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Liked this a lot! Managed beat the 4 levels without a single star... hah

There are some things that feel a little weird, mostly sometimes the ball is not cornered so I would expect it to move, but it moves the character instead. I still don't have a complete intuition over when the ball will move vs when the character will move. 

I also had the issues with clipping through walls sometimes, but you had a pretty generous checkpoint / respawn system that still let me make it through.

It was pretty confusing in the beginning. I didn't understand that I could use the ball to move the character at first. A little intro cutscene or something would go a long way I think.

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Cool concept! I played it and tested out the movement and swapping colors. Could you share a little more about what the planned level was supposed to be like?

I saw the other comment about losing the Unity project, I probably don't have enough experience to advise (this is my first jam) but we used Unity Collaborate which worked really nice for us:

I imagine it's still possible to have conflicting changes that could cause you to lose some work, but it's really easy to roll back changes etc... I was hesitant about using it in the beginning but I think it probably saved us a few times.

Another Windows User here - ran nice on my end

Other than the bugs you mentioned in your description ("Next game" etc) - I really like it! The visuals are great, and the gameplay feel is very good. The camera movement / framing and tracking of the ball is probably what I was most impressed with. I'm kind of sensitive to fast/jerky camera movement and your camera follow does a good job keeping you in the action without making anybody motion sick.

I was able to sink a few holes and then tried to replay it in the spirit of what you intended and going for some trickshots, which definitely seems like it could be fun!

On my system the line render showed up in magenta so it was very obvious where it was going.

Good example of what you can do with a minimalist art style. The game looks great imo

I really enjoyed the concept. I did have some frustrations like others mentioned around having to "overshoot" with the plug to get it to snap in. That seems like a really easy fix though

The physics based nature of it is something I can't tell if I love or hate haha. There were certain times I felt like I should have completed a puzzle, but it didn't because the box just barely rolled off.... the ability to restart makes that easy enough though. Things like the truck just driving off seem wacky enough that it makes me think this could be an intentional part of it. 

I liked the scene scene changes by camera rotation and how the menu interface acted as a mini tutorial

Overall very memorable!

Really like the art style and concept!

It seems like it has been said in other comments but I was basically getting shot from off screen by enemies that fire before I can see them, which grew tiring. I tried with keyboard and controller (props for adding controller support!) and couldn't get very far into Level 2 before getting frustrated

I'd also sometimes get unlucky with powerups (run into 2 enemies and the powerup you pick up is a single target one). It would be nice if you could bias toward placing AoE weapons near groups of enemies maybe?

I'd be excited to come back to play this more in the future if you make some tweaks!

This is really great and not what I expected! I thought the controls were good- tighter steering when slow and nice effect when going fast. The timing challenge with the bodyguards was tricky. Great humor and storytelling, I like the foreshadowing to "Pineapple Man" outside the supermarket

I like the concept! Scored 23 on my first play thru and 32 on my second.

For me the overall gameplay felt a little slow to really feel exciting . Also the bomb weapon powerup didn't seem that great of an upgrade and I seemed to die faster if I tried to use it (unless I'm using it wrong?). Nice that the laser can shoot through multiple enemies. I like the sound effect you chose for the laser by the way! Thanks for automatically giving the powerup instead of making me pop open a menu.

One thing that wasn't immediately clear is since the bullet autofires, I thought the laser would autofire too. Then I was sitting there thinking "Wow this laser has a really long recharge time".... until I realized I had to click the laser button each time I wanted to fire it. Same for the bomb. I'm not sure how that could be addressed, maybe a change in the UI or automatically having the attack default back to bullet after clicking to fire a laser or bomb?

Another weird thing I noticed is it seems if I park in a lane I also just hold back whatever enemies are there (at one point I was holding back 3 enemies with my tank while using laser).

I like the choice of having slow and fast tanks, it makes for some tricky split second decisions of which one you should focus down first.

Thinking back on it, the main thing I'd like to see is just faster gameplay! I feel like (for me) if you increased the player movement speed, enemy movement speed, and fire speed by 25-50%, it would all feel a lot more exciting. Impressive work for only 24 hrs

Stream here at 4 hr 43 min in:

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Sitting at 6 currently on ours (first jam for me), I will check yours out!

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I'm a huge sucker for the art style which drew me in immediately.

I had no problem with the arrow key controls in concept but did find myself wishing I could hold down the arrow key to repeat movements in the same direction.

I beat the game really quick though and was left feeling like I wish there was a boss or really difficult challenge at the end. You were just starting to get into some cool ideas- enemies that move when you move, obscuring sight of isometric tiles. I guess I would've liked to have seen something that adds a little more depth to the puzzle aspect: maybe a level with limited number of rolls, or a trail left behind that you can't cross, something to raise the stakes a little. This might be not so much of a complaint as wanting to see more levels developed in the future- I really liked it!

It's a very polished game for a jam and I think you did the best job representing the theme of the games I've played so far.

Really enjoyable! I caught a bit of this game on a stream and had to try it out. 

I would say the difficulty was fair, I would've actually liked the levels to get a little harder but I've played a lot of games with lunar lander style controls and I imagine that would come in future levels! I found myself mostly using my peripheral vision to track Juan while I focused mostly on the mouse/platform movement, which seems backwards from what I was expecting, but worked well for me.

I also found myself flinging Juan with the platform and that saved a ton of jetpack fuel.

The only gameplay thing that felt a little "off" to me was how slippery Juan is on the platform when moving it left to right. I'd prefer to have him remain pretty firmly stuck to the platform unless flinging him.

The level with the 3 horizontal lasers was especially fun. I'm curious to see what new mechanics you could come up with if you continued work on this. The platform control is perfect with the mouse and there's something really fun (imo) about only having binary control of a thruster. Also you made a game that feels very complete and fleshed out, with good visuals and sound effects, which is always a challenge in a jam!

Maybe later levels could have penalty for touching the platform to the walls too, to add to the anxiety.

there's a little clock looking icon on the bottom to adjust framerate, default is 15 fps I believe.

If you want absolute best quality I would record with a tool like OBS and then convert to GIF, but ScreenToGif is so much easier and faster.

Sooo... Just got a new laptop about a week ago and installed Blender 2.79. Didn't realize Blender 2.8 was JUST released before the jam. Me doing all the modeling, programmer kept asking me what version of Blender he needed to open into Unity (I like importing the .blend direct) and instead if actually checking I said "Just download the latest version off the website!" 

Little did I know 2.8 had gone live and was the most major update in 10 years. Since we were mismatched it broke many of the  animations I had already imported into test scenes in Unity. Thankfully we figured out what was going on quick and rolled back to an older version of Blender on his system. I hardly recognize the Blender 2.8 UI! Have another thing to get up to speed on now ...

I have to say the Blender - Unity collaboration is great, and Unity Collab is also amazing.

ScreenToGIF is a free windows app that worked great for us!

I guess our verbs would be "slow" and "catch" ?

You can crack the ground as crowd control and the objective is to catch the egg!

I do really enjoy exploring nonviolent concepts

I don't know if our main character is cute but I definitely think the walking egg is!

Ours is here:

It's a 3D arcade style game that was a lot of fun to put together... You have to catch a fast moving egg and your only ability is to lay down cracks that will slow it down. There was certainly more we wanted to do but I find the level we made fun and would like more feedback!

I am looking forward to testing more games over the week after some rest!

Ours is 3D (Blender and Unity) I did the art and it was kind of a Sega Dreamcast arcade game vibe we were going for, with one ability:

Learned a ton through the whole experience! And I actually want to keep replaying the one level we do have

My first jam and I'm very happy we managed to get the game in! Kind of a wacky 1 ability arcade experience we were going for:

Can't believe how much I learned through the process