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hi! i downloaded this game last night and i honestly didnt think i would be into it as much as i am. i thought it would be a whatever type of game, but this game literally had me on the edge of my seat. i felt like every second had me screaming in shock! i enjoyed the characters, especially the banter between arantis and everyone else. i also enjoyed how devoted xander was to aria even though he knew that there was a giant chance she wouldnt come back to him.


ps. i just played arantis' route (ive only played his and accidentally played xanders! when i mean accientally i mean i was trying to play arantis' route in the first place but i guess i did it wrong and i accidentally ended with xander, which was also a win situation so its okay!) and i was just wondering; is there any way to have a good ending (aka end up with arantis) without sacrificing aria or xander? i know thats asking a lot, especially because technically theyre the only two people who came along that can actually save everyone, but it breaks my heart sacrificing either of them. i was just wondering because i know in xanders route they both sacrifice themselves and come out alive, but i also am aware that its because they were both in love.  but in arantis' route, aria is no longer in love with xander as he is with her.  sorry if i sound really complicated or something! i was just curious and i know it never hurts to ask!

i wanted to write a review of the game when i finished all routes but i really wanted to know the answer to my question first lololol thank you and once again im sorry bc i kinda feel like this is a pointless comment (other then the top part!)

keep up the good work! i also read somewhere that english wasnt your first language, and i think that you did a pretty darn good job making this game. im looking forward to your next games!!

Thanks! Like I said before I appreciate ALL kinds of comments.  :)

"is there any way to have a good ending (aka end up with arantis) without sacrificing aria or xander? " - Yes, there is.  :)

i am SCREAMING i was expecting you to say no! now i have a bunch of hope. thank you so much for the quick response, i appreciate it because sometimes people dont respond and im left wondering!