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Gosh, I just finished the demo and I'm so excited to play the real game! I love how diverse the characters are and I think their nicknames are so cute! At first, I thought Glasses would be a weird perv-y character [yikes sorry] but he's actually the funniest character in my opinion, with his love of Magic Girl Mimimimi!! Also, I love how mysterious the Prince was. The fact that he buys so much food from the store everyday reminded me of* [i typed me or myself before lmfao what] myself, because I often go shopping and then forget stuff and end up going to the store daily haha. But, I really want to play his story and get to know who he is and why he's so rich????? BUT, my favorite character has got to be the grouch himself. After reading why he's trying so hard to become the owner of Super Konbini Mart it made me want to be right by his side to help him out.

Also, I love the art and the drawings! I hate to say it but one of the major things I look at is art style in games, and this one is definitely the real deal.

Goodness I can't wait till the full version is out! [hopefully its free bc im just a smol teenager with no money haha ):] Keep up the hard work!!


*wicked laugh* Glasses has more to come >:D and we're glad you find Prince so mysterious too, that's awesome. Everyone has their own reasons for being who they are but we only got to reveal Grouchy's in the demo so it's great that you liked his reason for being so... Grouchy ;)

Bird2 is an amazing artist, she really brings a personality to her designs :D I'm so envious. She's currently working on new poses as well so that will help sell them even more :)

And you're in luck! The game WILL be free *throws confetti*

Thanks for your kind words!