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Gosh, I loved this game so much! I don't really do games set in a historical era, (like victorian?? idk what to call this omg im sorry) but the second i read scandal in the title i knew i had to download. i'm a sucker for some drama!!! i love how you made options for the protagonist such as either, she can be super sassy or super chill. i played guy blake's route and every cg scene made me SQUEAL I KID YOU NOT. i'm so happy i found this game! keep up all your good work developers!!

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I'm glad the game managed to tempt you into playing something historical :D

Having a good range of choices is something I really look to in my VNs, so I'm glad you enjoyed that!

I do love to hear that the romance and CGs pay off in the game, so thank you so much for commenting! :D

(Sorry for the late reply! I was away last week)