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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology


A topic by Rhombus created Jan 28, 2019 Views: 632 Replies: 25
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My people seemed unwilling or incapable of growing crops on the farm or the mushroom farm.

The mushroom farm appeared to be waiting for an injection of spores but I was unable to locate a source or how to do that.  I built shock tanks and logs but they never grew anything edible. 

The standard farm I'm guessing I didn't match the seeds they were carrying to the selection on the farm but it would be nice if the drop down grayed out or otherwise said hey, you can't actually grow that crop instead of letting you create a farm that would be ignored.

A hungry status or warning would be nice. My people just started falling over dead while I puzzled things out.

Fishing - Would be nice to assign someone to fishing for food.  Maybe build a dock if you need it anchored to a zone. If its possible to fish off a bridge I don't know, I didn't try it but you should be able to.

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I dunno where it came from but I had a few different seeds at the beginning. I didn't see them before I made another stockpile and the guys grought them them there.
After that I just check what they was and made the fields.

I also found mushrooms far away in a "cave". It was rock with some dirt in it. Easy to spot them. Harvested the mushrooms and they started growing them.

There's still more ppl that join than you can ever feed in a proper manner. I sent someone off to gather some berries and they ended up dead because they didn't have food with them. Another one also died of dehydration just becuase he took a longer route getting back into the base :P


All good points! Sorry it's still quite unclear at the moment, first alpha version and I'll be working on it :)

If you place a granary stockpile, they'll place all the starting seeds into that so you can see what which crops you'll want to place. For the mushroom farm, you'll have to harvest some mushrooms in the wild first, they're only found in caves inside the mountain but some maps start with caves exposed on the minimap. Fishing isn't in yet so I'll remove the profession for now, but it's coming in the not too distant future to help with your food stocks.

Seems like the food does need balancing a bit, if you plant most of the seeds you start with you should be fine, a good rule of thumb is 10 crop tiles per settler. As more join they bring their own seeds and rations which should last until those new crops could be harvested. It's the only challenge in the game right now :)


I dunno.  Remembering to build pillars is challenging to me sometimes. I've squashed more than one dwarf with cave ins.  I'm kinda dumb sometimes.


There was also a bug sometimes stopping people eating food in 1.7 and earlier, just pushed Alpha 1.8 which fixes that.

Seems like the food is pretty balanced now :)

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I made it so I did grow crops, I did have a kitchen and made soup. But the dwarfs didn't eat. What to do next?

And what are the rules with the pillars and sizes of caves?

Running A1.11


You then need a cauldron position in a feasting hall for the dwarves to eat from it. 

A cave-in will happen if there's a 7x7 area mined out by the player with no walls or supports in it. Natural caves don't count towards this

Thanks for the fast reaction. I will restart a game this weekend and try again. Is there a feature on the backlog to have a overview of all the dwarfs and there 3 tasks?


Yep definitely some kind of overview screen for the dwarves, and one for what to produce

My dwarves aren't planting seeds properly. They haven't planted any of my corn seeds, for some reason, and do not plant all available plots when there are enough seeds for it for any of the other seeds. It's frustrating!

Have you tried to assign more farmers?
I agree it takes too long for them to plant it all but a combo of more farmers and time (at least a year) seems to solve it for me.

I am getting a good supply of food, making dinner etc. I do see dwarfs eat. But then I see one die, or is going to, with it food bar close to zerro and 50 rations still in place.. Is there a special need or is this random? When you implement the dwarfs view it would be grade if you can get a warning or sort the list to see if there are problems..


When they're "broken" due to unhappiness they don't eat or drink anymore which might be what you're seeing. If they're otherwise sane they should always eat any food available before starving though (well, except that they don't share rations) 

Thanks for your reply, yesterday I found out that they are broken due unhappiness. I was some years in and everything was working fine. Until I expended a lot at once. The rocks stopped to be processed to stones and I saw the water barrel problem in action, that probably is fixed in 1.15 so will test then my next run because I will start over :) The water problem made a nice chain reaction, because of dehydration some past away, then that triggered -50 unhappiness for seeing a dead body, so more become broken etc.


Sorry about the teething troubles! After going to 1.15, you'll need to remove any water barrels that aren't working correctly, but any new ones should work fine from that point.

I see the save game is not stored in the game folder, so I tried to go on, but the population was to fare gone, atleast to much where already unhappy. I just started a new game and it seems much better with 1.15. The second group of new dwarfs where only 5 settlers and not the 10 I expected. What are the rules with newcomers?

1) Also I have a Hematite ore that is still lying around for more then a year now. Didn't have a dead or something so I had expected to get it handled..

2) the lantern's for now they seems to be for your own visibility when deeper in the mountain and with granite. I suppose there will be some bonus when using the lanterns? To have enough light you will need a lot of iron/copper, what is the plan with this?


With the new settlers its a somewhat random small number, with a potentially sizable bonus if you have a lot of spare food supplies.

I think I'll add something to items so you can see if they're due to be hauled somewhere or not, which should make things a lot clearer.

Yes right now there's no gameplay effect of the lighting, but I'm planning to make it most likely a happiness bonus or malus for working in lit or dark conditions - probably not generally moving about but for any actual work like at a crafting station.

1) I got 29 new settlers now, so a big spare food bonus :). I see some problem now with preparing food, the cauldron's in the kitchen have food ingredients but don't all go to soup. With the result that the feasting hall's are not full with food any more..

2) Also it the boulders in the stockpiles are not processed, ofcourse I have a stockpile of stones, but I like them to be processes so it saves space. I have idle dwarfs that can do the work, so it seems there is some limit to store?

3) The mushroom farm is not working as expected, it seems you have to collect new spores in the mountain after each harvest in the farm, but I can't find them. Also the mushroom logs are gone after one or 2 harvest? What are the rules with it?


I'll be adding info to the stockpiles so you can tell how many spaces are "reserved" by items that haven't been hauled yet, hopefully that helps.

With the mushroom logs, when you harvest wild mushrooms you get some spawn to create mushroom logs out of, which need a log and get injected with mushroom spawn. After several harvests (4 or 5? Can't remember), the log is used up and deconstructs itself, but it refunds the mushroom spawn for you to be able to create another. Effectively, the limit to how many mushroom logs you can create is how many mushrooms you find in the wild.

Thanks for your response! I will check the mushroom logs then, if they are still going on and not wearing down as I thought.

Nice to have the information about the stockpiles but that is not what I was asking. The boulders are hauled (as in picked up from the mining site and stored in the stockpiles), but they stay there as boulders and are not cut/processed into stones. I have idle dwarfs that have the right skills but don't go to work.. I think this is because I have plenty of stones in the stockpile, I like to have the boulders processes because a lot of stones can be in one square of stockpile where otherwise only one boulder can be. Do you understand my question?

Thanks anyway, I am looking forward to a new feature release, keep up the good work!


I have a lot of dwarfs now (going to 100 I guess), I have ton's of food in stock, even a lot more new dwarfs will soon, but there is a problem now with the size of the settlement. I have multiple kitchens and feasting hall's. It looks that the breads from all kitchens are served in the last created tables. I expect that they are served close by. And that there is much more prioritation to fill the water barrels, so the chefs will make soup (almost no soup is made) again.

With the current standing dwarfs are drinking river water again, only eating bread and a lot of time is wasted running around. Even from kitchen to kitchen instead of using the tools in one.

Do you know of this issue? Do you want my save game oid?


That's a good question about where the bread goes I'll look into it. Food is supposed to be created per kitchen, I've not done as much testing with larger populations like that so the save file would be very useful to give me a head start on it. Email is 


With the current Alpha 2.1 version, it's tough the get enough food to feed everybody due to not starting with a cauldron. In effect you have to find metals ore and bitumous ore/wooden logs for burning into coke as quickly as possible, while also making sure that all the seeds are getting planted. But having all necessary ressources nearby is very hit-and-miss, might need to balance that a bit.


Yep, I actually meant to add a cauldron as a starting item and forgot for the release, but it'll be in alpha 2.2

It's doable if you have favorable starting conditions in terms of nearby ressources, or by quickly digging tunnels until you find ores. So, might be an idea for an extra hard starting level if you want to implement some kind of difficulty levels.