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Hahaha thanks Medhea. Prince is a bit eccentric XD I hope his character makes a little more sense in the full version hahaha. No set date for the release right now, but we have a goal we're aiming for (i just won't say it, because I don't want to disappoint you all if we miss it >.>). Thanks for commenting!

Thank you :3 Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you Livin' dead :D

Thanks! We've all been there , I used to work in a cafe (ง'̀-'́)ง just gotta work it (ง'̀-'́)ง *fistbump* (ง'̀-'́)ง

Aww thank you :3 We also have a twitter if that's helpful at all  - 

Aww no you're poor heart XD Hopefully it won't have too hold out for too long :X <3

XD Thank you~~~

Bird 2 does gradients like no other I know. Such a talented bird. Thank you! :)

Thank you!

Thanks so much Seraphina :3

How did 43 days pass without me replying. I'm so bad. No plans for ios or android just good ol' PC and Mac I'm afraid :) If by demo you mean full release, let us make an offering to the VN gods for this year XD

Thank you :D For us though we wanted our first VN to be free. This is more of a learning experience, getting to understand the process of creating a VN and putting it out in the world. It's also something that we are doing on the side (we have jobs haha). This isn't meant to detract from paid VNs, which we hope is our next step, it's just something we wanted to do that (hopefully) opens our brand to a wider audience :)

Thanks so much :) :) :)

Thank you! :D

Bird 2 already feels odd about drawing kissing, I don't think she'll be attempting anything more mature than that I'm afraid XD Looking at the rating guide I'd say we fall under Teen :)

No go for it! We love watching people play our demo :D It's a great source for feedback. Post the link here when you are done :3 (Or tweet at us if you prefer, we check both) <3

Thanks for the helpful advice for mac users! We've had a couple of queries and I wasn't entirely sure what could be wrong, this is awesome :) No sound unfortunately >.> we ran out of time to implement (this was originally a game jam) but the full release will have sound haha. Thanks for playing :)

Certainly will be :)

Yay a Glasses supporter! Glad you enjoyed the demo :)

Game is still on! No definite release date but we've stopped spinning our wheels and have knuckled down XD Feels good.

Thank you, Bird 2 is happy to hear! We hope to live up to the expectations XD

Thanks for playing! It means a lot to us :)

Haha thank you! Hopefully sooooon~

Thanks jaz98 <3

Thanks ganbarubys :D

Heya, no confirmed release date yet but we are very much actively working on it :) I'll try hard not to get too hung up on the nitty gritty, but I'll be honest, it's hard not to haha.

Thanks so much Inkthered, we tried hard to make Natsu a believable person :D

Haha that's too sweet ocupers. If you aren't already following us for updates, I'll make sure to ping you in this thread when we release the full version <3

Hopefully we can live up to those expectations! But maybe lower them a little though, yeah? Haha I kid. Thanks so much for the encouragement :D

Haha thank you!

It's wonderful that you get involved with your daughter's interests, that makes me very happy. And to know that you enjoyed what you played as well, thank you so much. We hope you enjoy the full release when we are done :)

Aww thank you :3 Hopefully by following us any updates we upload will send a notification ? *fingers crossed*

Thanks Seb :D Us too XD

Oh how fab! Thanks for taking the time and including Konbini Life on your blog <3<3<3 I also game in my pajamas XD

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love all the words of encouragement!

I tried to think of a clever response using konbini but it's just not happening. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Have a konbinient day ;)

Oh yay! We were running out of time near the end of the game jam, Bird2 did a great job with the CGs we were able to deliver XD Thank you!

Thank you Chai ^.^

Hello! That's a bummer D: I'm not 100% sure what you might be encountering as I don't have a macbook. If you haven't granted permissions for the game to open, that could potentially be it -

See if that helps :) And good luck!

Aww thanks :3 Glad you enjoy the art!