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live, die, resurrect, escape
Submitted by spacenomad (@space_noomad) — 9 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme#213.6253.625
Adherence to Restrictions#953.3133.313

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It's great to see a fresh take on using death in order to progress.

Certainly an interesting idea, and with the limited number of lives you could create some very thought provoking levels using what you have here.

As for the levels (level?) of the game as it is now, I think I encountered a problem when I tried to leave the level. I thought of getting the sparkling item before leaving the area, but I couldn't manage to collect it and leave too... maybe I suck or maybe something went wrong, maybe you can tell me. :P


i goofed up at the win screen sadly. i'm going to change it after the jam ends. it says

"You Won
No Star Obtained"

you still won though! the star is just a little bonus and it'll write a different message that will say

"You Won

And You Even Got Yourself A Star!"

as a reminder that you did very very well. it is possible to get a star and even have 2 lives left. but it's not necessary to win

thank you for your comment though ^^


As a game, it requires a lot of memorizing which is fine for a short game like this.
If you are planning to continue developing this, add an enemy respawning feature to eliminate the possibility of dead ends. Also, there's no way to restart game other than refreshing the page(?)

The use of theme was there and I liked the jingle that played when you got turned into a ghost.
It's a pretty good start for a (possible) bigger game too!


thank you for your comment!

yeah no other way to restart a game other than refreshing right now. which is a yikes on my part. i'm going to change that after the game ends

and i really like the idea of enemies respawning. thanks for the advice!


Really great idea, one of the most inovative that I've seen this jam. The game is kind of buggy and not really polished, but I guess that's understandable for a jam.


thank you very much for your comment! :)

could you please be more specific? i'm going to polish the game out after the jam so your feedback helps a lot. if that's not a problem for you, of course


Well, to start the game doesn't fill the screen. There also aren't any menus or explanations, not even on the page. The movement looks really glitchy and the goal isn't very clear. That's all I can think of right now, I hope it helps!


yes, it helps a lot

thank you so much for your input! :)


No problem!


Can you add info about which keys to use?


A and D to walk and space to shoot

I'll be sure to add it to the description aswell in a few hours


I liked the idea! The concept makes you think when let be shoot and when not. Well use of theme.


I liked this concept. With more time for design, this could be an interesting puzzle platformer. It feels a little smooth for a Nokia 3310 game. I think maybe there's too much transition between pixels when moving, it would have been good to round the x and y position to the nearest pixel. I'd like to see you expand on this. There's definitely potential for the idea.


Cool idea, however i miss the restart key.

The gameplay is fast and entertaining.