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Can you manually run the Unreal redistributable

i dont know how to do that boss can you explain to me please

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues. satoru has written up an incredibly helpful guide here that might help you: http://avencolony.com/community/beta-feedback/master-fixes-thread-for-aven-colony/

I try every step of the guide that sarotu wrote and still the game does not start .. a message comes when I try to start the game from the application of Itch code 9002 .. help me please

Does the game launch if you run the executable directly?

Did you reboot after running the Unreal redistributable?

The game doesnt start.. And Yes i did but still keep asking me to install it again tje unreal redistributable

Sorry for jumpin on this but im confused, I hear alot of about how people cant install or are having issues after, My download wasnt an install, i just unrarred it & started it using the games exe....?


Did you manually run the Unreal redist? If you manually run it what happens?