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Rogue Legend 2

Run a farm, a shop, or dungeons with friends · By Kassoon

Vote on features

A topic by Kassoon created Feb 06, 2019 Views: 207 Replies: 4
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What do you want to see in the game as soon as possible?

Some of these features don't exist at all yet, some are in various states of completion.
All will likely be completed eventually, but the order they get done in or the amount of attention they receive depends on feedback. You can change your vote any time, and you can vote on up to 2 features. You can vote even if you haven't bought the game, this is to garner the general impression of everyone.

I collect feedback from multiple sources, so I figured the forums should have this too. I'll add all the sources together and use that to determine what's important to work on.

In-Depth List

I'll try to keep this updated with the poll options and as things change, a more detailed break-down of what each options means, as well as the current progress if it has votes:

Functioning multiplayer, free of bugs and weird sync issues. Summon people to your world over THE INTERNET, or connect directly to your friend's worlds. Includes PvP and summoning for honorable duels, or invading others to hunt them down. Internet connectivity to your world will be opt-in.
Progress: Working on bugs and sync issues, online matchmaking partially functional but needs wider testing.

More unique characters with their own appearances and storylines. Become friends with the villagers and adventurers and learn more about them through quests and dialog.
Progress: Building out the world and locations for the storyline. Theming some of the systems, and working on quest board.

Add and refine the combat system for fun and engaging combat. Abilities and magic, leveling, loot to find and equip.
Progress: The rough basics are in, needs more hit effects, weight, and abilities

More stuff for farming. More animals, more animal products, more crop and growing options, more farm-y stuff to craft like pens and churners and mills.
Progress: Been adding new stuff every week!

More options and mechanics for Merchants. Supply/demand systems, store customization and beautification, more interaction with customers. More things to craft like armor/weapons/potions with different qualities.

More tilesets and unique blocks to build with. Greater block customization, including ways to change color or cut off pieces of blocks to make mini-blocks for a greater control over its appearance. Machinery and automation crafting.

More survival things to craft, like water filtration, survival huts and low-tech tools and decorations. More animal types to hunt and unique modifiers to wild game. More options for realism and survival gameplay.

More World Stuff
Add more stuff to the world like dungeons and unique terrain features/setpieces. Add in more biomes and refine the appearance of the landscape. More unique locations like towns, improve the look of towns, and more systems to create a living world.

Improve the framerate, add more quality options to control performance. Add in more LoD to increase the view distance.
Progress: Working on LoD and view distance optimizations since that's currently the biggest performance impact for all devices. Also need more optimizations for on-demand loading.

Quality of Life and Polish
Better feedback, more satisfying interactions. This can include little visual things like plants swaying in the wind, woodchips and sparks flying off trees and overall tweaks and improvements to the visuals. It can also include things like UI tweaks and improvements to interactions, eliminating frustrations and pointless busywork in a fun game-y way.
Progress: I take notes and make changes when I notice them, I almost always have notes on how to make the world and characters look better. Other quality of life and polish changes I'm open to suggestions.

So, I would currently be most interested in Story, World stuff, Building and Survival. I realize that I only get 2 votes, but I guess the common thing about these things is that there currently isn't enough incentive to actually leave the town and go exploring. 

I'd suggest working on the Story a bit. This will eventually force you to do world stuff (which in turn might require new tile sets, but I only get two votes).

Honestly MP should be the last concern - you need to get enough people interested in playing it first and adding a quality MP experience takes quite a bit of development time away from other things.

With that said, I'd vote for QoL & Polish - character models, movement, and improving the overall look of the world.  All of this before working on detail things like grass sway, as how you do that will change based on the look of things.  I also think this trumps story for now, as currently those things distract from the experience and would negatively impact anyone's enjoyment of the story - characters hopping around seemingly randomly, those huge ears (don't get those), etc.

Overall I like the concept of the game and hope you can keep pushing it forward!

Hello once more! Long time no see! Great to see the game is still getting attention. You are a limitless font of energy, Kassoon! As a note, my judgement is based on previous iterations of the game, as I've spent a good deal of time away from it. Getting back in now!

My votes go to Story and Survival. 

Interactions with villagers in the past always drove me to move away from the town. I wanted to strike out on my own. More ways to interact with them, quests being one, would make the town much more appealing. It should be an essential hub of your operations. I saw your implementation of delivery tasks. Very nice progress! As for Survival, the hunter vocation never seemed to make sense. Adding some rare monsters to work towards bringing down would be awesome! I'd ask myself: How would one make a living as a hunter in this town? Are there enough monsters to do this? 

I would say Farming, as it was a big draw in the first game. The crop rotation with the seasons and making sure you had enough supplies for winter was really captivating. In previous versions of the game, I found farming to be supplemental, not a main source of money or even food! But you seem to be on your way to expanding those features. I'm sure it will get done soon.

Not sure if this has changed since Start of Alpha, but I'd like to be able to terraform up and down. I don't know if there's something like the Creative Mode of MC but even with that there was no way to force half of the ocean up and the other half down to create something like Niagara Falls. Without true up/down terraformation, it's difficult to create waterfalls without making a giant pit.