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Soul Prison - Incomplete Heart VersionView game page

Let your soul be judged
Submitted by Gunroar (@gunroar_cannon) — 21 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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The art style in this game is so cool! And em I didn't experience the camera problem, so the whole gameplay was smooth to me, and it's also pretty challenging :)

Looking forward to see more of your works in the future! 


This one is really cool! Its very fun and I love the sketchy animated style of the stuff, gives me "OFF but Cute" vibes. There was a lot of stuff going on at once but I never really felt overwhelmed. I like the soul changing color to represent health, and getting upgrades was nice. Only criticism really is that the audio is a little loud, its good SFX just quite loud. But otherwise great work!


I really want this game to be developed and see what it can give.

Congratulations and good luck for the future :)


I really enjoyed this game! It's very reminiscent of Undertale, and really has a lot of potential! I'd love to see this expanded on! Definitely worth downloading LOVE engine to play this, I really hope more people check this out! :)


Wow! This game is really cool, I especially love the art! Keep up the good work!


Fun game! I really enjoyed the different characters and different abilities that you could pick up. Wish the camera wasn't so janky as it started making me dizzy pretty quickly. Also wish that when holding down the shoot button, it would change the rotation of where it shoots. Overall though, it was still a fun challenge to play and would love to see this polished.


It's very fun, the camera movement and shooting were a bit strange and one could say that the visuals are not very original but actually this game is very entertaining, this is one of the most fun games that I played in this jam.

Also it crashed the first time I played it for some reason but the second time I was able to play it normally


DANG ITTTT!!! I think I see the deal with the janky camera. I tested mostly on android and at one point I added a debug thing that toggled the camera locking on the player every time a key was pressed (in Android that was only the escape key) and I forgot to look back again since .... Nooo!!!! I have the worst luck. it's gross.

It's still playable though...Heheh.


I think my new favorite entry so far. Love how hectic it gets. Got used to the jarring camera moves and the only issue I had outside of the that is once I died the game didn't restart or anything just kind've stayed looking at my now missing body, and enemies kept attacking. Otherwise amazing entry.


Thanks, man. That was the number one problem, death state. Ran out of time to implement it. :P The last hour of the deadline was spent with me trying to get a connection *sigh*

Thanks for checking it out.


This was fun, visuals were really great. Like HanYolo666 I also struggled with some camera movement issues that made dodging bullets really challenging. 
Nice work overall!


I love the visuals! the music is also nice.

Don't know if its just me, but the camera were teleporting around weirdly, it lowered my enjoyment of the game, which is sad because otherwise it seems really cool!


That might be because you pressed escape. Anyone who sees this: DON'T PRESS ESCAPE.

Forgot to fix that bug...heheh. Thanks for testing. The music would have been better but I just had to rush and choose a song.