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rutabaga power !!!!

GJ ^^

This game is really funny.

Great job

Vraiment jouissif la nostalgie est là !!!!

Y a pas à dire : la team At0 pèse dans le game.


This game is just awesome!!!

 One of my favorites from this jam


This game is so funny. 

I don't spoil myself too much... I want to play it again with a friend tonight :) 


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For me it's 14 ^^

I'm teacher i think give your game for my student ^^

GJ it's funny 

This game is just amazing !!!

The puzzles are very well done.

I didn't see the time.

For the moment my favorite game of the JAM


The theme is perfectly respected. 

The mechanics are nice, we have fun. 

The DA reminded me of Nier Automata ^^. 

Good job

This game is very complete and quite fun too :)


Really very good game.

I agree with the checkpoints for the elevators. 

Good job anyway :)

Another interesting concept.

Really good job

Very promising. 

Can't wait to see the next games you're going to offer us.

really nice this game

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what is the concern ?

We need  4 rate more i think and we start to panic ^^

Very fun. This game is very addictive.

GJ :)

Everyone has already said it but the music is really good!!!!!

Another game that I highly recommend to play and RATING!!!!

I love the unique universe of this game. 

It's quite unique in this JAM to choose this theme. 

Just for that I advise everyone to try and especially to NOTE it :)

Simple but effective. 

I had a good time

Congratulations to you :)

it may seem inappropriate, but we need votes to not be downgraded. 

If you could test our game that would be great :)

Very good use of the theme.

The result is good.

Congratulations to you

Really a very good game.

One of my favorites from this jam.


I really want this game to be developed and see what it can give.

Congratulations and good luck for the future :)

It's really funny.

Good little game gg ^^

Subject treated very intelligently.

The rest is really good too.

If you haven't played it yet, go for it.

I pretty much agree with what was said below. Really good job.

I read the previous comment and started the game again XD

For a first game it's really good.


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i don't know if our game is visible under my comment...

super smart. Indeed the difficulty is well managed

The background is interesting and charming. Too bad there's no context that brings the whole universe.

There's a tuto in the beginning that show us the mapping and that's useful and well done. It just lack a bit of explanation of the game mechanics. But everything becomes clear really easily.

The game is quite accessible in the beginning, but suddenly it becomes a "Die and retry" and god it's hard if you don't pick up all the power up.

At least there is some checkpoints to balance everything. (You should put one next to the toothed wheel)

The SFX is great and the music of the menu is awesome. The other ones are monochord and quite low in the mix. It gives an impression of background noise that does not pay tribute to the generative music system of the game. However that point is understandable due to the duration of the JAM.

Some pattern of monsters are really ingenious. The one that's teleporting needs a sign or a SFX that show us he's dealing damage, that's not really clear in the game.

This game is a must try. Except some default which are imputed to the JAM, that game really really deserve attention.

yes, that's exactly what we were trying to do :)

Thank you for you reply <3

Tank's my friend :)

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oh merci pour ce retour :)

C'est vrai que j'ai pas pensé à commenter votre jeu de manière aussi détaillé que toi. Je corrige ça de ce pat.

Enfin au passage le perso regagne de la vie automatiquement.

fallait tousser mon copain lol

trop bien !!!!

faire ça en 1 week end c juste impressionnant

concept à approfondir pour un jeu complet ^^

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Juste incroyable ce jeu

Le système de dash est juste génial et jouissif

Un jeu qui se retrouve dans mon top 5 de cette JAM 

trop bien un flipper

encore un jeu rigolo ^^

ça a un coté poétique 

accentuer ça avec du son et le tout deviendra envoutant