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So, due to an issue with my first card denying the transaction until I verified it was legit, I used another card and during the process forgot to look for any links to being able to name a colonist and enemy - I paid $30 - is there a link somewhere?

Also, here are my first impressions:

--I like researching things and then having the tech tree fill in as I do so, meaning I like to be surprised instead of seeing everything right up front; if it flows logically (as it seems to now), it shouldn't be an issue

--Trees seem to be bugged - if you highlight a tree to chop it down, but then dig under it before chopping it down, the tree disappears giving you no wood and the selection square won't go away and can't be deleted

--Need to be able to toggle pause off and on instead of having different keys for pause and the various speeds; I like to assign this to the spacebar and use it to stop/start games like this

--Needs options to change the speed of mouselook - currently it feels very sluggish

Thanks for the feedback Docdra! For the naming I will be sending out emails to collect the names.

The research tree being hidden from the start sounds like a good idea, will try that out. Also will allow the pause key to toggle the game speed.

There is a "Look Sensitivity" in the options screen.