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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

Wall deletion

A topic by dukat111 created Jul 05, 2019 Views: 171 Replies: 1
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Requesting some sort of feedback when selecting wall sections for deletion.

Walls do delete but I can't tell what was selected so it's hard to re-work buildings. Perhaps a highlight around the squares that have been selected?

Just started playing, lots to figure out. Looking great and the roadmap looks fantastic. This should be an amazing game when complete.


Thanks! Always love to get some feedback to improve things but I'm not quite sure what you mean here, sorry. Removing walls (even ones you've built) is done with the "Mine" order which does highlight what you've selected. Please could you go into more detail?

I'm currently working on allowing almost every bit of text to support tooltips so things should be a lot better explained soon!