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Thanks! Always love to get some feedback to improve things but I'm not quite sure what you mean here, sorry. Removing walls (even ones you've built) is done with the "Mine" order which does highlight what you've selected. Please could you go into more detail?

I'm currently working on allowing almost every bit of text to support tooltips so things should be a lot better explained soon!

Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention - it's fixed now! New build of alpha 2.3,  it'll be compatible with your saved game.

That's exactly what I was after, thanks, not reproduced it myself yet but I'll put out a new build as an optimistic fix shortly.

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Sorry to hear that and I've not had any other reports *yet*. Please could you copy in the contents of the log.txt file after its happened and that should help me to track it down. Also looks like I've had the automatic crash reporting server not working for a while but that is back up now too.

The bottleneck only really comes from drawing lots of stuff on screen at once, like thousands of dwarves. Just having the gigantic map in memory is fine, though of course it takes a bit longer to generate than a normal one. This might have been nearly a minute.

It'll always be a set size, but that size will be configurable by the player. The map can be so large that it's effectively unlimited, here's a stress test of a 2,000,000 tile map

Good points there!

1. I think you're right on this and I'll double coal usage, see how that goes.

2. That's by design, although not a good or at all clear design :) There's a hidden number for an amount of each type of item to produce. Stone blocks is 300 and there's something similar for planks and metal. This is a placeholder until the player can specify what should be produced, which is scheduled in for Alpha 4.

3. This sounds like a bug that I thought I'd fixed, twice! Although they are meant to pick the nearest point in the river (if there's no closer barrels available) as the crow flies, which can end up being a poor route if there's not a direct path. I'm adding something to make it clearer if water barrels are available or not. If they seem like they're going clear across the map to the river and not picking anywhere at all near, I'm looking for a save file to investigate this.

4. This is also by design, as they do produce some mushroom spawn when complete, but only enough to start another single mushroom log. The intention is that you'll only be able to have as many mushroom logs as mushroom spawn that you find in the caverns, instead of doubling it every time like the outdoor crops. If that's a good idea or not I haven't decided yet.

5. Hops and barley are implemented in terms of the crops and what they produce, but until brewing beer is implemented they don't have a use, so I've removed them from being included on game start to avoid confusion - and also so you don't randomly start with lots of hops and barley and little edible crops and starve. When they're back in (also aiming at alpha 4) there'll have to be something to balance the starting seeds.

6. This was a bug, there was meant to be a hidden value to create another anvil when the first is used (see point 2) but it was missed out of the current release. It's fixed in the next release which I was intending to have out now (just one more thing to add) but unfortunately it'll only apply to new games due to the way the crafting system works. Again, it's due to be replaced by a screen the player can use to manage crafting/production.

7. There's quite a few other ore types already, with more to come, though they spawn in different "groups" of rock (sedimentary/igneous/metamorphic) which you only tend to find inside the mountain compared to on the outside, though there's no guarantees with the map generator. While there's no real difference between different metals right now, the intention is they'll have different properties/hardness/value, so things like gold are found deeper in the mountain. There's tin too, though that might be it for now? Alloys and steel are on the roadmap but not implemented yet.

If you've claimed your key already, there should be a download option at the top of

Your key should have been emailed to you by BackerKit, but if you've missed that you can retrieve it at

Thanks, I have a save from someone else where there's an issue with barrels being refilled (or not in this case) so there's probably something to fix there which I'm looking at next as top priority.

I think I'll have to bring forward the priority on letting the player choose what's crafted too!

I think I'll put an extra cap on immigration of some percentage of the settlement population so it doesn't balloon up in size too quickly.

Even dwarves need some comfort and will only sleep on wooden beds! Metal pillars are an option although I'm moving away from metallic furniture unless it's going to be built out of pre-crafted components. Just hammering a bunch of ingots into a piece of furniture doesn't feel right. The next content update will include metal plates as an intermediate product required to build some kinds of metal furniture.

Management of stockpiles is very much needed and not too far off in the roadmap!

Yep, I actually meant to add a cauldron as a starting item and forgot for the release, but it'll be in alpha 2.2

I recently initiated my first payout from Itch. A US Tax withholding of 30% was applied to the payout, but this should be 0% as I'm a UK company, due to the US-UK income tax treaty. 

I've emailed Itch support multiple times over the last couple of weeks, tweeted them directly (as DMs are closed off), but haven't had any response at all to this yet and it's getting quite urgent as I need to file the correct amount for my own tax return. Any ideas on how I can get this resolved?

There was a discussion on the pros and cons of Z-levels at and a conclusion at

In short, sadly no, though there'll still be mechanics about digging too greedily and too deep!

That's a good question about where the bread goes I'll look into it. Food is supposed to be created per kitchen, I've not done as much testing with larger populations like that so the save file would be very useful to give me a head start on it. Email is 


Thanks for the feedback, very valuable! An overview screen for the dwarves has emerged as clearly the most missing/wanted feature at this stage so that's what I'll be adding next. I also think tooltips would help a lot so they're now on the roadmap in the not too distant future. 

When it comes to mining, most likely the issue was that you only had the one pickaxe to start with so other dwarves set as miners couldn't work. I realise this isn't at all explained anywhere (yet) so it's something else to improve! Similar to the dwarf overview will be something to manage what is to be crafted so you can order up more pickaxes. Right now it's a set number based on your population which isn't ideal, and is very much a placeholder mechanic until the player can manage things. 

I'll be adding info to the stockpiles so you can tell how many spaces are "reserved" by items that haven't been hauled yet, hopefully that helps.

With the mushroom logs, when you harvest wild mushrooms you get some spawn to create mushroom logs out of, which need a log and get injected with mushroom spawn. After several harvests (4 or 5? Can't remember), the log is used up and deconstructs itself, but it refunds the mushroom spawn for you to be able to create another. Effectively, the limit to how many mushroom logs you can create is how many mushrooms you find in the wild.

With the new settlers its a somewhat random small number, with a potentially sizable bonus if you have a lot of spare food supplies.

I think I'll add something to items so you can see if they're due to be hauled somewhere or not, which should make things a lot clearer.

Yes right now there's no gameplay effect of the lighting, but I'm planning to make it most likely a happiness bonus or malus for working in lit or dark conditions - probably not generally moving about but for any actual work like at a crafting station.

Yep not in the game yet but constructed walls and floors, or else smoothed walls probably.

Sorry about the teething troubles! After going to 1.15, you'll need to remove any water barrels that aren't working correctly, but any new ones should work fine from that point.

When they're "broken" due to unhappiness they don't eat or drink anymore which might be what you're seeing. If they're otherwise sane they should always eat any food available before starving though (well, except that they don't share rations) 

They will produce the same number of new tools regardless of a tools stockpile, but the difference is that if there's space in a tools stockpile, the dwarves will place any tools they're carrying into them after not using them for a while (about a day) though there's not a huge benefit to this behaviour just yet. 

It means dwarves can walk through pillars, so there's some benefit to building them compared to just not mining a tile which would also prevent a cave-in. 

At the moment there's no difference in placing any room areas next to any others, but in the future I'd like to introduce some kind of efficiency bonus or something similar for having a room enclosed by walls, a bit like how it works in Dungeon Keeper. 

All good points! In response:

1. Quite a detailed new game customisation screen is planned, but I think I'll add a simple one in the meantime for options like this, to specify an amount of trees and that kind of thing, hopefully.

2. I'm planning to add a screen for an overview of your dwarves as the next feature, and it'd be good to have something similar for resources too.

3. This'll be open to modding when that comes around - this is due to be the next major release except for the small features missed out of Alpha 1 like the settler management. For now, holding shift will let you pan around faster.

4. It might be a little later on but there'll be a "roofing" view to let you see what is and isn't supported. A highlight when placing pillars is a good idea, I'll see if there's a way to get that in quickly.

5. The job prioritisation is based on professions first, then things like hauling water which don't usually require a profession (moving water into a cauldron for soup might be tied to cooking though). Following that, they'll work on whichever job is nearest based on the profession order. I'll be adding something to let the player manually prioritise certain jobs, and perhaps later a screen to manage the automatic prioritisation of types of jobs over other ones.

If they get cleared *eventually* then its working as intended, but its not great. I'll be adding a work prioritisation option so you can help influence what they choose to work on next (currently it is whatever is nearest that they're able to do).

If its 4 of 4 allocated they should exist somewhere, maybe they're quite far away which is why its taking a long time to be built if theres lots of other work to do thats closer? If it was less than 4 allocated for a long time and you'd run out, it'd be nice if it eventually reallocated the resource requirements, which is a feature request somewhere on the backlog.

Yep that's an issue, I'm undecided whether to leave it as-is to make it more difficult to find spots to build bridges, or auto-remove bushes on placement to make it very easy.

Thanks, yes its far from perfect right now and I can only put very quick fixes in this week, over time I'll be improving it for sure :)

It did get increased to 2 blocks per stone boulder but I know what you mean, it is a big investment

The new build that's out tones down the immigration a bit as well as hopefully helping with drinking when there's a large population - they now share out multiple water barrels rather than all trying to go to the same one and finding it empty. So hopefully that sorts it for you, as I've seen another save that was working fine with a population of 300.

Or are they broken due to unhappiness? Broken dwarves don't eat or drink.

Are you on the latest version (Alpha 1.12)? There was a bug with the assignment of bread from serving tables in an earlier build.

The bridge is quite an investment, wouldn't you be able to harvest enough stone to build it out of that. The crafting is auto-assigned by the game right now which isn't ideal, one of the earlier upcoming features is a screen to manage what you want to produce or not.

That's right, the ability to save and load is there but being able to manage multiple saves isn't yet, and definitely intended to be added sooner rather than later.

For now, something covered by the mountain is inside, whether that's a natural cave or an area you've mined out yourself. The game's still missing a way to build walls with a roof which is near the top of the list to add. Other than the happiness on the bedroom there's no difference right now, but eventually there'll be game mechanics to make you avoid placing rooms (other than farms and graveyards) outside.

Yep most of this is crying out for a screen to view and manage your current population of dwarves which is going to get pushed up the roadmap priority list now. Similarly with tooltips to explain a lot of game functions. And I'm sure there'll be some imaginative ways to get rid of dwarves you don't like once traps and mechanisms are implemented :)

Yep definitely some kind of overview screen for the dwarves, and one for what to produce

1. Fishing is planned and not too far down the roadmap :)
2. There could well be a tree planter at some point. There's going to be giant mushrooms that can be used in place of trees, so maybe they can be cultivated.
3. It is a long time on purpose for the mushroom farms, but then they produce several crops of mushrooms so they're a pretty good investment.
4. Yep the door placement definitely needs this improvement.
5. This one's weird, maybe a bug. If you get into the same state again, would you mind emailing the save game to and I'll look into it
6. Stockpiles are a bit under-developed right now too, there'll be more controls over what can go in each one rather than the arbitrary 4 there is now. 
7. ?
8. Also on the roadmap but not in yet is a "ceiling view" to show what has a roof and what is supported or not. The rules are a 7x7 area mined out by the player will collapse if there's no walls or supports. Doesn't apply to natural caves. Agreed it's a bit of a secret mechanic right now!

Thanks for the feedback!

You then need a cauldron position in a feasting hall for the dwarves to eat from it. 

A cave-in will happen if there's a 7x7 area mined out by the player with no walls or supports in it. Natural caves don't count towards this

Dwarf Fortress is probably the biggest influence for sure. The Settlers and Dungeon Keeper also factor into the design in a big way, although with the game in such an early state that may not be very obvious yet.