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Hi! I played your Halloween game [which was amazing yes god vonn is my one and only] and after I finished I noticed you were working on this and I was so excited! I didn't get a chance to play it until today, and I just finished Jake's route [or maybe the first part of it? it ended on Fleur being kidnapped] It was so cute seeing Jake try to prove Lumina's stereotype of him wrong! The whole game was such an interesting concept and I applaud you guys for pulling it off. I was honestly shook when the police broke into the house and found Vincent, and especially surprised when they reported Fleur missing. I read the note at the end that there'll be a surprise once I get all the good endings and I'm really looking forward to it. I hope theres more involving Jake & Lumi making it official official yakno? bc i feel like that ending like hinted they liked each other but they didnt officially kiss kiss i love you, but I hope that that is in store! and also more involving poor Fleur! Anyways, great work on this game!! the art was cute and the music fit perfectly. 10/10 would play again. Keep up the good work!

hi i just replayed it and realized i probably didnt get the best endings the first time around looooool

Hey, I think I think I recognize your name from somewhere somewhere! Hahaha. Did you also comment on OUHE? Or some other game? Haha.

Anyway, aww, I'm glad that you seemed to enjoy it! Thank you for checking this out and finishing it. :)

And ooooh, I'd love to spoil you right now, but I have to keep my lips sealed! Hahaha. You're right, you might want to play again. Who knows, you might discover some... interesting secrets.

Again, thank you so much! <3