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1) I got 29 new settlers now, so a big spare food bonus :). I see some problem now with preparing food, the cauldron's in the kitchen have food ingredients but don't all go to soup. With the result that the feasting hall's are not full with food any more..

2) Also it the boulders in the stockpiles are not processed, ofcourse I have a stockpile of stones, but I like them to be processes so it saves space. I have idle dwarfs that can do the work, so it seems there is some limit to store?

3) The mushroom farm is not working as expected, it seems you have to collect new spores in the mountain after each harvest in the farm, but I can't find them. Also the mushroom logs are gone after one or 2 harvest? What are the rules with it?

I see the save game is not stored in the game folder, so I tried to go on, but the population was to fare gone, atleast to much where already unhappy. I just started a new game and it seems much better with 1.15. The second group of new dwarfs where only 5 settlers and not the 10 I expected. What are the rules with newcomers?

1) Also I have a Hematite ore that is still lying around for more then a year now. Didn't have a dead or something so I had expected to get it handled..

2) the lantern's for now they seems to be for your own visibility when deeper in the mountain and with granite. I suppose there will be some bonus when using the lanterns? To have enough light you will need a lot of iron/copper, what is the plan with this?

Thanks for your reply, yesterday I found out that they are broken due unhappiness. I was some years in and everything was working fine. Until I expended a lot at once. The rocks stopped to be processed to stones and I saw the water barrel problem in action, that probably is fixed in 1.15 so will test then my next run because I will start over :) The water problem made a nice chain reaction, because of dehydration some past away, then that triggered -50 unhappiness for seeing a dead body, so more become broken etc.

#6. The stockpiles, is it just me or does it seems that if you make your tools stockpile larger that then there will be more tools be created. So its good to keep it small?

What do you mean with the following from the change log? From A1.13
- Made pillars navigable so they have a benefit over leaving walls un-mined

Also does a separate room for the pantry, granary matter? Or just make a large space with some pillars with different stockpiles?

I am getting a good supply of food, making dinner etc. I do see dwarfs eat. But then I see one die, or is going to, with it food bar close to zerro and 50 rations still in place.. Is there a special need or is this random? When you implement the dwarfs view it would be grade if you can get a warning or sort the list to see if there are problems..

What is inside? A room inside the mountain with a door? Is a room inside that is part in the mountain and part not but with walls surrounding it inside? When you build a wall around grassland will it count as inside? I ask this for the happiness of sleeping inside.

Work rooms better inside then outside of is it just my feeling for esthetics to do that?

Thanks for the fast reaction. I will restart a game this weekend and try again. Is there a feature on the backlog to have a overview of all the dwarfs and there 3 tasks?

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I made it so I did grow crops, I did have a kitchen and made soup. But the dwarfs didn't eat. What to do next?

And what are the rules with the pillars and sizes of caves?

Running A1.11