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So I heard there was a new version of the itch client available so I booted it up and saw it looked the same. I refreshed it and it still was on 23.6.3 and said 'up to date'. 

Do I have to update to v25 manually? I guess its not a huge issue but it'll be confusing to people and they'll never really know there's an update

You simply register the key with Steam

The store page is simply not visible. But YouTubers have been using the Steam version for months

You can claim your steam key on

Can you post your system specs from both DXDIag and Steam-Help-System Information

If you log into the website can you download it from there?

Its likely a bad detection. You'll need to submit the exe to Bitdefender.

Alternatively you can turn off the Hueristics on your AV. For consumer grade AV, the heuristics stuff is generally garbage and generates too many false positives.

Are you using the app or the direct download?

Are you using the app or the direct download?

Are you doing the direct download or using the app?

Its already on itch! Get it now at $24.99 before the price increase to $29.99 on the 6th

Steam will be when the game is officially released. No word on that beyond "Q2 2017".

Hopefully that means 'calendar year 2017'. The company I work fro now our 'fiscal year' starts in July so "Q2 2017" is actually December which is.... ultra confusing to everyone :P

Super excited that the game is getting closer to release!

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Note for vcredist issues

1) reboot your computer first

2) go to Aven Colony Beta\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us

3) run UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe

4) ensure no errors pop

5) reboot your system again

VCredists require reboots after installing. If you don't reboot the installer will fail catrastophically

Can you try running the client as an administrator?

What region are you located in? I'm not sure where content servers are but generally they can handle the traffic.

Also have you tried downloading it from the client rather than using chrome to download it directly?

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Are you running the latest client?

Can you try running the Unreal Distributable manually.

Have you tried running the executable manually ?

Its weird I submitted the file to VirusTotal which includes BitDefender but it doesn't get flagged

What kind of error are you getting from BitDefender? Norton has an "Insight" module the semi-scans exe files and unless its in their database flags it as 'unknown but suspicious'. I'm wondering if its not really being flagged by BitDefender as a virus but as a 'potential' issue

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Wow there's actually one other person other than me on this planet that still has a 4:3 screen :P

I did notice that the main menu screen is messed up.

However the main game itself works fine once you get into the game as far as I can tell. Is the game not working for you at all in the 4:3 resolution?

Also what resolution are you running at. I'm running 1600x1200. Maybe you're running too low a screen resolution?

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Are you sure you have the latest version of the client? You need to have at least 18.7.0 for the unpacker to work properly. Also check that your anti-virus is not blocking or otherwise altering the download.

Note that the availability of Steam keys is addressed in their FAQ.

The developers have various reasons why Steam keys are not provided at this time. You should wait until the game is released on Steam, if having a Steam version is something you desire.

Did you manually run the Unreal redist? If you manually run it what happens?

Are you forcing the Nvidia card via the Nvidia Control Panel? I'm wondering if the game is using your Intel card not the Nvidia one

Does the game launch if you run the executable directly?

Did you reboot after running the Unreal redistributable?

Refer to the section on "Unreal Redistributable"

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Or a more reasonable assumption would probably be, if you don't have a Steam developer account then why should they cover the game since their audience probably wants the game on Steam so covering a game that isn't on Steam yet probably isn't worth the cycles given all the other games news that exists?

Its also nonsensical that somehow 'profit' is involved? You state it yet don't even bother to articulate how this supposedly works at all

If your AV is triggering a false positive, you'll have to add an exemption into your AV. Also you should submit the exe to your AV for future white listing.

If you're getting a BSOD on the game installer that indicates a far lower level problem on your system. Games realistically cant cause a BSOD. The app is simply exposing an existing problem on your system. You should start by doing a full windows update on your system. If the system triggers a BSOD then the faulting kernel module will show up in the Event Viewer. Generally these are low level drivers such as graphics drivers. But the Event Viewer should show you what dll module caused it.

Do you have the latest client

Try manually running hte Unreal redistributable and rebooting

Can you manually run the Unreal redistributable

Reserved for posterity

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I'll be trying to collect some basic troubleshooting and tech support tips here.

As the game is in constant flux this list will likely be incomplete at times. If you have any issues or tips please feel free to post them so they can be added here

Update Your Video Card Drivers

This is the most common cause for people's inability to run the game

First check your driver version using this method and make sure your drivers are recent:

For AMD cards, download the AMD Catalyst Control Center, which you can find here:

For NVidia cards, go to this page and download the appropriate drivers for your card by providing the correct information:

If you have an NVidia GeForce card, you can also download and install the GeForce Experience to update your cards through that:

For Intel cards, go to this page and download the appropriate drivers by providing the correct information:

Always make sure you reboot your machine after installing the drivers, just to be safe. Then try relaunching the game.

Laptop users should force their Nvidia/AMD cards

Use the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD CCC to force the game to use your built in GPU instead of the Intel one

This guide should help you depending on your video card:

Manually Run the Unreal Redistributable

In Windows go to

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Aven Colony Beta\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us

And run the file UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe

Reboot your computer afterwards

To see the AppData folder you need to have hidden folders viewable. Alternatively you can type in Explorer


And it will take you to the Appdata\Roaming folder automatically

If You Experience Problems With Saving / Loading ...

If you're playing the game via the app and find you're unable to save or load games, please disable the sandbox as described in this post.

If you're playing the game using "Windows 10 N" and experience crashes when going to the save/load screen, please try the following:

  1. Install Windows Media Framework by going to
  2. Make sure you get 3 updates from Windows Update after installing the Windows Media Framework - KB30100801, KB3099229 and KB3133719. If you've taken the above step, just running Windows Update should fix it.

Nothing Works! Help!

As the game is in alpha many many thing will likely go horribly wrong (just like on your colony!). To assist the devs in solving your issue as quickly as possible, please ensure you've tried all the steps above. Once you have you should create a new post outlining your issue. Please be absolutely verbose as possible. "Everything is broken" isn't going to help the devs get your issue resolved. But something like "During a lightning storm I clicked on a farm and an alien came through my screen and punched me!" (file that under 'non critical issue'...) is great. Make sure you put in your system specifications like

  • Operating System
  • Video Card Type
  • CPU Type

If you have a save game where your bug is consistently repeatable, please attach that to the post here. Your save games are here:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Aven Colony Beta\AvenColony\Saved\SaveGames

Also any log files from your crash would be helpful as well. You can find log files here:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Aven Colony Beta\AvenColony\Saved\Logs

Use a zip program or use the compression utility built into most Windows systems to save space before attaching to your post.

If you have any other technical tips/tricks/concerns post them so I can add it to the list above

(2 edits) has a binary patching system in place. It may not have taken because the previous install basically 'failed' so the binary patcher likely just thought "well this is totally screwed up you'd better download the entire game again!". For future patches you should in theory only get delta patches

If you have any bugs, create a new thread and report it. Please ensure you try to be as verbose as possible. If you can include both a save game that is affected and any logs that would also be helpful. Also include your basic system specs (CPU/GPU/OS)

Do you have the latest client

Also is there any error message you get?

A lot of their reasoning is covered in their FAQ here