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I have a lot of dwarfs now (going to 100 I guess), I have ton's of food in stock, even a lot more new dwarfs will soon, but there is a problem now with the size of the settlement. I have multiple kitchens and feasting hall's. It looks that the breads from all kitchens are served in the last created tables. I expect that they are served close by. And that there is much more prioritation to fill the water barrels, so the chefs will make soup (almost no soup is made) again.

With the current standing dwarfs are drinking river water again, only eating bread and a lot of time is wasted running around. Even from kitchen to kitchen instead of using the tools in one.

Do you know of this issue? Do you want my save game oid?

That's a good question about where the bread goes I'll look into it. Food is supposed to be created per kitchen, I've not done as much testing with larger populations like that so the save file would be very useful to give me a head start on it. Email is