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Hello. We're sorry to hear about the download error. Could you clarify if this only happened on itch.io? This is assuming that you have downloaded other 1GB content or similar file sizes. Perhaps try refreshing it? There's also the possibility that the files were missing during the download process which can happen due to the large file size. We hope to help you resolve this as much as we could. Thank you for your interest in the game and have a nice day. 

hello! Do you have ads allowed on this site? Because if it's blocked, the download page won't appear...

oh, dear! We're very sorry to hear that. We will look into it as soon as we can. This is the first time we've heard that someone couldn't move forward through the game on Steam. Thank you again. Have a nice day! 

Hello, Chrystoelle! Thank you so much for playing Cinderella Phenomenon! We're sorry to hear that you have encountered the bug. It was something we have fixed in the first version of the game which was built on a different version of the engine.  Ignoring this error may allow you to move forward. If you could name which part of the script you found this error, it would help. Secondly, yes! There will definitely be an epilogue. You can stay up to date with the #CPFandisk hashtag on our Twitter or #CP Fandisk on Tumblr. Thank you again for your support. Have a nice day! 

Hello there! Thank you so much for your interest to do a playthrough of CP. And yes, go ahead. :)

We have observed that this bug occurs frequently when the game is downloaded from the itch.io platform. You may play the game on Steam since the  unlocked endings and achievements  carry over. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if any more bugs have persisted. Please and thank you.

May I ask what platform you played the game?

Thank you! The soundtrack for CP will not be available for purchase since the bgm we used were royalty free music. Perhaps for our future games. :)

Yes, it's completely free to play. Just choose "No thanks,just take me to the downloads" when you click "Download now" :)

We'll definitely release it here and hopefully on Steam as well :)

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Hello there. We have no power over android bugs since we weren't the ones who converted it. Like everyone else, all we can do is wait for them to fix those bugs. What we can suggest right now is to play the pc versions instead. Our apologies for this. :(

Hello! Thank you for playing Cinderella Phenomenon. We're glad you're enjoying it so far.

The first version was built in a different version of our game engine so the game files may have not been carried over. Though, there is still the possibility of the dialogue you have already read being skippable so you could catch up to where you last left-off. Otherwise, open the Settings menu. Click "All" under Skip so that Skip Mode would skip what you have read and haven't read. If you don't want Skip Mode to stop after every choice, click "Skip" under the After Choices section. Hope this helps. 


Thank you for playing Cinderella Phenomenon. We don't have a proper explanation for what caused this unless you have deleted yoursave files by going through the folders or clicking the "X". If you didn't, there's a possibility that you can easily skip the dialogue you have already read by clicking the skip button that should not be faded. If it still is, kindly open settings. Click "All" under Skip section. It should skip all lines you have read and haven't read. It will definitely stop at the choice menus. Unless you also clicked "Skip" under After Choices in settings, you can click the skip button again until you reach the last scene you've read. Let us know if the problem persists. 

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Thank you so much!

Here you go. This is the ending song though. :)


Woops sorry. You can actually download it so long as your phone can view pdfs 😅

Hello there! We're not the ones responsible for the android port so unfortunately, we can only wait for the publisher to fix it. They are already aware of the issues so hopefully it will be fixed soon. :)

Hello. The artbook isn't available on android though. The game is out on Android but there are display problems at the moment so we suggest playing it on the PC instead.


Thank you so much for the kind words! We're happy that you enjoyed the game. Please look forward for our future games :)

Yes, and that is the teaser. ;)

Hello there! Someone has already offered to do Chinese translations. Hopefully we will able to release it someday :D

Thank you for the kind words!

That is why we added the "right choice indicator" feature in game so everyone can easily obtain the good ends. Also, you are allowed 2 wrong answers. :D

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Unfortunately, we won't be making that route as much as we want to give Varg a spotlight.

Varg is Fritz, therefore he has a route. ;)

Thank you so much for writing your thoughts about the game so far! We really appreciate it!

There would be no CP 2 but there will be a fandisk (afterstory) //winks

Hello there. Thank you so, so much for the support! We really appreciate it! 

Thank you so much! Varg already has a route ;)

Hello there! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughts about the game. We're really happy that you enjoyed it! Hopefully you can play Waltz's route soon (so you'll know the king's backstory //winks)

As for the donation, we believe you can just cancel the download once you've clicked it. Thank you so much for the support!

Not really. Each route has a different timeline so it doesn't follow the same timeline as his own route ;)

Thank you so much for writing your thoughts about the game and the routes. We really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for playing! We really appreciate the support! :)

Hello there. We're very happy that you enjoyed the game. Thank you so much!

The fandisk (afterstory) is already in the works now, but it will be commercial this time and will be sold for $10. :)

Hello there. We apologize for the inconvenience. It's strange that the game won't work on both steam and pc version for you guys. 

Can we ask what kind of error you've encountered? Screenshots would be super helpful so we'll know how to deal with it. Please email it to dicesukidev@gmail.com. Thank you for the support and once again, our apologies for this.

Wow. First of all, your detailed comments really made our day! Thank you so, so much for taking the time to write your thoughts about the game. We're glad that you enjoyed playing it.

Right now, we can only accept donations through this site. As for the fandisk, we're working on it now. We'll keep everyone updated on our tumblr. :)

Thank you for playing the game! Don't worry, we love Varg too, but that is how his end is supposed to be. We'll explore more of his side in the fandisk (after story)

On the contract screen, you need to enter the name (or use the default if you want) and press "Enter" to proceed.

Yes it's free to play. :)

Hello there! First of all, thank you so much for playing Cinderella Phenomenon. We're glad that you liked it. As for the mode of payment, we're not really sure if itch.io accepts other modes of payment besides credit cards and paypal so we're not sure how to be of help with this one. We're glad that you wanted to donate though. Thank you so much!

It's probably because the download was incomplete, so our suggestion is for you to try downloading it again. :)

Hello there! We're glad that you enjoyed Rumpel's route since most people felt his route was lacking. So thank you!

As for that achievement, you need to get a good end without using the right choice indicator. So turn it off before you start a new game. :)