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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

A few things...

A topic by Docdra created Feb 03, 2019 Views: 149 Replies: 2
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1)  Being able to reroll the map or customize some features on it (percentage of trees for example) would be nice - I ended up with a map with a few trees on my side of the river, but they were on the opposite side of the map from my spawn point

2)  Being able to see lists of resources & dwarves (with statuses) would be nice - even just a counter with the number of dwarves would help when planning out beds/bedrooms

3)  Increase the scroll speed a bit or make it user definable - I know I can use the minimap, but sometimes you want to pan across your land

4)  Allow a preview of the space that columns would support; you can place a column anywhere and whether or not there is a ceiling is irrelevant, but at least you'd know there is support for the indicated area - there is a Rimworld mod that does this

5)  Priorities for jobs - currently I'm not sure how this is decided, but am curious if assigning only one job to a dwarf, like cooking, would help - I tried it, but it seemed that hauling water and other things still took priority or they were considered part of the 'chef' profession


All good points! In response:

1. Quite a detailed new game customisation screen is planned, but I think I'll add a simple one in the meantime for options like this, to specify an amount of trees and that kind of thing, hopefully.

2. I'm planning to add a screen for an overview of your dwarves as the next feature, and it'd be good to have something similar for resources too.

3. This'll be open to modding when that comes around - this is due to be the next major release except for the small features missed out of Alpha 1 like the settler management. For now, holding shift will let you pan around faster.

4. It might be a little later on but there'll be a "roofing" view to let you see what is and isn't supported. A highlight when placing pillars is a good idea, I'll see if there's a way to get that in quickly.

5. The job prioritisation is based on professions first, then things like hauling water which don't usually require a profession (moving water into a cauldron for soup might be tied to cooking though). Following that, they'll work on whichever job is nearest based on the profession order. I'll be adding something to let the player manually prioritise certain jobs, and perhaps later a screen to manage the automatic prioritisation of types of jobs over other ones.

Thanks for the response - looking forward to seeing the game progress!