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"I'm pretty sure Lysadra or Xander can die at the end depending on how friendly their relationship is - in my case Lysandra wanted to do it, but Xander decided to intervene, and in the end both survived (wich I guess is the key for his good ending, by the way)."  - You obviously guessed correctly,  :)

"On a side note, is it possible for people to die in the game?" - There's plenty of times someone can die - it's actually pretty hard NOT to let people die in this game :) 

In chapter 11:

-  MC can be killed by Alexia out of jealousy;

- Alexia can be killed by Xander;

- Xander can be killed (poisoned) by MC;

In chapter 12:

- MC can be killed by Valedorn;

In chapter 14:

-  Alexia can be killed by MC;

In chapter 15:

- everyone (including MC) can be killed by Master Altrane;

- Osario can be killed by Master Altrane;

- Arantis can be killed by Xander;

- MC can be killed by Arantis when Master Altrane controls him;

In chapter 16:

- MC can die (sacrifice herself);

- Xander can die (sacrifice himself);

- MC can kill everyone (bad ending nr 2);

- MC and Xander can together kill everyone (bad ending nr 3);

- Xander can kill himself and MC trying to stop her (ending nr 6);

- MC can have her memories wiped out again (bad ending nr 4).

Kudos to you if everyone survived in your playthrough!  :)

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Oh my god, I can't believe it! Haha I though "maybe" people can die at some point, but seeing that... Wow!

By the way, I'm more or less halfway through Arantis's route, so I'll probably "report" about that soon!

Edit: yeah, everyone survived in my playthrough, forgot to mention it, but I guess it seems obvious from my answer. I really didn't want anyone to die if I could avoid it, so yeah...