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Hi! I played the demo last year, maybe around october or november (im trying to remember because i played it during a time i was on break from school, but i feel like that was too long ago???? i do remember it was last year though because i was so excited for the final release and i thought i wouldnt be able to make it to 2017 without this release) and it was amazing. The concept of the game itself is so creative, i dont know if you guys had any inspiration from different games or something but this truly is an amazing idea for a game and i cannot EXPLAIN HOW EXCITED I AM TO PLAY IT. i promise ill write a full review once the game is out but i wanted to leave a comment right now. i, sadly, would refresh this page daily hoping the full game would be out. i completely missed the tumblr link until yesterday, and its so satisfying to see that the game is almost done!! you guys have come a long way, and judging by the amazing demo, i bet the game is gonna be astonishing. today was my last day of school, and im on spring break for the next two weeks. on top of that, my birthday is next tuesday. im PRAYING this gets released soon so i can waste my break by locking myself in my room and playing each route. thats how excited i am. keep up the good work and thank thank thank you for making this game free so broke teens like me can experience your beautiful work!!

Oh my! Thank you so, so much for the wonderful comment. This really made our day. We're very happy that you enjoyed CP. We're almost done with the game now and best we're doing our best to make sure it's bug free and grammar error free. Hopefully we'll release before the month ends :)