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There's a lot to see and explore here, I'm impressed by the quantity and quality of content. Loved how music varies with action, and gameplay mechanics, history and everything fit very well together. Pretty interesting game!

The kind of game that would fit perfectly on a 3310. I found hard mode to easy though x).

Loved all the art outside core gameplay!

Sometimes you just need to walk into the woods and catch some fireflies! :P I liked the atmosphere the music and the detailed sprites give to this game. Great mood. Also nice use of color palette for the nether world.

I loved the art, kind of reminds me of the early Game Boy games. If I'd had this in a 3310 back in the 00s I would be playing it all the time.

Very enjoyable game, a lot of different ways to exploit the mechanic. I loved making a bridge of corpses to cross the pit haha.

omg I made a scratch! :D

Funny little game, a so simple formula but so addictive! Well done

Definitely the player movement is too slow. I also had struggle using the shield, sometimes doesn't show up when you really need it.

Besides that I managed to beat it, it is an enjoyable game. I liked how assorted it id despite his simplicity.

I played this because I found characters are cute :p. Simple but enjoyable game. 

It took a while figure out how to play but finally I managed to survive for 4 days (almost 5 :p).

In these management games it is difficult to balance the economy but here kind of works, when you know the mechanics you can start to think a strategy to survive.

At first I struggled to find the first key until I saw in your comments it was near the start. I see I'm not the only one that happened that, I think it is because the screen borders up and down the screen look more like a wall than a border and it gets confusing.

After I found that key I was able to die and appear in the dark world, that was a nice surprise. It is a clever usage of palette and a good use of the theme.

However I wasn't able to find more keys, the map is too large and I get disoriented right away but I would like to play more if it were easier to find the items.

Interesting to see a first person game at this resolution. It works pretty well but simpler patterns at wall textures could help to make the scene more readable when they are saw from far. Other than that this is quite impressive from the technical point of view, is this made using the classic 3D Wolfenstein raycasting technique?

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Actually platforms scroll at the same speed of bricks, they are hooked at it and is the camera who moves around so what you notice probably is they scroll at different speed because of depth. They don't line up on purpose since overlapping is part of the fake 3D effect (actually is true 3D imitating 2D imitating fake 3D lol). This effect is inspired by the 80's game Nebulus/Castelian, I tried to recreate it, not sure if I catched the feeling.

Agreed with clunkyness of controls, I struggled having physics working correctly for the characteristics of this project and this is the best I could do in so short time.

However the level design is adapted to controls and you should be able to complete every level. In the last levels they are a couple of pixel perfect jumps, it's normal to get stuck like in any other game you just have to keep trying :).

What does happen in this version is that when you reach the last level you cannot continue because you start stuck in a wall. This only happens sometimes and I noticed it when it was too late to fix it. If you are lucky and this bug doesn't happen to you you should reach the top of the tower :p. When the voting period is over I'll probably upload a fixed version.

Thank you for playing and your comments! I appretiate the time you have dedicated.

I liked a lot the concept, it really catches the Fortnite spirit in such a low resolution. If I had to play a battle royale in my phone back in the days definitively would be this one :P.

I liked the concept, but I found the the control scheme a bit complex until I got used to. I guess that's reminiscent of the original game though. May be using specific keys for each item instead of a menu? Just an idea :P.

Anyway, it keeps you playing for a while :).

Yeah, sound fx were included literally in the last minute and I wasn't very careful, I'm sorry. Also I struggled a lot with physics during development, this is the best I could do in so short time. Thank you for playing! :)

I played it several times to go further, a lot of level design here to explode the possibilities of the gameplay, quite challenging overall.

I'm not sure the pixel perfect restriction is satisfied but the smooth movement goes very well with this game.

I’m affraid restrictions are not satisfied (UI and a lot of subpixel movement) but was refreshing find a game in portrait format.

This is the only submission of the jam playable on an actual phone, and that's how I played it. I realized I forgot how to type fast on this kind of keyboards :p.

Original entry and good homage to Typing of the Dead :D.

Gameplay is simple (a game like this doesn't need more) but visuals are top notch, congratulations!

I had a good time playing it.

Simple gameplay, great experience! It keeps you playing more and more. Beautiful visuals :).

It would be nice to have a scoreboard so you know your progression between games.

Cute game! Since the mechanic has no limit you reach the end easily though.

Good use of theme, concept is really simple yet fun.

I noticed the wall bug when it was too late to fix it, and it only happens "sometimes". This only happens in the last level of the game as far as I know so you only miss the last part. Thanks for playing anyway! :)

I really liked how the sense of depth was achieved used dithering. I quickly became disoriented inside the maze, but I guess that was the intention :).

Very interesting game, with a lot of strategy and reflex involved. The kind of game that  keeps you playing one game after another.

Also a nice use of the portrait format, that was refreshing.

This is fun! I love the minimalistic yet very expressive aesthetic.

This is not a bad idea, I tried to play it many attempts because I like this kind of games but result is barely readable on screen. Polishing small details like ball texture and camera system and tweaking controls this same game could be much more enjoyable. Also it is a pity color restriction wasn't satisfied because of antialiasing.

Gameplay itself has a low pace and doesn't invite you to play for too long.

Otherwise everything else is great! I appretiate the fact you used Rust and WebAssembly. That splash screen made me laugh :).

This is a fun game, I have been playing for a while only for the enjoyment of see my own tail grow more and more.

I didn't see the connection with the theme until I saw your explanation in another post, nice point :).

I love puzzle games like that, in a Nokia could have been a killer app like Snake.

This is a beautiful game! I loved aesthetics and gameplay becomes addictive quite fast. Spetial mention to the (perfect?) recreation of 3310 menus!

Very cute game! I loved the visuals, the charm of the characters and how each one has his own portrait. Very well use of theme, both in story and gameplay. Very solid overall.

I liked the idea! The concept makes you think when let be shoot and when not. Well use of theme.

I Loved the visuals and me and my 2 dead me shooting all together! :) This is a very nice twist to the shmup genre, it could be took further on a bigger game.

I loved the minimalist way of this game! And I'm not only talking about the graphics, but also about that first platform that it is a tutorial itself! After that the game is very enjoyable and with a clever use of checkpoints.

Zelda meets Sokoban! Great game, I enjoyed it playing it. A lot of effort has been put in dungeon design, both in map and room puzzles. It would had been great play this on a real Nokia phone back in the days.

Definitely not the kind of game I expected on this jam but that was very funny to see and play!

It gets a while to get used to controls, but this is a very original idea.

Nice twist, combined with good game design. Overall an interesting and very playable game.

This could have been on a real Nokia.

Simple game but still gets you hooked playing for a while to get a high score :).

The main mechanic is solid and could be extended to make more interesting levels (maybe adding more objectives per level?). 

I found a bit frustrating go back to level 1 each time you die. Fortunately is easly to reach the level you died again.