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1. Fishing is planned and not too far down the roadmap :)
2. There could well be a tree planter at some point. There's going to be giant mushrooms that can be used in place of trees, so maybe they can be cultivated.
3. It is a long time on purpose for the mushroom farms, but then they produce several crops of mushrooms so they're a pretty good investment.
4. Yep the door placement definitely needs this improvement.
5. This one's weird, maybe a bug. If you get into the same state again, would you mind emailing the save game to and I'll look into it
6. Stockpiles are a bit under-developed right now too, there'll be more controls over what can go in each one rather than the arbitrary 4 there is now. 
7. ?
8. Also on the roadmap but not in yet is a "ceiling view" to show what has a roof and what is supported or not. The rules are a 7x7 area mined out by the player will collapse if there's no walls or supports. Doesn't apply to natural caves. Agreed it's a bit of a secret mechanic right now!

Thanks for the feedback!

I haven't been able to reproduce the issue from #5.

I noticed your road map says saving and loading games is complete, I would disagree.

The game saves, and I can continue an old game but I can't actively save a game state or load a specific saved game. That's fine in the Alpha stage but I hope you aren't considering leaving it that way for release.

That's right, the ability to save and load is there but being able to manage multiple saves isn't yet, and definitely intended to be added sooner rather than later.

#6. The stockpiles, is it just me or does it seems that if you make your tools stockpile larger that then there will be more tools be created. So its good to keep it small?

They will produce the same number of new tools regardless of a tools stockpile, but the difference is that if there's space in a tools stockpile, the dwarves will place any tools they're carrying into them after not using them for a while (about a day) though there's not a huge benefit to this behaviour just yet.