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So I did a second run,  I have to stop at the start of the second year because of a own mistake.. Lets sum it up:

  • I saw that I have some fishing rods. How can I use them?
  • Gunborg Ironbeard one of the first 2 miners stopped mining. I can't fix it. Even after give him an other job etc. The dwarf continues to work by walking goods.
  • I don't know how to create a bronze anvil?
  • At the start of year 2 I got 10 new dwarfs so that's great!
  • After the blacksmith buildings aren't build I figured out that it needs barrel loops. But all my barrel loops are transformed into water barrels.. So I am stuck and have to try again.
  • I found out the normal purpose for the 'Iron/tin plates', it is needed in the blacksmith. This building has a bug, the placeholder is not replaced with the correct value:
  • Also the name is not correct, it seems the tooltip is shown:

To bad that I have to start over, because I had a nice stop with some nice caves. So I have some tip for players:

  • Build a blacksmith early, I guess before or at the same time as the carpenter.
  • Mine slowly, don't let your resource zones get flooded with boulders.
  • Start farming from the start of the game
  • Give the dwarfs large single rooms

I guess this will get me more playable years with the basics running.