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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

Currrent Development

A topic by Bofferbrauer created May 27, 2020 Views: 341 Replies: 5
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I was wondering what is happening to the game and it's creator. It's been several months now without news or updates, I really hope everything is alright.


Massively apologies for that, hit really hard with disruption due to COVID-19, but good news is in just a few days will have more time than I've had in the past year to dedicate to gamedev! Hopefully a small dev update coming soon to explain that.

Thank you for the answer, I can rest reassured now that the project hasn't come to an end.

Also, it's great to see that you're going to have more time for the development soon.

Stay safe!

Developer (1 edit)

Just wanted to say, thank you for having crash reporting switched on, let me discover and fix the most recent crashes in the game (and apologies that you're trying to play and it keeps crashing!) have a 3.6.2 fix on the way shortly

(1 edit)

No problem at all, I mean, that's what an Alpha is for after all, isn't it?

The crashes happened after leeting the game run while going afk for a while and coming back after about 10 or more minutes. Reloading the game doesn't solve the issue, need to restart the world from scratch. Maybe this might help you troubleshoot the issue.


Thanks :) Hopefully all sorted with crashes again for now but we will see!