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Haha, well my main inspiration was Minecraft parkour which uses CTRL to run. I would add keybinding settings if I had more time. Appreciate the feedback!

Damn, that's unfortunate. I was thinking, maybe I should've made the first stage really simple for better familiarity of the controls. I appreciate giving it a try!

Interesting gameplay. I wasn't really a fan of the cubes disappearing so quickly. Made it a lot harder than it should have been. Otherwise, pretty simple but fun to speedrun!

Great use of the theme! I liked messing around with the movement controls as well. A lot of the platforming seemed pretty simple and didn't make too much use of these special mechanics. I would have liked to see more of that. Also, when I beat the game it told me that it couldn't connect to the server, pretty unfortunate. Great game regardless!

Kinda gives me a first-person temple run vibe, pretty fun and challenging!

Had a lot of fun playing! Reminds me of foddian game. Only quality of life feature I wish it had is holding space would grab the next platform fallen onto. Great game overall!

Haha, yep. I noticed the timer didn't  start till you landed so I tried jumping as far as I could to get the best time but that happened.

Fun game! I like the aesthetic and movement mechanics. Wallrunning felt a little off but maybe I'm just bad. Also, the camera tilt could be reduced in my opinion. Overall, great work and glad to see an online leaderboard!

I like the eerie atmosphere that the game has. The controls seem pretty inconsistent, I just couldn't get around them. Especially when walking on slopes or jumping. Great game though, I had fun!

I would like to claim the world record of 0 seconds. :P This was a fun little game, I enjoyed completing it. I like the visuals that you have going on as well!

Cute game! I love playing difficult platformers like this. The levels are pretty short, wish they were longer. :P

Never thought I would see a rhythm(?) game as a speedrun submission, interesting approach. The UI is really well done, very satisfying. Also like that there is already a wide selection of songs to choose from.

One thing I noticed when playing Rush E is that even though I'm hitting every key, how is my accuracy below 100%? Given there is no tempo, I'm just confused on how that is possible. Is there something I'm missing? Otherwise, I enjoyed playing, great job!

Pretty fun game and I like the visuals. I like the level design with lots of room for speed running optimizations. I will point out that I'm not really a fan of the falling movement as it feels clunky at times. Also wish there was a quick way to restart from the beginning when you already have checkpoints without having to restart the game or completing it. Those are just a couple minimal things and still enjoyed playing regardless. I'll rate the game once I'm able to.

Interesting take on the micro world theme. It's not really clear on what everything does but the gameplay seems cool. Also the UI doesn't fit in the embed and forces you to manually full screen which I'm sure isn't intentional.

Hmm, I had to play it three more times to better understand it but I get it more now. I had a hard time understanding how to manage food because I kept quickly running out and wasn't able to gather more. Now looking back at it, it's because the termites were killing off the colony. It was probably just stupid on my part to be honest as I was treating termites and flies the same and thought ants were dying for other reasons.

Really well done. Love the aesthetic, especially the change of background. Innovative gameplay. The normal stages got a little stale after a while, but I did enjoy the boss stages. I enjoyed playing this a lot.

Nice art cover and the post processing looks nice. Getting into rage mode and killing multiple enemies in a line is pretty satisfying. Surprised with how much you got done in 72 hours, great job!

Simple gameplay but fun! The visuals are very appealing as well. 

I was a bit confused on some specific mechanics but it was still fun. Also wish the leaderboard had names but overall great game!

My favorite game I've played so far. Done a really good job incorporating the micro world theme and the gameplay itself was addicting. I also really like the visuals of your title screen and that you also had an online leaderboard. Very nice!

I see now. Would be nice if there was something letting you know that it could be interacted with and instructions on what key to press (at least included in the description of the game). I thought that it might've been interactable but I was pressing keys like E and F and it wasn't working so I moved on. Just some clarity would've been helpful. In that regard, ignore what I said and besides the clarity issues, great work on the game. :P

The cover art is really nice, was looking forward to playing it but was approached with an error unfortunately. :(

Have you tried contacting an admin about it? Sometimes game jam admins will allow you to resubmit if your game is completely unplayable.

Pretty fun with nicely done visuals/sounds.

A couple issues I noticed is that it seems that the game has already started before the loading screen disappeared and I was already being hit which isn't very fair. Also, I didn't like that when I finished playing for a second time, it asked me for my name again only to say my name is already taken.

Overall, great job on the game and I'm glad to see another submission with an online leaderboard!

I really like idle/incremental games, so I was really interested in playing this and I'd say that I wasn't disappointed. The aesthetics are very appealing and the gameplay is fun.

I'd say that given how short the gameplay is, doesn't produce anything while the game is closed, and given how effective active clicking is compared to passive, it's not so much an idle game but more of an incremental game. Just a bit of a heads up. :P

Was kind of hoping for an online leaderboard for who has the most money at a single point so I can work on getting the biggest solar system, but oh well. Overall, great work!

Pretty cute and fun game. I was able to get to 893. Took a while before it got difficult until it just suddenly became impossible to fight against. I also liked the use of the nine lives, don't think I've seen a submission capitalize on that proverb yet.

Pretty lost on what I should be doing to be honest. I assume it's meant to be a maze and you need to find stuff? I wasn't able to find anything to interact with unfortunately. :(

If I'm wrong and it's not meant to be a maze, might I suggest starting with a small idea and then branching out with what extra time you have? I would have liked to have been able to see what other features you have made besides just moving around.

Having the drone shooting was a pretty innovative idea! It was pretty tough for me to get used to it though. I like the aesthetic of the game a lot, just wish there were sound effects to make the game feel a bit more alive. I still enjoyed it a lot.

Cute little game, I like the aesthetic. I like that you were able to implement AI for both teams but wish I could see a little more than having them all group up at the ball. This made it hard to tackle when another AI would just immediately take the ball since they're all stacked on top of it. Still great regarding the time constraint!

Appreciate it! Yeah I went with the MOBA control scheme, and I can admit that it can be a little tough to adapt to if you're not used to it. Thought about also including the option to have a WASD control scheme but it was out of scope for the jam. Thanks for checking it out!

I like the atmosphere of the field. Was a bit tough figuring it out even on easy mode but after a few tries I was able to figure it out. Noticed that my camera was constantly drifting to the right. Not sure if that was intentional or has to do something with the web build. Overall, I did enjoy trying to beat it.

Hmm, that's strange. I'll have to check that out and see what I can do to fix it, thanks though.

I really enjoyed beating this game! I really like the environment and lighting changes. Great implementation of the theme as well. Great job!

Fun parkour game. Took me a long time to figure out that right click was to power jump. Felt like the theme could've been embedded a little more. Besides that, I enjoyed the atmosphere and trying to beat the game! Good job.

Very well done game! Did not expect to see a game like this in this game jam but you managed to pull it off! Very relaxing, fun, and polished as far as I see!

Cool game. As far as I'm aware, it didn't seem like it was getting any harder as the levels progressed? Really liked the death animation though, that was a cool transition. Some pretty cool models for the lighting used as well.

Cute little fun game you have going on here. Took me pressing every button on my keyboard and almost quitting before realizing that I had to press the up key to climb the ladder(I was using A and D to move and W doesn't work). Also felt that the theme could've been embedded a little more but otherwise, great game!

Cool atmosphere that you have going on here. I know it's an art experience but would love to see some sort of goal even if it's just a simple scoring system. Also, I felt like the theme could have been embedded a little more. Overall, I think you have an interesting thing going on here but I wish I could see more out of it.

Pretty fun game but also very challenging. Really hard to manage ammo especially when there are enemies that move faster than the player. I like how you went about the graphics, simple yet looks good.

Really love the way the game looks! Really cute arcade feel to it, and the music is really fitting. Also really admire the way you handle the options physically in the world. Animations and scene transitions were really smooth. Amazing job all around!