everything up.

thank you for creating this game! it was very light hearted but also had me emotional over the sadder parts, (travis' mother, shiro's parents), and swooning over the romantic parts (yes derek, give me another back hug.). overall i believe this is a solid game and i encourage everyone to give it a try. the story line is hilarious, and the music is spot on! good luck on your future projects, ill be waiting for them! xoxo

sorry this was so long oh goodness