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Right, so having four walls and a door to give them a sense of privacy would confer a happiness boost or meet a requirement of having an actual room versus just having a space designated as a room - columns/pillars would just add to that happiness, as it would make the room 'safer' for them.

Not sure I'd go the route of making them able to be passed through, but more along the lines of giving a happiness boost or something for actually having a structured room, i.e. constructed walls (instead of natural ones), constructed flooring (not currently in this game?), specific furniture/worktables, etc.  More like how it works in Rimworld...

Thanks for the response - looking forward to seeing the game progress!

1)  Being able to reroll the map or customize some features on it (percentage of trees for example) would be nice - I ended up with a map with a few trees on my side of the river, but they were on the opposite side of the map from my spawn point

2)  Being able to see lists of resources & dwarves (with statuses) would be nice - even just a counter with the number of dwarves would help when planning out beds/bedrooms

3)  Increase the scroll speed a bit or make it user definable - I know I can use the minimap, but sometimes you want to pan across your land

4)  Allow a preview of the space that columns would support; you can place a column anywhere and whether or not there is a ceiling is irrelevant, but at least you'd know there is support for the indicated area - there is a Rimworld mod that does this

5)  Priorities for jobs - currently I'm not sure how this is decided, but am curious if assigning only one job to a dwarf, like cooking, would help - I tried it, but it seemed that hauling water and other things still took priority or they were considered part of the 'chef' profession

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I'm having that same issue (#5) that the OP mentioned - basically I have a room mined out, designate it as a bedroom, and then indicate a spot to craft a bed.  However, they don't clear all of the mined chunks and never place the bed as a result - they'll eventually get around to it, but it takes way too long.

Tried again today and it worked this time...

Can't get the game to install - looks as if it isn't even downloading before install - just hangs...

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So, due to an issue with my first card denying the transaction until I verified it was legit, I used another card and during the process forgot to look for any links to being able to name a colonist and enemy - I paid $30 - is there a link somewhere?

Also, here are my first impressions:

--I like researching things and then having the tech tree fill in as I do so, meaning I like to be surprised instead of seeing everything right up front; if it flows logically (as it seems to now), it shouldn't be an issue

--Trees seem to be bugged - if you highlight a tree to chop it down, but then dig under it before chopping it down, the tree disappears giving you no wood and the selection square won't go away and can't be deleted

--Need to be able to toggle pause off and on instead of having different keys for pause and the various speeds; I like to assign this to the spacebar and use it to stop/start games like this

--Needs options to change the speed of mouselook - currently it feels very sluggish