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Thanks for playing! To kill enemies you gotta hit the red spots on them by firing through the rest of their body. I didn't really make that clear enough in game or on the game page. 

ah I'm excited to play it 


Ah I see where you're coming from

Hitbox is too big for my tastes. Visually it's not very consistent, but I really liked the coffin sprite. Some solid patterns and others I disliked. Overall it's a pretty decent shmup. 

I think my new favorite entry so far. Love how hectic it gets. Got used to the jarring camera moves and the only issue I had outside of the that is once I died the game didn't restart or anything just kind've stayed looking at my now missing body, and enemies kept attacking. Otherwise amazing entry.

Thanks for playing!

I like the visuals and the concept. Didn't initially realize it used tank controls but once I figured that out, it controlled fine. The enemy will randomly disappear at times and glitch the game out. With a bit more polish and bug fixes, I would pay money for a game like this. 

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Like the unique style you went with for the game. The sprites and the bullets all look different from the other entries I've seen. Gameplay is solid and having the bullets come out a bit away from you makes for an interesting spin. Overall really enjoyed it, the boss is just challenging enough to be fun and beatable.  Also what engine does this run in?

Love the visuals, but the game lacks depth and complexity. You never really need to dodge because there are no bullets. Not really a lot of tension so it loses its fun factor. If you had given a good sound feedback on enemy kill I think would help levitate this. I also like how spun the theme. 

Very polished. Like the non-shooting based gameplay. Only critique is the annoying shooting sound of the enemies after a while it gets grating.

Love the procedural animation you did here. The player controller is pretty solid. If you pushed the game a little longer I think I would love this entry. Also your monster is really cool. 

This is amazingly fun and addicting. Great game feel and responsiveness. Plays better than any I have played so far. 

Extremely polished game. Really good, I only dislike how short of a distance your bullet travels otherwise phenomenal game jam game. 

Thanks for the feedback. I love what you wrote about it. I'm not all that proud of the game but I do like how it makes people feel. Thanks again 

ah I completely forgot about that rule. Thanks for clearing that up. I apologize for my ignorance 


Glad you thought it was cool. Shareware feel was definitely what I was going for. 

Ah that makes much more sense, yeah I had a few glitches involving the block I couldn't quash before I became too tired while finishing it. Probably should've just cut the block but I thought it added more "depth" but the implementation is too broken to provide that at all I think. 

I didn't find that crashing glitch during my testing, guess I should have been more thorough. I have no idea why you resting would cause a crash though, as it's literally just a boolean check if an enemy is within a set distance. I really appreciate you playing and giving me feedback.

Ah that makes a lot of sense now

You've gotta walk up to the yellow walls in each level and fight them. Once you kill them you progress to the next level. The combat is timer based so keep that in mind while fighting enemies. 

I agree with Gerald's assessments here, but I would like to add on that the anime girl feels out of place artistically in comparison to the rest of the assets. Solid game overall though

Thanks for the feedback. I was worried about UI while developing about it but forgot about it when I was crunching. If I come back and fix up the game to be more polished I would focus on all of the things you said here, because you really hit the nail on the head for my issues with it. 

Fantastic my favorite submission so far. Combat lacks depth, but the character creation and item system makes up for it. Is a good quick play, but the simple combat is the really only critique I have as it gets repetitive after a while. Still amazing job for a jam, you could make this into a full game and I would pay money for it. I would probably pay money for it right now IMO. 

Interesting concept. Not much depth or challenge. Only issue I have outside of that it is hard to tell you're moving in the open ocean. Also interesting generation of the land masses. 

Didn't expect this game to be so hard. Control scheme is a bit clunkly but otherwise really fun. 

Super cool idea for a roguelike, please develop this further 

Currently the steam version is the only updated version, I have to go back and rip out the steam related code to release on here. Should be done by end of this weekend. If you can't wait that long, head over to

Good music, combat is a bit clunky. I really like the boss themeing combined with the coffee mechanic makes for an interesting game. 

Interesting game, really laggy in my browser for some reason. Visuals are really nice though, very good

Thanks for playing! The sound library is SDL Mixer so I don't know if that is incompatible with linux, I will look into for future projects. 

Really appreciate the rating and feedback. As for the debug mode, I think you are referring to the text in console window. I left that in because when I commented it out my player would move extremely slowly for some reason, so I left it in lol. You were spot on with the else if statements for my movement. I forgot to remove that once I transitioned to a faster paced form of game play, because initially the game was gonna be melee combat focused. Thanks again for the feedback, loved your game. 

Love the unique control scheme. The clever use of it was really impressive. Your art style was also really crisp and clear. I could tell what everything does just by looking at it. The use of the limited pallet, gave the game a nice look. Only issue I had was with last level where at certain angles bouncing on the boxes could launch them through geometry. This soft locked me once, but other than that really great game. Only improvement I can think of is a crunchy jump sound, but just using animation it gives a great feeling. 

Really fun game. A lot of replay ability, art style reminds me of flash games

Really appreciate that coming from you, with a game with such a great aesthetic.

Thank you!

High quality meme

Visually amazing looking, even with limited texture quality. You give the game so much style and atmosphere