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Thanks for all the answers! And I am happy to help. I have made a list with items that need some reproduction, I will give it a try in December. Can I do this with 2.7 or not?  This will be easier for the one with settlers working on the same task because I can continue then.

Settlers will try to do the same task at the same time

That shouldn't happen, is this just the miners mining the same tile or are there others like this?

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    The new settlers don't chop/mine.. Were they assigned to these jobs when they arrived? If not, it's due to a lack of tools which I need to make clearer. Some of the points here and elsewhere are convincing me to put in a tutorial sooner rather than later.This was after the first year settlers where not mining.. I think the tools where not the problem.. I think this will be fixed with "Hopefully this is also because of the assignments bug that I'm currently working on."
Dwarfs will go to the river to drink water even in there is water in the feasting hall. I seems it will pick the closed water source in bird view and not walking distance..Yes to avoid pathfinding from every dwarf to every water source they use "as the crow flies" distance for the nearest water source. I could make it so they always prefer a barrel over the river even if its further away?Yes, because normally they drink and then eat. I have water and food always together. So it make no sense to go to the river end then to the feasting hall.
So maybe you can join this with the ration/feasting hall. If there is one just move over there and eat/drink. If there is not drink out of river and eat a ration.
If you have 2 metalwork's I expect that they do work within one metalwork's but they don't. They can bring a 'bloom' from one to the other at moments you don't want to.Great suggestion! I'm going to change it to work this way. It should have been obvious but I haven't played with complex settlements enough :)I am happy to do that and give some input :)
It seems that bringing plank's is a low priority task.Hmm, almost everything is about the same priority right now. Perhaps they were further away than everything else? I'll look into it.Yes, I started a sawmill at the river and then working into the mountain.. So it was further away.

It is a idea to first look from jobs close by. Then have some counter on jobs and when they haven't been done for some days give them higher prioritization.. Or say that there range is bigger so it seems closer so it will get done. I would like it if settlers do jobs, eat/drink and sleep in a region if possible. I think it will need some different approach for assigning jobs.

I think that looking from the settler current location each time and have different list to pick work from would be great. So not assigning a rock to zone #7 at the moment it get mined. But give it a pickup task. Then the settler makes a decision where to bring it.  Let a zone next to a stonemason ask for 10x rocks as it has tables etc. If it is full just drop it to the closed location. This way a settler can drop its item anywhere if its getting hungry/tired etc and it will be picked op at a later time again.

I am looking forward to some of the improvements you have in the queue, like the work within one smelterworks, the underground pipes etc.