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Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.  :)

Yes, there is :)  Haruka Nami’s walkthrough of my game was posted here (

Thank you :)

Use the link I've sent you again, click red button "download now"on that page and choose the second file (walkthrough - 59 kB).

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Well, Arantis IS a hard one to get. :) Try changing a little your conversations with him and see how he reacts. You could also use Haruka Nami’s detailed walkthrough of my game – you can find it here (

Thank you a lot for leaving this comment! In my opinion your criticism is very accurate and constructive and therefore much appreciated. :)

I am aware there are some things that could have been done to make this game better, but unfortunately I had to face  many limitations (my English as my second language isn't very good  :( ; my programming skill isn't great either; after paying for graphics I couldn't afford to pay some professional for anything else, etc.).  

Still, it's good to know that playing my imperfect game could make some people happy. That's all I wanted to achieve by creating it. :)    

From what I know mac version has been updated as well.  I can hardly tell if any additional fixing is still required. Since I'm pretty bad at English grammar I've gladly accepted Haruka Nami's offer to help me fix those issues - and I'm grateful for that because it was a lot of work done for free (you may not know this but my game is really LONG). If someone wants to spend dozens of hours of unpaid work just to help me improve my game I'm never going to say "no, thanks".  :)   

Thanks so much for your comment! Every time someone lets me know my work is appreciated it encourages me to keep working on my next game. :)

Thank you :)

Thank you for your review! :) Maybe you don't know it yet, but thanks to Haruka Nami recently I've uploaded version 2.0 of my game (with fixed grammar issues). As for small number of CGs that's unfortunately the common result of working on extremely low-budget (at least my game is available for free!) 

Yes, that's the good ending for Arantis :) If you have trouble getting it you can always check the hints listed below or Haruka Nami's walkthrough. :)

Thank you for your support! I greatly appreciate it. 

Currently I'm trying to make another game you may like.  :)

You're most welcome ;)

Thanks for your review! :) Believe me, I would like to add more pictures to my next game, but I don't know if I will be able to - unfortunately they are quite expensive and I'm working on a low budget  ;(

You can do it if you want to Haruka ;)

Maybe there will be in the future, but for now there's only some tips (look at the comments below).

And thank YOU for playing it and encouraging me to make another game! :)

I will :)

Wow, thanks a lot for your insightful and yet spoiler-free review! All those who consider playing "Second Chance" should definitely read it first!  Having such a professional review makes me feel like I'm some real developer and my game is more than a home-made low-budget project. :)

Thank you again for that - you made me very happy by appreciating my work. :)

I've already posted some small tips on how to get Arantis. Try using them :)

"Arantis likes a challenge and a little bit of bickering, so don't be too amenable to him. " 

"MC for Arantis: carefree, funny, flirty, energetic, self - confident, sociable, eccentric, quick – witted, sassy."

You have no reason to be embarrassed. :)

Thanks! Like I said before I appreciate ALL kinds of comments.  :)

"is there any way to have a good ending (aka end up with arantis) without sacrificing aria or xander? " - Yes, there is.  :)

Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed my game :)

I'm starting to work on another game, but it may take a while - having a full-time job and family/social life I don't really have a lot of free time to intensively work on it ... :(   


"I'm pretty sure Lysadra or Xander can die at the end depending on how friendly their relationship is - in my case Lysandra wanted to do it, but Xander decided to intervene, and in the end both survived (wich I guess is the key for his good ending, by the way)."  - You obviously guessed correctly,  :)

"On a side note, is it possible for people to die in the game?" - There's plenty of times someone can die - it's actually pretty hard NOT to let people die in this game :) 

In chapter 11:

-  MC can be killed by Alexia out of jealousy;

- Alexia can be killed by Xander;

- Xander can be killed (poisoned) by MC;

In chapter 12:

- MC can be killed by Valedorn;

In chapter 14:

-  Alexia can be killed by MC;

In chapter 15:

- everyone (including MC) can be killed by Master Altrane;

- Osario can be killed by Master Altrane;

- Arantis can be killed by Xander;

- MC can be killed by Arantis when Master Altrane controls him;

In chapter 16:

- MC can die (sacrifice herself);

- Xander can die (sacrifice himself);

- MC can kill everyone (bad ending nr 2);

- MC and Xander can together kill everyone (bad ending nr 3);

- Xander can kill himself and MC trying to stop her (ending nr 6);

- MC can have her memories wiped out again (bad ending nr 4).

Kudos to you if everyone survived in your playthrough!  :)

It could be challenging, but not impossible to befriend them both at the same time – that’s because Arantis and Osario have completely different personalities and they don’t go together well. There are some things your MC does or says in front of them both that one approves, while the other disapproves. 

Wow, I’m AMAZED by all those small and subtle things you’ve noticed (like a title being not only about Aria’s journey)! I must say you REALLY get me and what I wanted to create. It’s like you’re in my head and get my point of view completely. :) 

Thank you so much for leaving this comment, I greatly appreciate it!  Especially since I truly believe that feedback help me grow as a creator. :)

“I'll probably comment after playing each other route, so expect more from me!” - Can’t wait! I hope you enjoy other routes as well! :)

Thanks! "SoulSet" and "Amnesia" are two games I haven't played yet, but I guess now I will have to.  :)

Congratulations! You get Arantis as a reward :)

Thanks so much for your comment! It means a lot to me you put an effort to write this and let me know you like my game :) It really encourages me to make more games in the future!

"English is not my native language" - hey, same here :) There are otome fans all over the world, so it doesn't matter.

PS.  A little tip - Arantis likes a challenge and a little bit of bickering, so don't be too amenable to him.  

Third time's a charm! (if not contact me via e-mail and I will help you win his heart <3 ) 

That is AMAZING! Thank you so much! You've made my day :)

Thanks a lot.  I'm glad you've enjoyed my game.

 It looks like Xander is (almost) everybody's favourite.  :)

I'm sorry tsunako, I don't have macOS and I'm not a very good computer specialist so I don't know how to help you :( 

But I know for a fact that some people were able to open my game on macOS. 

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"The grammar was absolutely atrocious." - Since you're a self-proclaimed "super grammar nazi" I can only imagine the horror you had to face while playing my game:) I actually have someone helping me fix all those grammar mistakes (because English isn't my native language), so the next version of my game shouldn't be so painful for people like you :)

"It reminded me alot of many other stories" - Really? Which ones? I'm curious.

Thanks a lot for giving this game a try! Some people tend to  ignore low-budget games (without flashy intros and expensive high-quality graphics) assuming they can't be worth playing. I'm glad you weren't one of them!

Thanks so much for your review! I'm glad you like my game even if it has some issues due to its  extremely low-budget  :)

With a little more time, money and help of other creators I will hopefully make my next game even better and more polished :)

You are welcome :) 

 It's nice to see people are responding so positively to my game (especially since I'm just one girl and not some big company that hires a lot of people).

I think so too and that's why I've chosen  Kevin MacLeod's songs.

PS. I look forward to working with you in the future :)

It should work on your macOS (I know it worked for other people).  Remember to first extract the files.

As promised I've added some hints on how to get certain guys.

Thanks! Xander is actually one of my favourite characters too :) There will definitely be someone with similar personality in my next game!