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Thanks Bofferbrauer. I found out the Iron plates will be used in the metalworks to make a cauldron if i am not mistaken. The anvil needed in the metalworks was a starting tool from one of the dwarfs.

I almost played a new full first year and this are my findings:

  1. When you make an order to build something and you cancel it because it is the wrong thing, wrong type of stone or something the cancellation is not correct. It seems as the building is still on the stack/queue so the parts will still be delivered. If you build one thing and there are resources in place and then cancel it and build the correct thing the new resources arrive before removing the old one's. I got a deadlock with that, the new parts where delivered on the barrel rings see below. Because the spot was not free the new boulder (limestone in this case) could not be dropped and returns to the zone, then de dwarfs picks up the next boulders and repeats the process.. I had to cancel the second building and wait to get all resources returned to the zone before building the furniture again.

    After seen the problem, it worked:

    In this screenshot you can see the same problem with a annoying effect, I order a table with chairs and some pillars without selecting the stone type. Because it is in my shale area I like to have the furniture from dolostone. So I cancel and order it correct on the same spot. And now look to the backlog of assigned shale blocks.. They are assigned to the dolostone items.. So the dwarfs pick them up, bring them to the spot and then bring them back, after that is done they try to fetch the correct blocks..
  2. One more assigned bug, I made a new resource zone close to the mountain I started making rooms. But then I didn't want them because I wanted the boulders close to the masonry workshop. So I removed the resource zone. As you can see in the next image the boulder assigned to the removed zone will not get a new assignment, event after reboots and days of game time.  A rock with gems mined later is handled correctly so I can go on :)

  3. Chairs seems always before the dwarfs, I thing it is niceer to do it on the chair position, so the upper one is wrong the lower one is correct:
  4. My tomato's where harvest in 2d day of winter, or not. Because it didn't work or they are lost, they are gone, I didn't get the tomato's or seeds.. To bad..
  5. And now some good news, I make the Metalworks work and have created some iron ingots :)

This is it for now. I will start to play the second year and will see what that brings, with more dwarfs and so more work done :)