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The story is told in a funny way and the pacing is decent enough. A chapter select feature wouldn't go amiss in the future so you don't have to repeat certain parts to get to the secret chapters. :)

I just did. Thank you very much for the heads-up!

I'd say it's not the former nor the latter, but the ladder.

Hey! I appreciate that. :) I wish I did, but I don't do game development anymore at the moment because I lack the time. Thanks for reaching out though!

Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

Thank you! :)

That's awesome! I'm really happy you found them useful! :)

Yes. Could you try refreshing the page please? The game seems to have an issue with going off-screen.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wow. I could barely get about 1:18.

I thought I could shave more time, but it is much harder in practice than it seems. =)

I'm glad you like the change. 

Regarding the issue... I know of it, but not the cause. I'll keep looking into it. I am kind of a newbie and hardly understand how the HTML5 version of my game even works. :P

That's so awesome!:)

Awesome! Let me know how that goes! ^^

Can you please try refreshing the page?

Oh, yes... That's something that happens in all levels if you time your jump in such a way that you would arrive somewhat underneath the platform due to the different collision boxes between the jumping and running state. I'm not quite sure how to fix it yet without potentially breaking other parts of the game. =)

Let me know if you think anything could use an improvement. ^^

I updated the game and gave players some so-called coyote time (a few extra frames in which to jump off platforms) as well as made the movement speed of the pressed state equal to the normal movement speed. It should be a little more enjoyable to play now. 
Please let me know if you find any issues with it. :)

The problem should be fixed now. Also, I made the movement speed of the pressed state the same one as the normal one, since being unable to jump is enough of a handicap. Maybe give it a try now. :P

Hey, I made some changes that should make speedrunning (and playing in general) easier. :)

Thank you very much! I'll try to speed it up a little after the jam is over. :)

I really enjoyed the unique idea and the polish you put into the game. I see how this could have been a classic time-killer on the old phones. :P

Well done on making the game! If you plan to work on this or something similar in the future, I think you should include some reason not to keep holding the 2 button all the way to the end of the game, otherwise it gets very very easy to just rush through all the levels. :P

Very clever game and use of the theme with an intuitive learning curve. I love when games implement those "a-ha!" moments where you feel like you just figured something out for yourself, even though most often than not it was pretty much served to you. :P

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The character and animations remind me of another game that I've seen somewhere, haha. Nicely done.

For better pixel perfect movement, I recommend making the room 84x64 and zooming the view and moving all objects by round integers.  :)

I really enjoyed playing your game and I think this swapping idea has a lot of potential.

Besides, I'm a sucker for games that use portals in order to progress through levels, and I'm not at all subjective, haha.

The only thing I would have changed was the movement speed, but I know you already got this feedback, I am just adding my 2 cents over an already large pile of coins. :P

In any case, nice job!

Beautiful game, polished and pretty addictive, made me play several times shooting for a high score, haha. Very well done. :)

One of the simplest, yet most engaging games in this jam. I loved it!

Nah, don't worry, I was half-joking. It took me a while, but I'm still alive and pretty much unscathed. :P

After about a billion attempts at that last level, I finally got the hang of it and finished the game, lol.

I think that having spikes that only sometimes kill (or that at least gave the appearance of this) was not really the best idea, and it's the first time I have seen invisible pits, haha. But I am not an artist and I perfectly understand the difficulties in drawing clear distinctions between objects in only 2 colors and a few pixels. :)

Hey! T should still work. For some reason I did not mention that in the game's description, sorry.

Like I told Garlic, I'll update the game a bit, right now it's kinda messy.

Lol. Yes, haha. That's pretty awesome. =)

Thank you, I am happy to hear you enjoyed my game! I can't help but take your comment as very high praise, haha, I played yours too and I was astonished by what you managed to pull off.  :)

Thank you very much! ^^

Thank you! I'll try to make a small update to the game once the game jam is over, right now it has some glaring issues. :)

The graphics are cute and the idea is good. What I think would really improve the experience is flipping the player and enemies using the middle of their sprite as the sprite origin / anchor. 

In any case, congratulations for making the game! :)

Oh, all right then, cool. I thought that maybe there was more inside the game that I just didn't catch :P

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Hey, I enjoyed your game a lot and would have liked to play more of it! Nice to see you added so much variety given the time limit and constraints. :)

Could you explain the title for me or the connection to the theme of the jam? If there is one, of course, because it might have gone my head, haha.

I know about it, though I have no idea what caused the freezing issue. I could release a Windows version which should be much more stable. The windows one is actually the one I originally worked on.. I only had a few minutes left to tweak the code and test the web version when I realized I was working on the wrong build, that's why it turned out so..glitchy. I'll try to smooth it out after the jam.

About next year... I hope I will be able to do game development more often, to learn more and make better games, maybe go into it full time at one point..:)

Nah, you're absolutely right, the levels did not need it.
I think I made it like that when I started developing the game without being sure where I was going with it and just never considered it again. Pretty silly of me. Not being able to jump should be enough as a limitation of the "pressed" state.
I'll keep it in mind for when the jam is over. Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)

Oh, haha, I am really flattered by your praise. 

I saw people were speedrunning Interdimensional Spike, so this time I intentionally left a few somewhat hidden methods people might use to quickly pass through some levels.

Please let me know if you find any problems with the game that might smooth the experience if fixed. I can make tweaks to it. I know the movement, for instance, feels pretty janky, especially when jumping from a platform to another.