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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

Inside or not?

A topic by SirRockstar created Jan 30, 2019 Views: 302 Replies: 6
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What is inside? A room inside the mountain with a door? Is a room inside that is part in the mountain and part not but with walls surrounding it inside? When you build a wall around grassland will it count as inside? I ask this for the happiness of sleeping inside.

Work rooms better inside then outside of is it just my feeling for esthetics to do that?


For now, something covered by the mountain is inside, whether that's a natural cave or an area you've mined out yourself. The game's still missing a way to build walls with a roof which is near the top of the list to add. Other than the happiness on the bedroom there's no difference right now, but eventually there'll be game mechanics to make you avoid placing rooms (other than farms and graveyards) outside.

What do you mean with the following from the change log? From A1.13
- Made pillars navigable so they have a benefit over leaving walls un-mined

Also does a separate room for the pantry, granary matter? Or just make a large space with some pillars with different stockpiles?


It means dwarves can walk through pillars, so there's some benefit to building them compared to just not mining a tile which would also prevent a cave-in. 

At the moment there's no difference in placing any room areas next to any others, but in the future I'd like to introduce some kind of efficiency bonus or something similar for having a room enclosed by walls, a bit like how it works in Dungeon Keeper. 

Not sure I'd go the route of making them able to be passed through, but more along the lines of giving a happiness boost or something for actually having a structured room, i.e. constructed walls (instead of natural ones), constructed flooring (not currently in this game?), specific furniture/worktables, etc.  More like how it works in Rimworld...


Yep not in the game yet but constructed walls and floors, or else smoothed walls probably.

Right, so having four walls and a door to give them a sense of privacy would confer a happiness boost or meet a requirement of having an actual room versus just having a space designated as a room - columns/pillars would just add to that happiness, as it would make the room 'safer' for them.