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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

Suggestions and Issues

A topic by Rhombus created Jan 30, 2019 Views: 364 Replies: 15
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1. Fishing
2. It would be nice if we could grow trees or do something to encourage more trees.
3. Mushroom Farms takes > 1 year to get going.  That's on purpose, right?
4. Would be nice to be able to place the door before the wall is done. 
5. Construction won't complete because a chunk of rock has never been moved and no one does it. 
For multiple seasons.  I end up moving the crafting table instead.
6. 4 different kinds of stockpile?  Why? If it's for something not implemented, ok, but it seems unecessary currently, especially the one for tools.
8. No indicator of when pillars are needed or how effective they are. I've had cave ins and build pillars to prevent but its all guesswork.


1. Fishing is planned and not too far down the roadmap :)
2. There could well be a tree planter at some point. There's going to be giant mushrooms that can be used in place of trees, so maybe they can be cultivated.
3. It is a long time on purpose for the mushroom farms, but then they produce several crops of mushrooms so they're a pretty good investment.
4. Yep the door placement definitely needs this improvement.
5. This one's weird, maybe a bug. If you get into the same state again, would you mind emailing the save game to and I'll look into it
6. Stockpiles are a bit under-developed right now too, there'll be more controls over what can go in each one rather than the arbitrary 4 there is now. 
7. ?
8. Also on the roadmap but not in yet is a "ceiling view" to show what has a roof and what is supported or not. The rules are a 7x7 area mined out by the player will collapse if there's no walls or supports. Doesn't apply to natural caves. Agreed it's a bit of a secret mechanic right now!

Thanks for the feedback!

I haven't been able to reproduce the issue from #5.

I noticed your road map says saving and loading games is complete, I would disagree.

The game saves, and I can continue an old game but I can't actively save a game state or load a specific saved game. That's fine in the Alpha stage but I hope you aren't considering leaving it that way for release.


That's right, the ability to save and load is there but being able to manage multiple saves isn't yet, and definitely intended to be added sooner rather than later.

#6. The stockpiles, is it just me or does it seems that if you make your tools stockpile larger that then there will be more tools be created. So its good to keep it small?


They will produce the same number of new tools regardless of a tools stockpile, but the difference is that if there's space in a tools stockpile, the dwarves will place any tools they're carrying into them after not using them for a while (about a day) though there's not a huge benefit to this behaviour just yet. 

Dwarves aren't planting all seeds, even though there are more than enough tiles available for them. Additionally, bridges take a ridiculous amount of materials. Most of the trees on my map are across the river, and I don't have 40+ materials that can be allotted to making a short bridge to get to them. So, I haven't been able to make very many beds. And for some reason, I have 5 barrels and 5+ buckets in my resources stockpile that they've been making for some weird reason. I don't need that many extras.


The bridge is quite an investment, wouldn't you be able to harvest enough stone to build it out of that. The crafting is auto-assigned by the game right now which isn't ideal, one of the earlier upcoming features is a screen to manage what you want to produce or not.

I can only get one cut stone (can't remember what it's called off the top of my head) from each rock, so that's very very slow going.


It did get increased to 2 blocks per stone boulder but I know what you mean, it is a big investment

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I'm having that same issue (#5) that the OP mentioned - basically I have a room mined out, designate it as a bedroom, and then indicate a spot to craft a bed.  However, they don't clear all of the mined chunks and never place the bed as a result - they'll eventually get around to it, but it takes way too long.

I've been able to recreate that issue.  

I have a bedroom full of rocks Day 8 of Autumn that a Dwarf is actively using.

The Rocks aren't cleared until Day 2 of Summer.


If they get cleared *eventually* then its working as intended, but its not great. I'll be adding a work prioritisation option so you can help influence what they choose to work on next (currently it is whatever is nearest that they're able to do).

How about being able to choose where things will get stored? With bigger cities, several storehouses are a must, but right now this means that a stonemason might have to cross half the map just to get one raw block of stone. If one could allocate the storeroom close by to gather stone he wouldn't need to wander so much around.

Also, while we're at it, hauler as an additional profession to move things around. Not much needed early on, but the bigger the city, the more useful they would get. And of course even more so with the specialized storerooms mentioned above.


Management of stockpiles is very much needed and not too far off in the roadmap!

That's great to hear, thanks!